Ghost in the Tole – 23 Feb 2017


Two awesome posters for GitS. TOLING YOU GUISE…


1. Sweet! Some good news finally, on this Inhumans IMAX project: Iwan Rheon has been cast as Maximus the Mad. link!

2. Fans of Rob Zombie will no doubt be delighted to learn he is doing voice work on GoG2. I mean, because, the alternative would have been presumably a world where Rob Zombie didn’t. link!

3. Here’s a cast photo from Alien: Covenant. You can also watch some long ‘Last Supper’ scene if you wish. I shant and I wont. link!

4. Three Sci-Fi fan cheers for TRAPPIST-1. In our lifetime, such a discovery… link!
Plus, travel posters! Awesome: link!

5. I don’t know why everyone is so hung up on the next X-Men film apparently being another stab at the Dark Phoenix story. Sure, it’s more effective once the character of Jean Grey has actually been around for awhile first, and sure, it was half-assedly attempted in X-Men 3, but come on, it’s the franchise’s signature story. More interesting to me is the nod to Simon Kimberg moving from production to a central role as likely director. Meaning please please please free us from Bryan Singer as I have hoped. I’m prefer Vaughn again, but still. Forward. link!

6. Interesting: Battle Angel Alita has finished principle photography, and it’s been revealed that Michelle Rodriguez plays supporting character Gelda, a cyborg. Why would this have been a secret? Full mo-cap? Or something else? I know very little about the source material (surprising some, I’m sure) so I’m optimistic, just from the potential alone. link!

7. I like these new packagings for these Star Wars figures, which appear to be the Black Series but with cards made to look like the original Kenner blisters, which I love. That poseable Stormptrooper is the LIVING SHIT, but also, I was drawn to C-3PO’s silver leg, as it tugged at my memory but I couldn’t place it. Apparently no one else can agree on it either. Fans argued all sorts of stuff, which got more discombobulated the farther along we got in the production of the films, which retconned the hell out of themselves with the prequels and the EU stuff. I do remember now that his shin looked different, particularly on Tattooine, but it manifested as a reflective, just shinier gold. Anthony Daniels was quoted as saying that it was always silver, designed to make it look like a retrofit, but on tattooine particularly, it was reflecting the sand and the gold next to it. Anyway, fun diversion during a deadline for this guy.

8. Matt Reeves is confirmed for Batman, I guess. OK! link!


Yvonne Strahovsky joined Predator?! Now two homina homina doomed soldiers or what have you!

Jamie Chung jumped on board the X-Men series as Blink. Sure, OK, I like her a lot, let’s see her in purple…

I’m two episodes in on Legion. We will be discussing on the Robot-Kraken Podcast soon. Amazing. Also, ALL THE THREES.

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A Cockpit Full of Nerf Herders – 21 Feb 2017

First, long-awaited cast photo for Han Solo. Note his Solo hair. Good stuff!


1. And as soon as hopes were raised, they were crushed. Matt Reeves may be out. link!

2. Points for this R/C Batmobile having a smoking exhaust port. Reminds me of train model tech from the 50s… link!

3. The Shocker appears a bit underwhelming, but on the other hand, at least we have the recognizable webbing look to his yellow bits. So to speak. link!

4. The Predator cast is interesting, to say the least. Good news about the R rating…link!

5. For all of you who look at this stuff every time it comes out and say ‘sure, sure, but the robot overlords are going to be totally cool, bro, totally chill…’ I have news for you. link!

6. I have been doing my best to stay away from SW VIII rumors. But I fell into this one accidentally, and I’m totally fine with it. link!

7. Interesting and welcome series to be greenlit, for sure, especially during difficult cultural times here in the US, but also, if nothing else, more royalties for Jock I hope! link!

8. Lastly, I love my little Sphero BB-8, but I want at much autonomy as possible. Mine, thanks to an update, can at least go patrol on his own. But this long awaited large version has a ‘follow me’ feature which is almost worth the $200 for the thing. link!

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Deeply Dapper at WW Portland – 17 Feb 2017


Our man Deeply Dapper (Kris McClanahan) is at Wizard World Portland, at the time of this writing probably hustling to get set up at his table given the late start of the show today. If you are in the area, come pay him a visit and pick up some sweet flasks, tchotchkes, and art prints!
He’s at Table L10. Wish I was there, dude!


1. I didn’t watch this, and let me be clear: I won’t in the future. Time is short. BUT. I like this GIF at the top of the article, so. Your mileage may vary.

2. Because we’re low on nightmare fuel this week (we’re not) here’s a snake eating a wallaby ( link! ) and for good measure, if that’s not your bag, here’s a tarantula eating a snake ( link! ) in some sort of karmic redistribution. ? Why is this relevant? Who’s to say!

3. Apparently WB have approached Mel Gibson to direct SS2… which seems so wrong on so many levels, I’m highly incredulous. I mean, come on, Harley’s design was rear-focused, and there are too many non-white and possibly Jewish actors in the project. Yeesh. Misalignment. link!

4. If you saw the Lego Batman movie (I did) and loved it (I didn’t) then you may enjoy this easter egg: if you address Siri with ‘hey ‘puter’ it will start talking to you like the Batcomputer from the movie. Or something. link!

5. Some politician’s dialogue inserted into Red Skull panels. Amazing. link!

6. I follow Kris Anka on IG, and I enjoy his work on Alpha Flight. That said, what I especially love is the attention to the male physique, and the lower objectification of the female characters, along with the use of other body types for women beyond emaciated plastic surgery recipients (one character in that book is heavier, and Captain Marvel’s bust is compressed within her uniform rather than ballooning without coverage. It’s great)… there’s been very little conservative outcry that I have seen so far, given that Anka is out, I believe, and he’s doing with Star-Lord what comics have done with female characters since the dawn of time, yet WITHOUT the objectification. It’s an interesting distinction: sexy and aesthetically pleasing dudes without the brokeback sex poses you get from female characters in their books. This article celebrates this. I find him very inspiring. link!

7. These illustrations may feel unfortunately familiar to many artists reading this post. I know I’ve come across three of these. link!

8. Studio Ghibli as traditional woodcuts. Astounding. link!

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Sick Sled, Thor – 15 Feb 2017


I’ve waited all my life to see Thor tool around on an IMLA*
Too bad he wasn’t wearing yhis.

*Indoor Mountain Bike Lounging Apparatus


1. Planet Hulk appears to include Jarnbjorn, the giant axe Thor’s been carrying around after he lost the virtue juice to wield Mjolnir in the comics (where Jane Foster is the current female Thor)… I wonder of he will lose it in the film and switch to the axe. I like that idea. The concept art for Infinity War has him using the axe. I’m disappointed Hela doesn’t have that cool black facemask thing though otherwise it looks like a a great adaptation of her look.
link! and link!

2. First significant female droid? Since when did they have gender?!? link!

3. Kerry Washington is rumored to be in the mix for Domino in Deadpool 2, which is quite a deviation from the previous scoop. Seems like an odd fit. I like her enough, and can see her in a supers role, but I’m not sure about this kind of farcical deal? link!

4. Do you KNOW how much I want a well-done Moon Knight film? Or Netflix series? I have so many ideas. So does James Gunn, apparently. link! Note, astute and current listeners of the Robot-Kraken Podcast have by now heard that we did a Fantasy Casting for a Moon Knight project. You can check it out here: … lable-now/

5. “Power. Greed. Devious. Needs. High stakes. Cash money. Dope boy. Rap money. Forgive me for my wrongs, I have just begun.” Wow. Suicide Squad EP Stephen Mnuchin is now in line for the Presidency. link! WHAT IS EVEN.

6. Apparently the new Jaegers in PR 2 look like generic post-anime Taiwanese knockoff figures. The interesting designs for some of the previous film’s mecha were its selling point. link!

7. Check out WETA’s Labyrinth board game. It’s amazing. I’m nerding out. And I don’t even LIKE that film. link!

8. One of my favorite games in High School was BATTLECHESS, combining chess with, well, battle animations. Warhammer 40K: Regicide is taking that to the Nth degree, looks like. Available on Steam. link!

9. How about a VR model of Deckard’s apartment? link!. Note no early 80’s Sean Young going all Gibson Girl in there. Bummer.

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I Need My Fuchikoma – 13 Feb 2017


This all looks gangbusters to me, and I’m standing behind my optimism on this project. However, I choose to believe we haven’t seem my beloved FUCHIKOMAs yet because they are keeping something to surprise us in the theatre, not that they aren’t appearing. Because I need them. I NEED THEM. Here’s the new trailer, Kuze and all: link!
Also, note that’s a papercraft up there. You can find it on the supernets. If you are into that sort of thing. With a five year old boy in the house, I am no longer.


– This Logan viral is pretty sobering… in one meaning of the term, not the other. link!

– There are now two people on record approving of Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor: me, and Lawrence Fishburne. And before you say anything, his crack habit was 30 years ago. link!

– The New Mutants film seems to be slinking along in development. More social media notes seemingly to strengthen the rumor that GoT’s Maisie Williams is on board as Wolfsbane… link!

– I don’t know if these are pre-wig Klingons or a new design, but I like it the best of anything we’ve seen before. That external spiny row up the neck and skull is rad. I love the armor too. I still think it’s weird that every species in Star Trek* use such homogeneity in uniform and dress, though. link! *Or NOT STAR TREK, according to Lung

– Everyone except some room of stuffy Disney executives is certain a Black Widow film needs to happen. Come ON u guise. Srsly. link!

– Ahsoka… I believe Rosario Dawson said she would love to be in SW, or someone made that assertion, or who knows… but it took Bosslogic approximately 0.0003s to get started on a manip. ENDORSED! link!

– Katie Sackhoff is on board for Unknown Origin, a Mars mission disaster recovery story where she is working with a field team of AIs… WHAT COULD GO WRONG… but here you go. Nice pic, too. link!

– Vincent D’Onofrio claims Kingpin won’t be in Defender, Punishers, anything. Depends on if you BELIEVE him, but still. link!

– The Runaways parents have been cast, the only known quantity being Buffy/ANgel alum James Marsters. link!

– Thandie Newton may have joined Han Solo… playing…. Sana Starros? I hope not. Hate that character and plotline thoroughly. Actually, at last blush, I thought Emilia Clarke was rumored to play some variant of that character (cue the protests) but who knows. link!

– The Batman movie rumors keeping flying around like crazed, well, bats, in a well-illuminated space, bashing into each other and howling. First Affleck dropped out of directing (good call) and then there was a supposed page one rewrite happening, sort of corroborated by Affleck’s persistent quotes about script issues being the one reason he would leave) but Terrios wrote the latest draft, who Affleck himself brought on board, and who not only did Argo with him, but did some sort of something on the last few DC movies. Now the new rumor is that WB execs are happy with the script, and that Cloverfield/Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves is in the director’s chair. All in like 5 days of rumor flinging and bat injuring. link!

– My man Denis Villaneuve continues to insist he is relying on practical effects for Blade Runner 2049. Keep saying that and we’ll let you live, man. link!

– Finally, I say this only with the caveat that I don’t believe we need a Scarface remake AT ALL… but I read this morning that the Coen Brothers tweaked the script, which makes it 100% more likely to be bearable. Also, I like Diego Luna. But still. Why. link!

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But Who Will Play Old Lace I Ask You – 8 Feb 2017

After needling Deeply Dapper with this fantasy casting challenge for six straight months, we finally threw in the towel in our recent recording of the Robot-Kraken Podcast, and I gave him my fantasy casting choices, which were all extremely on point and profound (no bias)… however, now that they have released the official casting for the Runaways series, one thing I’ll say I really like: complete unknowns. link!

Plus, all these things:

– Witness Will Arnett suffer the Lego Walk of Fire for marketings. Good work! link!

– The new Iron Fist trailer continues to work with me, more or less… too much Batman, but I’m still down. link! ; Especially, down with Colleen Wing, thus: link!; but not all are convinced, as Lung forwarded to me: link! . While I think the majority of interhaters don’t understand the source material was always a white dude deep diving in asian culture (hello, again, so many similar stories) and are right to snort at the appropriation, I won’t have any patience with whining about the reaction on the production’s side. Such as when they whined that people were pissed about Tilda Swindon as the Ancient One. I quite liked that change, and feel like if they had gone with the comics’ fu-manchu’ trope, there would have been outcries about THAT… but they knew what they were doing. Same again with Iron Fist. They knew people would react this way. And let’s remember, it’s hard to find a more inclusive supers franchise than the Marvel Netflix stuff. So many characters of different ethnicities and backgrounds, plus an entire SHOW steeped in unapologetic Harlem awesomeness… so, you know, complain away that Danny Rand is white, if you want. Me, I’ll just complain about his fro. HA!

– Richard Hatch RIP/ Not the Survivor/tax dodger, but the original Apollo. link!

– Jennifer Connelly will play a villain in Battle Angel Alita, and joins an excellent cast, filling me with the enthusiasms. link!

– Meanwhile, in the Phillipines, the best burger ever has been created. Trademarks be damned, this is flavor country! link!

– Haley Bennett is hinting through her IG or whatever that she’s the next Catwoman. Who? You ask? Best I could do, she’s the girl who met a bitter end in the Equalizer. But more importantly, she took a photo with a mod sense of color blocking and pattern which I appreciated. Let’s giver her that. Or the director of that shoot. Something. Anyway. link!

– This kind of cracked me up: Feige described Thanos as ‘the main character of Infinity War’ which is kind of a dubious manip of saying otherwise ‘there are 333 supers in this film and one big bad’ but also a way of saying ‘we won’t hide Thanos until the third act, after two hours of heroes hand-wringing’ which I can get behind. link!

– ALicia Vikander has been spotted on the set of Tomb Raider. Tell you what I like: here’s an action heroine who isn’t an emaciated stick figure with breast implants on wire work. That’s not a jab at anyone. But I like that she looks like a human. That all said, still, HAWT. link!

– But also, erm, Eleven’s hair. link! DISCUSS.

– I’ve been meaning to bring up the yellow and brown suit, not directly related to Logan, but rather lamenting that we never saw him in it specifically as designed in the stinger for Wolverine, in which it looks SWEET AS. So now, who knows, perhaps? link!

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Robot-Kraken Podcast Ep. 28 (February 2017) Available Now!

The Robot-Kraken Podcast – Episode 28: The Future is Now! (February 2017)

February is here and Kris and Thom sit down to chat about the ten projects coming up in 2017 that we are most excited about! (Or 2017-ish, since George RR Martin is on the list….) We talk about the EXPANSE, reveal our dream casting for a MOON KNIGHT movie and in the Shipyard talk about kickstarter, brush pens and upcoming art jams!

As always, you can stream the episode by clicking the button above or HERE and subscribe, listen and rate us on iTunes too!


  • 0:00 – Introduction & Sucking The Monkey:
    • Thom – The Loose Parsec
    • Kris – Eddyline Brewery Jolly Roger Stout
      • Segment Name Origin: Back in piratey days, often rum and alcohol was forbidden on the ship, so buccaneers and sailors would smuggle alcohol aboard hidden in coconuts. Drinking from this undoubtedly delicious contraband was called Sucking The Monkey!
  • 0:07 – The Shipyard
    • We talk about brush pen inking, Kris’ current projects for the official THE THING art book and kickstarter and Thom reveals his works in progress and the Weekly Jam Subjects for the month!
      • Weekly Jam Subjects:
      • DCs Starfire
      • DC’s Katana
      • DC’s The Enchantress
      • Disney’s Moana
    • Want to participate in the TRDL Art Jam? The TRDL Jam runs weekly but remains open indefinitely. The complete list of jam topics by date can be found here:
      You will find associate links for the platforms of your choice: the R3 Forum, DeviantArt, and FB.
  • 0:19 – Thom discusses a fan theory about Robin and the Joker
  • 0:24 – A Tim Miller/James Cameron reboot of the Terminator?
  • 0:31 – Top Ten 2017 Projects!
    • 0:31 – Winds Of Winter
    • 0:41 – Star Wars VIII
    • 0:44 – Wonder Woman
    • 0:47 – Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2
    • 0:53 – Upcoming Neil Gaiman Projects
      • American Gods, Good Omens and Norse Tales
    • 1:00 – Logan
    • 1:10 – Spiderman: Homecoming
    • 1:18 – Ghost In The Shell
    • 1:25 – Murder On The Orient Express
    • 1:33 – Blade Runner
    • 1:38 – Our Runner-Ups
  • 1:45 – Dream Casting!
    • Thom reveals his long held plans for a RUNAWAYS Movie
    • 1:55 – We both cast a MOON KNIGHT television series or movie – our choices might surprise you!
  • 2:28 – THE EXPANSE Discussion and initial thoughts
  • 2:51 – Baywatch and Contact Info – That’s right – Baywatch!

That was our show! And now – videos and trailers. for science!

Speaking of videos and science, you can also catch the Robot-Kraken Podcast on Youtube. This month’s episode:
Plus trailers:

I’m All About that Batou – 2 Feb 2017

Here’s the GitS trailer you’ve been waiting for. Not entirely positive responses from some quarters, including our own one lung… but overall, this is still happening and I have hopes. I mean, actually there’s only a few new scenes here, but I like that just fine. I don’t want to SEE any more…


– This is an incredibly impressive figure. I love how poseable it is without looking gangly and disjointed. It has really confident, realistic posture. Well done! link!

– Black Manta has been cast in Aquaman: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II; Apparently he was a runner-up for Lando… I haven’t seen The Get Down, but I guess he’s watchable? In a giant helmet, even? link!

– Yay: Battlefront II will finally have a single player campaign (of some sort) which I crave, despite having no time to play video games… but I have to wonder how single-player campaigning works in a game built around map combat. link!

– Well, Denis Villeneuve is the latest to be tapped for Dune. For the moment, anyway!link!

– I’m quite curious about Ben Affleck’s stepping down from the director’s chair on Batman. Fallout from his latest effort tanking? Ongoing frustrations about the script (even after bringing in his Argo screenwriter for a pass?) or something else? Lots of what I’ve been reading has been focusing on Affleck, like DC/WB applied pressure on him to step away from the job, but I have to wonder of Affleck is giving himself a little bit of a buffer from the ongoing garbage fire of corporate mishandling of this franchise. link!

– I enjoyed reading Mark Hamill take the high road on the prequels, Jake Lloyd, the press, and Lucas-bashing. But even more, I enjoyed ‘hornswoggled’. link!

– Here’s a teaser clip video for ST: Discovery. I’ll always wish the best for the ST franchise, and will tune in with optimism. But I will admit two things: while I like a lot of what I’m reading about characters, setting, and casting, two things I dislike are the clunky edges to the McQuarrie-based Discovery design, and the use of a predominantly blue uniform. Ah well, they didn’t ask me. link!

– Cloak and Dagger continues production on a weird channel with a weird spin on the characters with weird actors cast. But hey, that’s what they said about Netflix… link!

– Big Trouble in Little China concept art and costume design! link!

– Millie Bobby Brown has been cast in Godzilla. That might be one reason to see it. Might. Keep in mind I really liked the Gareth Edwards (?) film personally… but not really a consensus!

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They Didnt Save Your Life – 30 January 2017

This poster art rules everything around me. Duochrome awesomeness. link!

– Toys are rarely the best foot forward in terms of film costume design, but I will say this: at least Parker’s pre-Stark suit looks like something a kid actually put together, rather than the unexplained suits in the last round of these films. I’m no fan of the Scarlet Spider but it makes sense. link!

– I hope Geoff Darrow will have copies at Rose City in September. His table was sparse last year but can’t wait to get my hands on this book! link!

– Like old timey patterns and violent xenobiological terror? This mug is for you, courtesy of one lung: link!

– Coen Brothers do Easy Rider: link!

– RZA confirmed as director for one of the Iron Fist episodes (#6, which is divisible by three, so) link!

Hopping on a plane… tend to your cybernetics and I’ll see you soon…

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Come With Me If You Want to Save the Franchise – 170126

So, what do you think? Tim Miller on Terminator? Any chance of bailing this ship out? We talk about this one on the podcast in February… link!

Meanwhile, this:

– Look, I gave up on Gotham a long time ago. It was never great, but at least had some atmospheric style. It went from soapy cheese to a garbage fire in record time. That said, I will give them this and only this: I’ve been pining for someone to do the Joker thing from the New 52 where his face has been cut off and then haphazardly sewn back on. It’s so unnervingly icky (and infected, presumably)… so, at least they tried it. link!

– From now on, as far as cosplay goes, I will accept NO LESS than a full scale ED-209. link!

– Thomas Jane in Predator? Before seeing Expanse I’d have been against it. Now… link!

– Neill Blomkamp is not encouraging. link!

– I’ve been using these as desktop screens of late: focus on the retro-future GUI in Rogue One: link!

– GIJoe + Transformers… would you have been in? I would not have been in. I would have been more out than I already am. link!

– So, uh, according to this, DC/WB will give the obscure antihero villain of their obscure supers film his OWN film… yet still can’t figure out how to make the DC pantheon work? link!

– I liked the admittedly uneven Amazon Tick pilot… interesting to imagine Warburton back in the costume, though. link!

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