Three Mix Tapes Are the Proper Quantity of Mix Tapes – 21 April 2017

Well, good news if you are a Guardians fan… James Gunn is writing and directing the third film. That’s the longest contiguous production in Marvel’s history. I love it.

Robot’s Root, 21 April 2017:

  • ‘Those people who said this was as good as Empire must really be into file formats’ cue Saw throwing stink eye at his thumb drive. Pretty Honest. THEIR WEAKNESS TO STICKS.
  • Great study on ‘What Makes Always Sunny Still Funny’… I mean, YEAH, but I never really thought about how well defined the family lives of the characters were in forming their individual character traits.
  • Earthling Cinema explains The Arrival, I movie I loved, but not as much as this explanation of it.
  • Ian McShane threw HBO under the bus, saying they already have a Deadwood shooting script. GOD DAMN IOT!
  • If you enjoy Game of Thrones, and if you enjoy generating fan theories about WTF, then you may enjoy this Fan Theory Generator. I tried it out. Legit:

Petyr Baelish is secretly dead

Who wants Sansa dead? Cersei, who believes that she had a part in Joffrey’s murder. Who has been spending a lot of time with Sansa lately? Petyr Baelish. It’s possible that Cersei has sent a Faceless Man after Sansa, and this Faceless Man has killed Petyr and taken his face. He fed Sansa to the Boltons because he was dead certain (spot the pun!) that she wouldn’t survive them. She did, so now he’s hatched Plan B of being right next to her in Winterfell so that he can finally eliminate her.

  • No gusto, but I’m not the target market for a teen soap Cloak and Dagger show.
  • Best quote about why it’s better Jeff Goldblum isn’t in blueface in Thor: Ragnatole:
Goldblum has transcended acting to that place where he’s invited to films to basically be himself. Making him blue, while comics accurate, would have just put an artificial barrier between us and what is surely going to be an epic performance.
  • From Lung: The Kraken Piescraper. YUSSSS
  • You may not be the target market, but as someone who routinely plays Hans Zimmer soundtracks nearly every day, I’m disappointed to find out he actually brought the orchestra to SF when I wasn’t looking. Previously when the tour was announced it was only select cities. Anyway, I’d have definitely sprung for it. Check out the Inception performance at Coachella, otherwise known as the Burning Man for Rich Hollywood Types Who Dont Realize The Organizer Funds Anti LGBT Organization and Is Linked to the Kochs.
  • 10 more X-Files will be X-Filing away in the near future. Let’s hope they’re the good kind.
  • A rejiggered Passengers that may solve some plot points. Did I post this? Anyway I liked the film anyway. But here.
  • Much is being made of Joss Whedon saying he’s obsessed with Barbara Gordon’s ‘damage’ that led her to becoming so hardcore as Batgirl, which I think is a misnomer. He was saying it in the context of: what drives a young woman without a tragic past to enter this life, in the absence of the default everyone’s-a-superhero comics world? Not damage so much as drive. But since Gordon is linked to Killing Joke (which, at least temporarily, ENDED her Batgirl role) it immediately means everyone assumes Whedon will make Gordon a survivor of something. On the other hand, one of the best things about the Batgirl Year One series several years ago was that it effectively showed Barbara setting out as Batgirl because she wanted the thrill and the freedom. It was FUN. I’d love to see that on film.
  • The pedigree for Captain marvel is getting interesting. One writer from GoG, one from Inside Out, and co-indie directors from Mississippi Grind.
  • Mireille Enos, Greg Kinnear and Steve Buscemi have joined ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’ which adds some heft to the anthology series…

  • Lastly, I leave you with this. See you in the bunker.

Whooop Whooop Whooop Trailer plus Other Things – 18 April 2017

Well, I’ve only watched the Last jedi teaser about 33,000 times so far. Finally spotted mysteriously-alive Phasma, and today, I see those new whatever-they-are Pound-Note-Wings are hurtling towards the rumored Even-Bigger-AT-ATs… anyway, awesome of course.


Robot’s Root for 18 April 2017:

  • My feed was all about a Man From UNCLE sequel until I looked into it and saw that Armie Hammer just #yeahdude’d it into being. Which means nothing. But still, hey, I’d prefer a world with a Man from UNCLE sequel to one without.
  • Check out how cool Leia looks in this…
  • I like covert action/ spy/ assassin type thrillers, so I choose to be optimistic, though the production pedigree is questionable. See for yourself.  Michael Keaton is being all Michael Keatoney.
  • Would you be down for an animated Watchmen with a hard R? I don’t see why this is happening, but according to this survey, SOMEONE must…
  • what do you think about Josh Brolin as Cable? The bullshit fan manips so far haven’t been helpful. But I almost feel like just Brolin walking around scowling is ENOUGH.
  • Nothing will turn your own cult fanbase against you than spurious trademark moves…especially with the cyberpunk genre.
  • Ottoman-style arts of excellent movies. MUST SEE.

As the World Turns, So Does Robots Root – 12 April 2017

Thus and therefore, I bring your: Robot’s Root! 12 April 2017. And unless you are reading this from Southeast Asia, this is a time traveling post! Because very likely, it is not the 12th for you just yet. I pity you and your mortal limitations!


  • MI:6 has officially begun production. Here’s what made me laugh about this: I thought it already was. Because I was thinking about the Mummy airplane business. And since the Mummy appears to be Bourne Identity… and MI wants to be Bourne Identity… it just. Well. Ah.
  • Following the previously released Thor 3 trailer, here’s Mr Sunday Movies’ reliably awesome recap and speculation video. Pretty good stuff, right here.
  • Hyper-real Ren and Stimpy masks, which I love, because that was a critical early innovation of the cartoon, the use of creepy painted scenes cut into the animation. Always with stink!
  • I loved this: computer viruses reimagined as cyberpunk characters. Sort of. Great color choices anyway!
  • This is tolly random, but I just found the DVD-released final mini-episode that came out after LOST ended that acts as sort of a tie-up-loose-ends deal. It’s not magic or anything, but reminded me how much I missed the show. Worth a watch if you were a lost fan, and you can even sort of pretend S06 didn’t even happen (I mean, happen to you) and still enjoy this.
  • Lots of Scuttlebutt that Man of Steel 2 might involve Black Adam as the villain. I mean… I don’t buy it. But possible. Possible? Who knows.
  • The Justice League turn right. Because, justice.
  • Exciting news! Jurassic World 2 will feature an Apatosaurus wielding a cordless drill!
  • Part of me sort of didn’t need to see Frank Castle in the overt skull wearing that floppy hair, but hey.
  • How Josh Brolin rolled in and landed Cable I can’t even. This was the best…
  • Finally, Friday at 12:30pm the Last Jedi trailer will apparently be released. Brace yourselves. MEGA STAR DESTROYERS because bigger!

Because M-16s – Robots Root 11 April 2017

Here’s Kurse using M-16s for no reason, straight out of Williamson’s Thor run… wow!

Listen, if this is a TEASER trailer, I don’t want to see any trailer trailers. I’m already sold on this film just on the pedigree of the director, the Thor roomate shorts, and the punchline in this above. And that’s saying something, as the Kirby-meets-80s-Galleria-Mall aesthetic is not my personal favorite.


Meanwhile, Robot’s Root:

  • Much knee-jerk hullabaloo has been made of Disney’s patent filings for a soft interactive robot. Westworld! They cry. However, this is basically an R/C airbag concept, so not only would I suggest we consider Baymax from Big Hero 6, which was the best thing ever, but in fact that’s the first intended application of this design: a Baymax toy. So. I’m on board!
  • Terminator is done. NO ITS NOT he says. It’s sleeping.
  • Lung teased me with the Robot Soldier toy coming out, and how, as tenuous landed gentry, we have no disposable income for such things. To hell with that, I’ve seen heist films (and none of their endings) what could go wrong.
  • According to two reference links I cannot access in Indonesia, apparently Captain Marvel will be the ‘most powerful character in the MCU’ which I certainly hope is hyperbole. I mean, I’m hot to see Brie Larson kick ass as much as the next nerd, but let’s settle down.
  • I haven’t been following ANY content-related stuff related to GitS, though I’ve certainly read about the disastrous box office, and the general criticisms. I reserve judgment for when Lung and I see it later this month. In the meantime: hilarious rework of the trailer mixed with review blips (the BAD ones)…
  • King Conan appears to be DOA. I’m disappointed. It was the best, most rational use of older Schwartzenegger (sp) in any of these films he’s doing. Aged, broken down Conan. COME ON. It would have been awesome. Oh well oh well oh well.
  • Listen, I may be the only long-time follower of the Weekly Planet podcast, but I mentioned earlier that Mr. Sunday Movies (James Clement) finally revealed himself as part of the Movember fundraiser/ podcasting network lunch event a few weeks ago. The video is up now, in addition to the early photos. The 360 camera footage is pretty amazing, BTW. I need to look into these devices. I’ve never seen a pan-style wide angle video shot and released on youtube before. It’s worth checking out for that if nothing else. I knew all that VRML work I did in 1996 would pay off… sort of…
  • Josh Boone’s New Mutants film has entered pre-production. Anyone over 40 will probably be thrilled.

Robots Root – Because Vespas Amirite 8 April 2017

In this edition of Robot’s Root, many things happen. But none are as interesting or profound as Deadpool riding the Rainbow Bridge on a Vespa.

But we’ll give it a go…

  • Here’s a wonderful collection of pickup lines generated by AI. It’s glorious. My personal favorite: “I have a cenver? Because I just stowe must your worms.”
  • Another great interview discussing America Chavez and her new ongoing from Marvel. Gay, Latina, aggressive, modern. Very cool.
  • This, on Inhumans: it will be an entirely revolutionary supers series never seen before on TV (unlikely); also, the Royal Family have been deposed and are in hiding in Hawaii (OK) the one bright spot is that this means Maximus on the throne and lots of scenery chewing by Iwan Rheon.
  • Mignola has a new book coming out from Dark Horse; it’s a vampire story and should be sufficiently surreal. Art will be by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell. Check out his blog: another wacked-out style for the Mignolaverse and I approve.
  • You have probably heard before that Henry Cavill wore the original Reeves Superman kit in his audition for Man of Steel. I always wondered how that would look. Not great, as it happens. Granted that was 100lbs of steroid meat early and it was a dated 70s nylon material or whatever.
  • I’m still attempting a media blackout on Ghost in the Shell (and by the way, I know one person who said they LOVED it… and they are even Asian… completely going off script) but here’s an interesting look (in the hero image) of early concepts with Margot Robbie in the title role. Interesting. Looks super hot. But then again, obviously.


That’s all for today. As a reminder, Kris of Deeplydapper is at Cherry Con in Salem, Oregon this weekend. If you are in the neighborhood, go buy stuff or bring him booze or both!

Robots Root – 6 April 2017

Above, let’s take a moment to relish Keron Grant’s Gotham City Garage design as executed in this statue. The badass pose, the ink, the translucent bike farings… I mean… I look at this often for inspiration. Gorgeous.

On to Robot’s Root for 6 April 2017 

Meanwhile, out there, these:

  • Trip out: One of Ridley Scott’s proposed endings for Alien involved Ripley being facepunched and then the xenomorph, via tentacle(?) using her com panel perfectly mimicking a human voice. I mean. I love it.
  • I know it’s not super cool to be buzzing about the Defenders right now, but that’s how the backlash works. This weird viral teaser involves the team looking wiped out in an elevator… there’s a URL that gets you into interesting territory involved, and it reveals the launch date for the series… but all i can focus on is Matt Murdock’s headpiece. I get it: no one else has a secret identity, but this is the Netflix equivalent of the old ‘spare FF costume’ thing in the 80s when Peter Parker, after ditching the symbiote costume at the Baxter Building (maybe? It’s hazy) left the building in a spare FF jumpsuit minus gloves and boots, and wearing a paper bag on his head. It was surreal. He couldn’t just leave the building in some of Johnny Storm’s spare clothes as Parker?? Like through the lobby? I remember thinking: TOO MUCH DRUG U GUISE. Anyway, there you go. No one would recognize Murdock’s suit I guess. Or rather, ask the basic questions. But whatever, still into it. See you in August.
  • Welp, Rainn Wilson has signed onto the new ST series as… Mudd… so that’s a thing that’s happening.
  • Uh, Marvel’s VP is stepping into it… and then, maybe 24 hours later, two ‘diversity’ titles got Hugos. Nice.
  • Justin Theroux and Tom Hardy supposedly in SW VIII works for me. Entirely works.
  • Give that Mouse laptop company from Japan some due credit: good ad agency. Number one good.
  • Um WHUT. But Yeah Preacher S02, can’t come soon enough.

Robot-Kraken Podcast Ep. 30 Released – Logan, Kong, Iron Fist and More

Robot-Kraken Podcast Ep. 30 Released – Logan, Kong, Iron Fist and More

Stolen from, here’s the details on our latest podcast:

April was a month of mixed feelings about movies and TV and possibly some drunken antics! We also discuss multiple projects we are working on, art techniques and more!

As always, you can stream the episode by clicking the button below or HERE and subscribe, listen and rate us on iTunes too!

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  •  00:00 – Introduction
    •  I also apologize for the racket I make during the first segment as I prepped for a con
  •  00:01 – REVIEW – LOGAN
    •  A thorough talk about the newest Huge Jackman movie
      •  CAUTION: Here There Be Spoilers!
  •  01:38 – SUCKING THE MONKEY!
    •  Back in piratey days, often rum and alcohol was forbidden on the ship, so buccaneers and sailors would smuggle alcohol aboard hidden in coconuts. Drinking from this undoubtedly delicious contraband was called Sucking The Monkey!
      •  Kris drinks a 90 Shilling Beer and Thom drinks a “Dolche Vaminos”
      •  We also recap a few things. Buzzfeed Famous!
  •  01:55 – REVIEW – IRON FIST
    •  A discussion of the first three episodes of the new Netflix series.
  •  02:59 – REVIEW – Kong: Skull Island
    •  Kris briefly reviews the new Giant Ape movie he saw.
  •  03:20 – THE SHIPYARD – Art Technique, Talk and WIPs
    • This month we discuss Wacom tablets, brush pens, sourcebooks, FanX and more!
  •  04:21 – Drunken Closing!
    •  There is an excised segment here, featuring both of us getting a bit silly while discussing John Wick – you can find it on our PATREON PAGE!

ROBOT KRAKEN is a MONTHLY podcast by two indie artists, Kristopher McClanahan of Deeply Dapper and Thom Chiaramonte of the Third Rail Design Lab. We get together and talk about comics, movies, working the table at comic cons, life in this nerdy wonderland, and whatever mumblings from the deep we come across. You can find out more about us, contact us or follow along our journey at iTunes – Stream & Download –

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Robots Root – The Batgirl We Need 30 Mar 2017

Welcome to today’s edition of Robot’s Root, your 3,333rd source for standard nerd news of the moment!

Up top, in a surprise announcement via Variety, Joss Whedon is set to write and direct a Batgirl solo film. The deal isn’t done, but still, that we hadn’t heard anything about it until now is pretty impressive as far as Hollywood scuttlebutt goes.

Meanwhile, in space… this:


– I previously expressed some concern that the third prequel in the Planet of the Apes series looked bland compared to the first two… this trailer gives me more to chew on. I’m fascinated by Bad Ape and a few of the others. New trailer released today…


– Ladies and Gentlemen: Australian Sharknado!


Interesting read on the new MST3000 relaunch, starring a few familiar faces…


– Santa Clarita Season 2? CHECK!


– Here’s some largely unsubstantiated talk about Jordan Peele being courted for Akira, now. I mean hey, could happen.


– Welp, supposedly Brad Pitt was close to Cable for Deadpool 2, as evidenced by solid concept art and a quick takedown notice. But now Leitch said schedule issues pushed him out. However, Michael Shannon recently noted he wasn’t interested. Hm.


Silicon Valley in one month YAASSSSSSSSS!

ITS A ROBOT BUT ALSO A KRAKEN – Robots Root 29 Mar 2017

Welcome to today’s edition of Robot’s Root, where we touch on some current scuttlebutt that we probably won’t hit on much in the podcast itself…



Meanwhile, in space, these may be happening right now:


– Adi Shankar is rumored to be in consideration for the director’s chair for the Big Venom Film That Will Save Sony Srsly – though I have some doubts. He is a producer, but hey, he made a Venom fan film or something, so. Anyway, there’s that. I bring it up mostly because it dovetails nicely with odd news items coming out last night, mostly on Twitter, that Sony expects to pull Spidey out of the MCU after the Homecoming sequel, having been fatted up on the back of the Marvel juggernaut (well not the Juggernaut, can’t play with that toy just yet) and now able to stand on his own… which would suggest they still don’t understand why marvel films work and Sony films struggle. It’s not the characters. Link and Link


– Pixar have inexplicably named the Wreck-It Ralph sequel: Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. Because Wrecks the Internet, while making more sense in this context, isn’t as much a direct nod to the terrible memery we’ve lived through. I do like that they made a symbol suggesting an update to a mobile app , with the red circle. But it should have just been the number two and SCENE. Meh!


– I know a few player haters who would dig on this Method Man voice pack for COD. I mean, I don’t play enough to have or use such a thing but hey, step by step…


– Look, I can’t say that I’m particularly optimistic about Valerian. But here’s the new trailerIt looks like what George Lucas THOUGHT he was accomplishing with the prequels. But it also looks like what Luc Besson thought he was doing with Fifth Element. Le sigh


– Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio has joined the Punisher series. That’s only interesting, I guess, if you either liked her from Law and Order or Abyss or shudder Robin Hood, or if you are amused everytime two L&O actors join future projects together, as I am (D’Onofrio…)


– Paul Greengrass will apparently direct Ness, an adaptation of the true crime graphic novel Torso, one of Brian Michael Bendis’ early works, notable not only for the genre fusion (talky noir) but for him doing the art as well…


– Claus-Marc Hahn built a massive animated version of  the Red Keep using Lego and Mindstorms. See this is what I’ve always said about this awesome intro: they should have made it practical FX FFS.


– I was looking forward to less derivative material in The Last Jedi… I can accept Force Awakens as a homage or a ring or a retread, depending on your POV, but Rogue One showed that they can use McQuarrie as a springboard and design vehicles that look ‘Star Wars’ ish without just directly cloning and tweaking the previous stuffs. Not that I don’t love AT-ATs, especially Rogue One’s cargo variants… but here, supposedly for SWVIII they just doubled them in size and gave them klugey heads. We’ll see if this is legit. Pray not.


Finally… WOCHOWT!

Us You Me the Others US – 27 Mar 2017

Welcome to another edition of Robot’s Root, our update on standard nerd stuff happening right now, and mostly not discussed in our podcast in detail!
Up top: New Avengers movie! I mean Justice League…

I don’t hate the JL trailer… I struggled with the Batman dialogue though, as the header title suggests. ALso, I liked the mashup today of Avengers watching the trailer but it was a missed opportunity. They should have cut it off immediately and then ate falafel.


Meanwhile this:

Spidey on the sign is contextual and I like it. Spidey with a school jacket and earphone on while in costume is cute but makes no sense. The new trailer though looks pretty great. I like that he is getting the suit taken away, rather than earning it the first time through flashbacks or what have you. … homecoming


So Venom will be the ‘launch of a new cimematic R rated universe!’… sounds like Sony is doing what we thought Fox was doing with logan: reacting to the rating, and being overly optimistic in the property’s ability to create a franchise. Without Spidey? Hm. … c-universe


For those of you that follow the Weekly Planet podcast, or read the Mr. Sunday Movies youtube channel, the guys launched their Australia-based podcast network over the weekend, pulling together many of the region’s shows that i like, PLUS finally revealed Mr. Sunday’s secret identity, so to speak, as part of the culmination of their Movember charity event. Surreal to see his face, and his wife, and the peek behind the curtain overall. Very cool!


Nicolas Winding Refn is doing an Amazon series about underworld types trying to become ‘samurai’ in some meaning of the term, in LA… Miles Teller signed on, which might be an interesting fit. … -die-young


LOVE this shirt. Don’t love the exchange rate. Do love my local fabrics and crafts store. Actually, I hate those stores. But I love the price. Stay tuned on that!


Finally, all the character sheets for the American Gods adaptation are out. Looks so good. I’m into it! … the-series

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