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Take a Stress Pill – Robots Root 13 November 2018

You know who died this week? Yes, but ALSO

Meanwhile, in the Mirror Universe:

  • Pedro Pascal appears to be the lead in the Mandalorian, and I’m having trouble imagining who I’d love more. I mean, I use him in almost every fantasy casting we do. He’ll be in another one, recording tomorrow night on the podcast. HA! Plus, Carl Weathers?!
  • This is everything. Nightmare fuel, no charge.
  • The Toy Story 4 teaser was fascinating to me, as someone who made his own toys. I love this concept: existential horror, toy version. Also, an excellent reaction video, also by Pixar. Sort of recursive.
  • I don’t hate the Detective Pikachu project as I thought I would. I’m kind of into it, knowing I’ll be seeing it 33 times with my kids… interesting bit though: people on the Winterwebs are complaining (surprise!) that Ryan Reynolds’ voice feels wrong. As he did the Deadpool project and is as such so well known as a voice actor (even though he was doing the live action work too) it’s something of a typecast for him now. People are whining about the Deadpool Pokemon. I mean, this is why we can’t have nice things.
  • DAMN! I LOVE the classic Iron Spidey look. I wish they had gone with that. I really do.
  • This 1:1 scale Harley comes with a 1:2 scale abdomen and a 2:1 bust. HAR
  • Not only do we get a Robocop that isnt a sequel to the later Robocop but rather the first Robocop and may replace both that later Robocop and Robocop 2 before it, but we also get a Documentary about making Robocop, which they made about Robocop being made.
  • Interesting article about the diminishing returns of Netflix’s binge model. I’m in 100% agreement. 300%! I hate the anxious race to try and watch it all before someone spoils it or it becomes old news. I hope the Disney+ stuff is properly serialized.
  • Speaking of Netflix check out this medieval Korean zombie situation! I’m so down.


It feels pretty redundant to comment on Stan Lee’s passing at this point, as 95% of my feed is posting about it 24 hours a day. He meant a lot to me as well. I always found his story interesting, as a showman more than creator… his story is controversial, like many of the ‘big names’ but pretty wild regardless. I hope in time some of the lesser known creators get the credits they deserve as well, but no question Stan Lee generated the industry as we know it, through shear force of will and charisma. And, frankly, I’m just somewhat relieved the elder abuse is over.

Hows My Breath – Robots Root 9 Nov 2018

Laika’s Missing Link trailer makes everything almost OK. I so cannot even wait.


Meanwhile, in the Quantum Realm:


  • I love stuff like this. As an artist, I hoard ‘chronological costume reference’ material whenever I find it. Which isn’t often. I committed to drawing every Iron man armor, and I’m woefully behind. Granted I have more prints than most anyone else you’ll come across, but I have many to go.

  • Similarly, this Isle of Dogs poster makes me sweat. I want it framed, badly.
  • This 1:1 scale Venom bust is pretty incredible, and I say that as someone who doesn’t like the Venom design and thought the movie imagery looked ridiculous.
  • What the hell? A final Scooby Doo episode?!?
  • Jeremy Irons asĀ Ozymandias? That’s brilliant casting, actually.
  • I was surprised at the news of a Cassian Andor series on Disney+, but I’m quite pleased with it. Rogue One is my favorite SW project, and a prequel series dipping deeper into the pre-Empire post-Sith era works for me.
  • I am not so enthused about the finally confirmed Loki series. They’d have to be pretty creative to make that show work for me. I don’t like him front and center. I like him as a foil and a conflict agent.
  • Honest Trailer for Incredibles 2, followed by How It Should Have Tole You.
  • I know I’m being overly-critical here, but the addition of Slimer undermines the poster for me.
  • Kingsman 3 without the main lead? Either they’re doing a misdirect (wasted energy, as no one cares) and will pull a Kingsman 2 and bring whomever the want back on a whim (I’m looking at you, Mark Strongbad) or they’re going to focus on the Statesmen, which I wouldn’t mind, though they are better as a side element, not the main show. Who knows, with this random franchise. We bludgeoned it to death in the recent Robot-Kraken podcast discussion…
  • Antoine Fuqua is doing a big budget sci-fi/adventure film called the Infinites, which feels very late aughts indie comic… I’m on board conceptually, based on the vague premise and the skills of the director. But an odd choice!
  • A nice look at the creature design in Guillermo del Toro’s work. Which is a short video, because he uses the same three affectations over and over, ha! I kid.
  • OK, now THAT is a costume skin I didn’t expect out of the new Spider-Man game on the PS4. Right down to the zipatone.

  • Jessica Henwick has joined Godzilla vs. Kong vs. Whomever. Which is just being posted as an excuse to show Jessica Henwick in pigtails with an Iron Sword again. You’re welcome.

With that I leave you. Excelsior!

I Corpse and I Know Things – Robots Root 5 Nov 2018

Reportedly, the new final season of Game of Thrones will have the ‘biggest battle ever filmed’ which surprises precisely zero followers of GoT. I’ve been thinking a bit lately about how the final act was to be a few full length telefilms, and then they broke it into a string of long episodes over a short season. I fear the original plan would have worked better, because less ‘filler’ to stretch out events, while at the same time, the latter approach allows us more time for character work. I truly love that show, and I’ll take all that i can get. But as much as I have demanded, on the podcast, to know how it is that we can get all the way up to the final few episodes without the whole Winter Having Came… i’m less interested in all the big set pieces and more these final interactions with all of these beloved characters, especially as so many will be corpses well enough. Or worse, like ole’ Wun Wun (maybe)…

Meanwhile, for science:

  • First test screening reports indicate Hellboy was a hot mess. But do they really, is it really, and should this matter? I saw a test screening for Terminator 2 after all. Lots of comments on that card. That’s the POINT. I retain my grip on optimism with a red right hand!
  • Speaking of Hellboy, or older Hellboys, or actually prior Hellboys who are also older, here’s a preview for Asher, a fairly by the book looking ‘hitman retiring’ story, but with an intriguing cast: Ron Perlman and Famke Janssen, among others. I like it. I’ll give it a go.
  • Alien Nation is being remade, and by Jeff Nichols, who I don’t know much about since I never saw any of his films… though I DO get a red flag when I see that he refers to himself in the third person. Not even Barton Fink self-applied ‘that Barton Fink feeling.’…
  • Brianna Hildebrand has joined Persephone, and all you need to know is that it’s spacey and it includes Brianna Hildebrand. Sold.
  • John Cena is sniffing around Captain America, throwing out cryptic hopeful images on Twitter and what have you. Thing is, though: he’d make a great USAgent…
  • Can’t believe the Deadwood film is actually happening. I have to say, reading the premise: that’s a smart move.
  • This video about Pixar Halloween traditions was great. It’s animated, but you get the idea. Love the tech support idea!

Finally, a great article on how to deal with loving video games once you have no time to play them. It didn’t really help ME, because time isn’t technically my problem, it’s competition for scarce resources: I feel like that time needs to be spent on my art projects. But still, good reminder that playing in short bursts, the RIGHT kind of massive game, with lots of smaller side quests, can be satisfying. Looking at you, Red Dead!

These ARE The Villains You’re Looking For – Robots Root 2 Nov 2018

Ewan McGregor as the Black Mask? How is this even? I’m quite on board. I assume we’ll see plenty of the villain without the mask on. I’ve never ready contemporary books with the character, so I wasn’t sure about him having a civilian identiyy, but I’s uper down. I’ve only ever drawn him with the mask.

Meanwhile, for science:

  • I love this project 3,333 times. AI artifact-persons inserted into landscapes. It speaks to me.
  • While there’s been precisely zero info out there about the quality of his script for WW 1984, David Callaham has been tapped to write an undefined Marvel film. The interesting part is that Patty Jenkins selected him, so that adds to the hope that it’s for one of the upcoming female-led projects at the House of M
  • Best Star Destroyer based Halloween costume involving a bike ever. Lung was on board immediately.
  • This dove-tailed nicely with my practice at shows of applying non-trademark diluted names to cosplayers and sometimes my own work… cheeky!
  • HELL YES: 1938 LA for a new Penny Dreadful series!
  • Leo DiCaprio in a Time Machine film from the production team of It? I’m IN! I LOVE old-timey Leo.
  • This Lego Bond AM is amazing. Look at those functional details!
  • Here’s a pic from Jessica Chastain’s sort-of-Bourne film, Eve. I’m in.
  • I love these particular Vans x NASA but I must be frugal.
  • Here’s a look at the What We Do in the Shadows expanded TV series. I’m intrigued, and I originally thought it was a fool’s errand.


And lastly, I leave you with Brie Larson handing out candy as Samus Aran… holy moley.