Sick Sled, Thor – 15 Feb 2017


I’ve waited all my life to see Thor tool around on an IMLA*
Too bad he wasn’t wearing yhis.

*Indoor Mountain Bike Lounging Apparatus


1. Planet Hulk appears to include Jarnbjorn, the giant axe Thor’s been carrying around after he lost the virtue juice to wield Mjolnir in the comics (where Jane Foster is the current female Thor)… I wonder of he will lose it in the film and switch to the axe. I like that idea. The concept art for Infinity War has him using the axe. I’m disappointed Hela doesn’t have that cool black facemask thing though otherwise it looks like a a great adaptation of her look.
link! and link!

2. First significant female droid? Since when did they have gender?!? link!

3. Kerry Washington is rumored to be in the mix for Domino in Deadpool 2, which is quite a deviation from the previous scoop. Seems like an odd fit. I like her enough, and can see her in a supers role, but I’m not sure about this kind of farcical deal? link!

4. Do you KNOW how much I want a well-done Moon Knight film? Or Netflix series? I have so many ideas. So does James Gunn, apparently. link! Note, astute and current listeners of the Robot-Kraken Podcast have by now heard that we did a Fantasy Casting for a Moon Knight project. You can check it out here: … lable-now/

5. “Power. Greed. Devious. Needs. High stakes. Cash money. Dope boy. Rap money. Forgive me for my wrongs, I have just begun.” Wow. Suicide Squad EP Stephen Mnuchin is now in line for the Presidency. link! WHAT IS EVEN.

6. Apparently the new Jaegers in PR 2 look like generic post-anime Taiwanese knockoff figures. The interesting designs for some of the previous film’s mecha were its selling point. link!

7. Check out WETA’s Labyrinth board game. It’s amazing. I’m nerding out. And I don’t even LIKE that film. link!

8. One of my favorite games in High School was BATTLECHESS, combining chess with, well, battle animations. Warhammer 40K: Regicide is taking that to the Nth degree, looks like. Available on Steam. link!

9. How about a VR model of Deckard’s apartment? link!. Note no early 80’s Sean Young going all Gibson Girl in there. Bummer.

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