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Thats Not Silly String – Robots Root 22 May 2018

The new West Coast Avengers is everything I want in a supers comic today. I’m delighted. Also one of my favorite artists currently working, and a great writer. Optimistic!

Also, for science:

  • Well thats great. They can RUN now, jump through holes in obstructions, and get back on their feet. Its cute that they aren’t admitting these are all prototype work for future cybersoldiers, and oh, by the way, I’ll be in my quite penetrable bunker.
  • I first heard the term “tank paratrooper” in the gag final punchline of a first season Ren & Stimpy. It’s even better in the real…
  • Here’s a cool video about the costume design on Shape of Water and others.
  • I had enough trouble as a kid dealing with the New Gods (as much as I adore Kirby now) so Eternals were WAY off the back for me. But hey, good luck! I’m on board if they do it right…
  • I don’t know if its because I’m traveling, or because I dislike the excessive abuse of the service animals system, but this struck me funny. I liked it.
  • Lung recently informed me he wasn’t a fan of Morena Baccarin because she has, to him, mean eyes. I’m usually focused on her lips and other bits, but anyway, that’s all neither here nor there because I’d be fully supportive of her playing Catwoman in that Gotham City Sirens film…
  • Here’s Bandai’s armored cats series, which, had they been available when I was in Japan, I’d have bought out like the whole supply.
  • Everyone needs a brutalist garden gnome, I says.
  • Tiny Superman. I’m jealous I didn’t think of it.
  • First, the new She-Ra is teased and it looks a bit stylized, so people got grumpy. Then the new Thundercats was revealed and it’s chibi so the all-srs fans freaked out. I can’t believe it. I mean, srsly. It looks great. CALM down. I actually enjoyed that behind-the-scenes featurette. Not the topknot tho.
  • best news of my day, tho? BEST news? Amazon picked up The Expanse. FFS that’s a relief u guise.
  • Courtesy of Lung, this custom operable Lego Tron Light Cycle display is dope. My favorite part is the little slab of light behind the cycle.

Finally, I leave you with the trailer to the Happytime Murders, which is proving to be as batshit crazy as I’d hoped!

Them Krakens be Robots – 24 April 2017

I was at the Monterey bay Aquarium with the kids last week, and was surprised to discover some Robot Kraken action!



I bring you: Robot’s Root, 24 April 2017

  • This one floored me. Three days later, I can’t wrap my head completely around it. Apparently, setting aside all the rounds of auditioning that landed Chris Pratt the role of Star-Lord.. the consistent second choice? Always Sunny’s Glenn Howerton. WHUT.
  • Shots from Defenders filming, at least so far, confirm DD is continuing with the muddy Ultimates style mostly black look. I keep hoping he’ll just suddenly show up in the same armor but the color of arterial spray.

  • Every time I look at the Thor: Ragnatole trailer, I’m reminded of that old Incredible Hulk telefilm series I loves as a kid. I was super into the cheesy, brown leather and fur Thor. So much so that in our Marvel RPG games I made him that way for science. But not cheesy. I mean, sort of cheesy. Lots of ‘I see thee NAY!’ business. But not four -color.

Also, that long gap in the couch? In the gladiator arena? It would fit precisely one lounging bronzed Jeff Goldblum. Meaning we need two, I guess.

  • I’ve always loved the concept of Xenomorph eggsacs being used as other things. I want to like this cookie jar, except I think it should have been something you actually unpeel, something softer. I don’t like the lid. Also, I don’t understand cookie jars.
  • The Batman and Bill documentary is finally arriving on Hulu. I’m really looking forward to it. Bill Finger has always been a trivia point, but I don’t know much about him.
  • Claire Temple won’t be in Punisher, breaking a tradition. Now, I love her and I like that she’s the narrative glue in these stories, but Iron Fist showed that when you have someone who knows all the other characters and DOESN’T call them for help, it becomes a distraction. I don’t hate this news.
  • This reminds me about recurring old amusing arguments with Lung about air travel: statistically, though more Red Shirts die on screen than other classes in ST, they represent a much smaller percentage of that class, meaning it is, as we’ve always said, much worse an idea to send those officers on the Away Team missions all the time.
  • Here’s the movie which will always be remembered as the project on which Jon Bernthals and Tom Holland worked on their respective Marvel audition tapes with each other.
  • I found this Samurai Iron Man online very late at night in my international travels going stir-crazy in my hotel, so I bought it. It hasn’t arrived, so common sense may prevail and I may return it like a reasonable person. But I MAY NOT.