Sensing Death all Over the Place – Robots Root 19 May 2017

Despite it’s production problems, I’m happy to say I liked what I saw in this trailer for ST: Discovery. I like the cast, the alien designs, and the rework of the Klingons especially. I have some trouble with the ‘set 10 years before Kirk’ business, because we are stuck in that weird loop, where the technology shown in the prequel looks more advanced than the technology in the primary series, but at least this one is based on being a prequel of the Abrams-Trek*, so it’s more aligned in that regard. *WAIT now I’m confused. Two places have stated this is in the ‘Prime Universe’ aka prior to TV Kirk and the smooth as shit Enterprise, so I don’t even. There seem to be design elements nodding to TOS, as well as to Enterprise AND the Abramsverse.

Meanwhile, in space, this happened:

  • In this latest Mummy trailer, I think my favorite part was Tom Cruise screaming “MY FACE! MY FACE!” which felt meta.
  • The Alienist is right up my alley: dark business in old timey ways!
  • Mera’s revised costume is very green and so much SIMPLER than anything in the DCCU and I like it.
  • Aunt May wins.
  • Trip OUT: Steve Coogan and John C Reilly filming Laurel and Hardy…
  • This awesome Periodic Table shows what each element can be used for, which is a GREAT added detail. Kind of mind blowing. Fundamentally changes how you learn about them. Also, pretty current: Lead is used for ‘weights’ which is true, but twenty years ago the reference would be a more alarming use.
  • Another useful tool: 30 ways to die by electrocution in 1930. I found these fascinating, as in many cases i was grasping at what I was looking at. Not grasping the mystery pipe while standing in water, mind you.
  • So far, early fan and critic reviews of Wonder Woman are extremely positive. I mean, BVS was too, but still, given the early talk that this was a hot mess, maybe optimism is called for here.
  • If you don’t want to see any Han Solo anything, don’t click through. If you want to see some rad pre-CGI hoopties, tho…
  • Finn Jones let slip that Defenders takes place over a few days rather than weeks. That’s very good news, given the concept and central tension among the members of the team.

That’s all for today. Back to polishing your forehead ridges that you should or shouldn’t have in continuity.



Youre Gonna Get Some Hop Ons – Robots Root 17 May 2017

Of course the important news of the day, moreso than impeachable offenses and wonky missiles and health care class warfare and space aliens beached in Indonesia, but no less as inevitable as any of those: officially official confirmation of AD S05. I mean, we knew it was coming, but I’m glad it’s here. In bits and pieces, we’ve learned that Hurwitz is inspired by the election disaster, and that he’s returning to ensemble scenes instead of the ‘follow each character around’ standalones. But also, wow, 2018. I looked it up: the S04 experiment was 2013. I can’t believe it will have been five years.


  • In some strange alternate reality, Robert Zemeckis, Sam Raimi and Matt Vaughn are supposedly in the running for the brutally underdeveloped and problematic Flash film. Why and how is any of that possible.
  • Look. I want Star Trek: Discovery to succeed. I always want these projects to somehow work. And on the face of it, I like this photo. I like the actors, and I really like the old school tricorder in the holster. But really? ENOUGH REY FOR YOU??
  • And look, I have no problem with hyperbole in film promotion… especially when it’s a translation from another language… but this promo material for Last Jedi cracked me up. Everyone’s focusing on how ‘THE BIGGEST SHOCKING REVEAL IN THE HISTORY OF SHOCKING REVEALS EVER EVER WILL BE REVEALED!’ language, but what I thought was funny was the assertion that things got serious once they killed Han Solo. You know, because the deaths of millions in the hand-wavy blowing up of a solar system wasn’t a tragedy or anything.
  • Slaughterhouse Rulez… I mean I’d already be in just because of the pedigree, but I do like that premise. Shithead power schoolkids getting lovecrafted to death while being shitheads? Sounds great!
  • I’m amused by the reference that by the end of Defenders, it will feel like The Hangover… because I don’t know about you, but my drinking increased progressively as I worked through Iron Fist.
  • I wasn’t going to watch any more trailers for Battle for the Toleyou of the Preparation for the Planet of the Apes, but then I did anyway. Looks kick-ass, of course. I didn’t like Woody Harrelson as much in the earlier trailers, other than shaving in front of his troops, which is always a winning move… but here, I love him ranting that (presumably) Caesar is ‘too emotional’ hahahahaha
  • Best quote ever, regarding the sensational lawsuit over blind date texting during GOG2: ““While damages sought are modest, the principle is important as defendant’s behavior is a threat to civilized society,” the suit said.
  • Here’s the first promo material for the new Hellboy film, which features, uh, Hellboy Hellboying around… notable only because hey, it’s new Mike Mignola art, and we need that in this world.
  • For the ultra-rich cosplaying Iron Man fan in your life: dig this concept armor


That’s all for today. Back to mixing your sloshy martinis…

Robot-Kraken Podcast Ep 31 Released

Our may episode of Robot Kraken features a guest host as we discuss Sci-Fi novels and TV adaptations, SYFY’s THE EXPANSE, Marvel TV and more!

Hosts: Kris, Thom & special guest Blake Simmons!

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And this episode on Youtube in specific, thus:



  • 00:00 – Introduction
    • We introduce our special guest host and jabber for a while!
  • 0:05 – Sucking The Monkey!
    • Back in piratey days, often rum and alcohol was forbidden on the ship, so buccaneers and sailors would smuggle alcohol aboard hidden in coconuts. Drinking from this undoubtedly delicious contraband was called Sucking The Monkey!
    • Thom – The Atoll of Tole You
    • Kris – The Doc Ock
    • Blake – Lost Republic Bourbon
  • 00:10 – Checking In
    • A loose conversation about holes, Iron Fists, Marvel TV and more!
  • 00:40 – The Review!
    • Kris retreats to pack for a con while Blake and Thom dive deep into the EXPANSE! They also cover science fiction novels and adaptations and pretty much everything else!
  • 3:00 – Closing
    • The end

ROBOT KRAKEN is a MONTHLY podcast by two indie artists, Kristopher McClanahan of Deeply Dapper and Thom Chiaramonte of the Third Rail Design Lab. We get together and talk about comics, movies, working the table at comic cons, life in this nerdy wonderland, and whatever mumblings from the deep we come across. You can find out more about us, contact us or follow along our journey at iTunes – Stream & Download –

We are also on PATREON NOW! Help us find time to make more content, actually edit these episodes, get some goodies and more!


Adamantium is Forever – Robots Root 16 May 2017

Have you ever seen anything as glorious as the Logan black and white trailer? Not I, says the bot. Cannot Wait. Comes with the Blu-Ray…


Meanwhile, Robot’s Root for 16 May 2017, because stuff is going on!

  • These unusual promo pics from Return of the Jedi are actually pretty great. Especially Han LEANING INTO IT.
  • the full GLOW trailer is out for the Netflix series. I’m stoked. Even as 80s make me puke. Stoked puke. Puking while stoked!
  • I’m not always on board with Seth MacFarlane, but I loved Galaxyquest and I hold out some hope on this project.
  • I feel like maybe the cast outshines the show on this one, but we’ll give it a go. Ghosted. I remember reading the brief on this some months back and thinking it sounded like a fake show within a show in some other project.
  • Knowing full well that at least 33% of readership on this post hates Cars with fire, this was amusing to me simply because I’ve seen this guy’s articles before, and he really DOES have a Humunculus Theory.
  • I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the full trailer for Gifted yesterday, but if you did, and want the low-down on what mutants are included, what the connections are to film continuity, etc, then read on.
  • First look at Shane Black’s Predator designs… Predatoring about

That’s all for now. Back to cleaning your scabby bloody rusty claw parts.

I’ve Always Said Gin Cures All Infections – 15 May 2017

Here is the best Alien: Covenant promo material ever. Never to be topped. Ever.


LO, Robot’s Root for 15 May 2016 was born:

  • The words no one likes to hear, really: “You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks. They are advising you exit the water in a calm manner. The sharks are as close as the surfline.”
  • New Mutants casting is now confirmed: Split and GoT are involved. Here’s Phil Noto sketching them up, for science.
  • Agents of SHIELD was just renewed for S05. I thought last season was a mixed bag: Ghost Rider LOOKED good but was boring, LMDs were fun, sort of a back door into the Skrull style storyline I enjoy, and the Framework alternate reality stuff involving Agents of Hydra… well I love that mirror universe type stuff. We’ll see what next season offers. I’m hoping some Marvel fandom entirely new.
  • Shades is back for Luke Cage S02. That’s great news, not only because he was the cool villain, at least after the King was lampshaded… but also because he’s like the only one left.
  • Here’s Joss Whedon’s WW script we’ve heard so much about over the years. You be the judge. If you have that sort of time.
  • I don’t want to dive into GOG2 spoilers just yet (we haven’t recorded our review for Robot-Kraken) but I’m enjoying this bullshit about young Kurt Russell being practical FX. Yeah.
  • Is Taika Waititi trolling the interwebs?
  • Jason Bateman just announced he’s signed on for AD S05. More importantly, his Twitter title is ‘friend of Will Arnett’.
  • Have you gotten enough Heroes? I mean Gifted? If not, here’s more.
  • Zuul makes me very happy. This is where young life and older life merge in pleasant ways, culturally.
  • Here’s that Han Solo hair. Looks pretty good.

And with that, I leave you to continue your anti-facehugger preparations. I’m well on my way…

Not a Hard Time Invented That I Cannot Handle – Robots Root 12 May 2017

Guess who just got his new Heat Remastered Blu-Ray? THIS GUY. And that means… well, of course it means hunting for new sweet-as cover art. Thus!

Thus, Robot’s Root for 10 May 2017!

  • Oddly enough, while much of the viral promo material for Alien Covenant has been interesting, this was like some kid’s 10th grade CGI experiment. Unless you, you know, understood nothing about how Alien works, and reallllly needed a Neomorph’s eye view (in 360 POV) of the birthing process. Meanwhile, Scott is backing off on the 15 Alien films things

At the very least his compositions are on fire!

  • Andrew Cosby really gets me. He says the shooting script, backed by the director’s vision ultimately, for the new Hellboy is a dark line between horror and “comic book film” whatever that specifically means… all signs point to YASS. Except for Jeffrey Tambor. I mean surely Del Toro and Perlman are non-plussed, but Tambor fired a shot across the bow.
  • Kevin Fiege says Marvel and Fox share the Watchers, among other ‘races’ if not characters individually. Take from that what you will, depending on what movies you have seen recently… but what it might MIGHT mean, and I’d love it if this were so, is the back door into a Skrull Invasion in the MCU. WANT.
  • Apparently when Orcas feast on Great Whites, they carve out the liver and leave the carcass. Nightmare fuel on top of nightmare fuel.
  • The Gifted Trailer didn’t look much better than Heroes did, and the burden of Bryan Singer weighs heavy on it, especially after Fox pulled magic out of a curious hat with Legion on FX, but anyway, here’s a photo of Polaris getting shrinkwrapped in a prison jumper. I think that’s a Rule, isn’t it?
  • I just ordered the Rise of the Dungeon-Master graphic novel… I know the in’s and out’s of the creation of D&D (and the somewhat inflated mythos of Gygax) but I like supporting these sorts of semi-biographical comics. Plus depending on how it reads it might be fun for my kids later, once they’ve played and understand how real people design and build the games they play. At this point, My Little Pony Monopoly fell out of a rainbow glitter cloud.
  • What’s this? An ongoing Deadpool animated series by Donald Glover? That sounds JUST fine.
  • Also, a new Judge Dredd cartoon is in the works. If nothing else, click through for a glimpse at the promo poster. The graphics look detailed, though I don’t know if that translates to the show itself.
  • My favorite desktop screen source ever for today: interfaces in science fiction
  • Son of Zorn, we hardly knew ye. I guess that’s why it was cancelled. But I INTENDED to.
  • I didn’t watch the interview, so this may be contextually skewed or a flippant humorous response, but boy did Diane Lane fuel the MCU fans…but wait! That’s not what she meant! Or something! HA.
  • The Irishman was greenlit for $100M… with a legendary cast… for NETFLIX.

And with that, I leave you to resume your touching of alien snakes.

Too Bad he Won’t Live! – Robots Root 8 May 2017

Oh hai, new favorite film ever for today:


Thus, Robot’s Root for 8 may 2017:

  • More undefined, unscheduled planning for a sequel to All You Need is Tole. Everyone is psyched, they all said! It will be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat, they all said. Random extension of a title that was itself a lesser rename of a better original title, and which was later abandoned for an even more mundane title. But look, whatever. As long as we get more powered armored Emily Blunt, I’m in.
  • Existential Pokemon crisis of some kind.
  • Drunk Rick from Rick and Morty… drunk.
  • Insidious racial slur or just myopic graphic design? The latter, srsly. But again, srsly, you had ONE JOB.
  • Uh-oh. I don’t care I already have incredibly expensive tickets and I’m going to love it FFS one way or another.
  • epic used car ad. E P I C.
  • What a trip. I remember most of it. Star Tours!
  • When stars act like we imagine they should, instead of how they usually do.
  • Who want’s a megaton of weird Akira production stuff? I do.
  • What I liked about this segment was how honestly overstimulated Adam Scott was. That was no set-up gag. He’s shaking.

And with that, I leave you to investigate your incept date.

In Answer to Your Question They’re Written Down For Me – Robots Root 4 May 2017

Haters may Hate, but to them I say: Be Bom DiddyBOOMCHECK!


Meanwhile, somewhere in space, THIS HAPPENED. It’s Robot’s Root for 4 May 2017:

  • The Dark Tower trailer was released the other day finally, and people are excited. I haven’t read the books, and am having trouble with the central conceits of this imagery: interdimensional cowboys etc but not in a playful way like Serenity… I don’t know. I mean, I’m IN, but there are elements that cause me to have the annoyances. For example, this trope: ‘for thousands of generations, the gunslingers were knights…’ ; thinking about the evolution of technology, and the relatively short span of the human species, here and across presumably similar dimensions, ‘thousands of generations’ is junk dialog, and what annoys me more… thousands of generations of GUNSLINGERS? The technology of weaponry in this world didn’t change? Another niggle: I’m really tired of tall scary things shooting blue energy beams into the sky. I mean, Marvel killed it, DC buried it… I need whatever’s the opposite of it now. On the other hand, all the gun-fu is rad. I like the weird quickloader cartridge belt, and how he tosses it in the air and somehow gets it in the revolver (doesn’t quite beat the gun-fu reloading maneuvers in Equilibrium, but still… and I love, as seen above, the crazy mystical auto loading of individual bullets in the other scene. So there’s those things. Also, both leads are great, so.
  • What’s this? A Delorean film with an amazing cast? I’m so in.
  • Is Josh Gad signaling he’s up for Penguin on the Batman project? You know, the one where the script and all supporting players were dumped in a page one rebuild? Probably signaling his interest, if nothing else.
  • “At this point, I would like to see a show based on the making of Star Trek: Discovery more than the actual Star Trek: Discovery.” Brilliant, accurate. Now hired actors are switching roles unceremoniously.
  • First look at the Inhumans, with pretty spot on comic adaptations for costuming, and really the only thing I dislike is Medusa’s hair. SO that’s actually pretty good, statistically.


I’ll leave you with this bon mot: one of the most common search queries leading to Robot-Kraken is… ‘fucked robot’… so what that says about us, or them, I cannot be sure…

In the meantime, enjoy your 33,000 ‘May the 4th be with you!’ social media posts…

Stay Classy, Defenders – Robot’s Root 3 May 2017

YASSDEFENDERS … “It’s YOUR scarf” And above, this gif… it’s Danny Rand’s version of Malak from Conan the Destroyer’s “I’m rowing!”


Meanwhile, in space… it’s Robot’s Root:

  • While I will always love the Facehugger plushie, this Xenomorph with classic clear dome (implied) is a new second favorite.
  • There are many things to doubt about the upcoming Pacific Rim sequel… but worse looking mechs wasn’t on my radar… until now.
  • Sweet! B/W Logan on the big screen for one day: May 16. Still no Old Man Sabertooth, but hey, I’m Ok with it.
  • Ridley Scott appears to be shitting all over the Aliens 5 project. Sounds a bit retconny to me; given especially the age of this Director, the promise of like 22 more Aliens films he declared last week, and the troubled reception to Prometheus… all right before Covenant. Hm.
  • Mondo has collaborated with USAopoly’s Project Raygun to produce a THING board game. How dope is THAT.

The Thing™ Infection at Outpost 31 Gameplay

It is the start of the bleak, desolate Antarctic winter when a group of NSF researchers manning the claustrophobic, isolated U.S. Outpost 31 comes into contact with a hostile extraterrestrial lifeform. Bent on assimilating Earth’s native species, this being infiltrates the facility—creating a perfect imitation of one of the Outpost 31 crew. The staff frantically begin a sweep of the base, desperate to purge this alien infection before escaping to warn McMurdo Station that somewhere, out there in the frigid darkness, something horrible is waiting.             

In THE THING™ INFECTION AT OUTPOST 31, relive John Carpenter’s sci-fi cult classic as a hidden identity game designed to push you to the edge. Play as one of a dozen characters like helicopter pilot MacReady, mechanic Childs, or station manager Garry. Face sabotage and infection as you investigate the facility—gather gear, battle The Thing, expose any imitations among you, and escape Outpost 31!             

 Tension mounts and paranoia ensues as you question who you can trust in the ultimate race to save humanity.

  • “These two incandescent idiots…” I’m sold.


OK friends, wax them staches and watch them backs!

GOG2 is Pushing my Technicolor Buttons – Robots Root 29 April 2017

It’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 weekend (somewhere) and the reviews look good. I’m drawn back to this comparison, above, of the marketing and how well those firms understood both the material and the target market. Not because I want to see JL fail, but because I want to see GOG2, and all the supers films possible, succeed.


Meanwhile, a Robot’s Root weekend edition for 4/29/17!

  • “That’s not MY Superman!” they all said.
  • Tyler Labine just joined Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Excuse me while I add that to my sizable queue. Netflix/BBC
  • Great second look at that Kingsman 2 trailer. I LOOOOOOVE all the cheesy americana details. The BASEBALLS.
  • Sobering encapsulation of everything clouding ST: Discovery’s production progress. Doesn’t look gooooood.
  • My lovely wife worked full time, took night classes, and did final presentations (twice) within a week of giving birth. She did not, however, table hop battlements.
  • SMASHY MOUTHY! I’m so down.
  • I kind of like the idea of a purple Gamora. There’s so much blue skin in the MCU space stuff with the Kree and other races… having the purple almost feels like it makes more sense.
  • I’m not in the sport camera market. I have a GoPro but it is mostly for documenting my deaths in the event I am flattened on the bike. But if I were, IF I WERE, this camera
  • BRB, have to go install Nightingale flooring. Because ninjas.
  • Is WALL-E Satan? Maybe.
  • Is this rad marketing or curious desperation or a meltdown? Who’s to say.


Finally, I wanted to mention an add to our most recent few Robot-Kraken Podcasts, where we’ve been discussing our art process and how it has changed over the years: I talked a bit about my father’s experiences as a graphic artist when I was a kid, and how many of the early (and current) tools in the digital realm were approximations of physical actions from real paste-up work. Here’s a great video on how the industry evolved, if you’re interested in the details.