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Permission to Come Aboard – Robots Root 23 July 2018

Points to James Wan for having the stones to make Black Manta(s) a thing in this film.


In the vortex of post-SDCC space madness, these were the highlights for me this weekend:

  • I’m comfortable being the lone voice of optimism about Battle Angel Alita. I’m pretty sure they reduced the eyes since the last trailer 8 months ago or whatever it was. It just looks like a solid session of cyberpunk RPG. Optimism! Then again, they could have just cast . Christina Ricci and called it a day.
  • Deadly Class looks like alt-universe X-Men where everybody is being trained to be villains. I love it. Can’t wait!
  • Stan Against Evil looks really, really fun and weird. As the creator said about the initial premise: “My Dad as Buffy.”
  • I didn’t read Dark Knights: Metal, but I do love me some Jock. I have very little interest in this project overall, but I enjoy the pretty pictures. “Punisher is a broke guy in a van.”
  • Robert DeNiro joining the Joker film? What is even. I get the character he’s playing etc but still this whole project feels very much like we’re watching something from another reality.
  • I need to start watching Misfits & Monsters. With all of my free time.
  • Disenchantment looks pretty much exactly like what you’d expect if someone were to pitch to you: Groening + AD&D + no censors.
  • The Aquaman trailer had some really fun moments, no question.
  • Speaking of fun, or trying to be fun, Shazam is still intriguing, but I fear the neutered-Big situation isn’t going to work as well as they hoped.
  • Godzilla: King of the Toleyous looked dank, dark, and ominous… but I do love those other monsters. Especially Mothra. Those wings!
  • Finally, Glass‘ full trailer, along with Lung yelling at me, convinced me I need to go back and watch Split after all.


In other news, this review of MI: II cracked me up. It did not age well, no.

Cardi B crossed with Star Wars actually works very well. My favorite was the sound of her grunting as the Hoth turret.

The Ennis House is finally on sale, and its a good deal!

Jeff Goldblum can’t cook.


That is truly the limit.

Protect Ya Neck – Robots Root 18 July 2018

Man, I like Manta and Oceanmaster, although the latter feels naked without neck armor. I know the talk of today is the sea dragon upgrade and all… I also  like that Fisherman King design. I’m more interested in these other six undersea realms than I am in Aquaman and his false anti-buoyancy. United the seven, indeed.

Meanwhile, in space:

  • Look I don’t know much about Dr. Who, but apparently the new Doctor can generate pizza, so I’m in.
  • Always the eternal idealist, I like to believe, I CHOOSE to believe, the 48 stars were intentional. Like Robin’s armored tunic and little boy shorts. Snyder knew whats up!
  • The History Channel is releasing an Area 52 series called Project: Blue Book. Because history. Aiden Gillen is in it though, so i’m there.
  • I remain optimistic about Bumblebee, but uh, these are starting to look a bit familiar and complicated…
  • Gotta appreciate that first Meg poster. Almost makes up for the Photoshop disaster of the second one.
  • The Starcourt Mall! Best Stranger Things teaser ever. EVER.
  • I was only interested in this fan-made film news because of learning the excellent term… Ludonarrative dissonance: is the conflict between a video game’s narrative told through the story and the narrative told through the gameplay. Ludonarrative, a compound of ludology and narrative, refers to the intersection in a video game of ludic elements – or gameplay – and narrative elements. Thats useful in my daily life! Somehow.
  • Hmmm… Marvel better get that A-Force movie together soon. If DC botches an all-female supers film first, it could become harder to get it pushed through.
  • How surreal is it that The First will feature Sean Penn (it’s a Mars colonization story) but from the creator of House of Cards, featuring his acrimonious ex-wife situation?
  • I like this Lego DB5 build even more than the MINI and the VW Type II, both of which felt hampered by the system’s challenges with compound curves.
  • I can’t tell if Patient Zero is a good movie or a bad movie, but I like intelligent, creepy zombies, and I like the conceit that Matt Smith’s character can talk to zombies only because he was once bitten, but not turned. Seems like the sort of reveal that would have been better in the film itself, rather than the trailer… the thing about music bothering zombies is interesting, too.
  • If Batwoman goes forward, it will be groundbreaking. Assuming executives don’t meddle.
  • While I’m REALLY tired of humanoid aliens in Star Trek, Discovery seems to have landed a second interesting design that outshines it’s TV budget.
  • I love Pena, but I don’t know if this film is going to work.
  • The Overlord trailer is finally out. I hope the new Hellboy film has this vibe of historical horror.
  • Millerverse adaptations are proceeding at Netflix, and they look pretty good on paper.
  • How has this not happened already? I would have thought feature film, but if sufficiently budgeted, a series is more nuanced…
  • Robot poster! Alert!
  • PLEASE let the Chameleon be in the new Spidey film. And Kraven. DO IT! I’m having Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends fever dream flashbacks.

That’s all for now. Back to power-loading on fight milk.

Cackling in 3 Frames Per Second – Robots Root 30 June 2018

Now you too can have a laughing Prince Adam figure of your very own. Memetic!

I’m done with my Spring conventions, and now in Washington on a short vacation with the younglings. Here’s a blast of interesting somethings over the last few weeks!

  • Wonder Woman + George Orwell? You decide!
  • Everyone’s talking about that Black Manta helmet, but I’m all about Orm’s sweet hairstyle.
  • Apologists and recontextualists aside, these comments nauseated me.
  • If nothing else, Red Notice sure has an eye-catching cast.
  • You too can build an Alexa-enabled L3-37. But… should you?
  • Preacher 3 is only a week away!
  • Incredibles 2 was a hoot… and the weekend box office sure seems to indicate people realized it. It does look decidedly familiar… by design.
  • Here’s a great video of Andy Serkis discussing mocap’s evolution
  • Here’s an interesting article positing that Shazam should be the path to the future of the DCEU.
  • As someone who works in a small, pressure-cooker environment without HR and with unconventional, lets say, communication from time to time, I’ve been following the discussion on workplace abuse in Hollywood (a mechanism for talking about it not in Hollywood, of course. ie. the real world)… the sexual abuse and sexual politics are very obviously evil, but the verbal abuse has been something that creators in the entertainment industry have been forgiven for (as long as they are ‘successful’ and ‘auteurs’, my emphasis… on the one hand, some people need to be more prepared and clear about the hostile environments they are getting into, and on the other hand, people should be respectful, or there should be consequences. Interesting debate.
  • Everyone’s laughing about how they isolated Iron Fist knowingly. I just loved that they included Colleen Wing!


More to come!


I’m All About that Batou – 2 Feb 2017

Here’s the GitS trailer you’ve been waiting for. Not entirely positive responses from some quarters, including our own one lung… but overall, this is still happening and I have hopes. I mean, actually there’s only a few new scenes here, but I like that just fine. I don’t want to SEE any more…


– This is an incredibly impressive figure. I love how poseable it is without looking gangly and disjointed. It has really confident, realistic posture. Well done! link!

– Black Manta has been cast in Aquaman: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II; Apparently he was a runner-up for Lando… I haven’t seen The Get Down, but I guess he’s watchable? In a giant helmet, even? link!

– Yay: Battlefront II will finally have a single player campaign (of some sort) which I crave, despite having no time to play video games… but I have to wonder how single-player campaigning works in a game built around map combat. link!

– Well, Denis Villeneuve is the latest to be tapped for Dune. For the moment, anyway!link!

– I’m quite curious about Ben Affleck’s stepping down from the director’s chair on Batman. Fallout from his latest effort tanking? Ongoing frustrations about the script (even after bringing in his Argo screenwriter for a pass?) or something else? Lots of what I’ve been reading has been focusing on Affleck, like DC/WB applied pressure on him to step away from the job, but I have to wonder of Affleck is giving himself a little bit of a buffer from the ongoing garbage fire of corporate mishandling of this franchise. link!

– I enjoyed reading Mark Hamill take the high road on the prequels, Jake Lloyd, the press, and Lucas-bashing. But even more, I enjoyed ‘hornswoggled’. link!

– Here’s a teaser clip video for ST: Discovery. I’ll always wish the best for the ST franchise, and will tune in with optimism. But I will admit two things: while I like a lot of what I’m reading about characters, setting, and casting, two things I dislike are the clunky edges to the McQuarrie-based Discovery design, and the use of a predominantly blue uniform. Ah well, they didn’t ask me. link!

– Cloak and Dagger continues production on a weird channel with a weird spin on the characters with weird actors cast. But hey, that’s what they said about Netflix… link!

– Big Trouble in Little China concept art and costume design! link!

– Millie Bobby Brown has been cast in Godzilla. That might be one reason to see it. Might. Keep in mind I really liked the Gareth Edwards (?) film personally… but not really a consensus!

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I Will Not Kill You – 11 Aug 2016

Well, I’ve been waiting all day for this one. No disappointments, other than that they should have never revealed Vader, period. But hot damn.

Watch carefully for this scene!

Meanwhile, somewhere in space, this is happening:

ITEM: Brad Kremer just released a digital animated homage to the opening sequence in Akira, and it burns, IT BURNS. With white hot rage that i cannot see a digital or live action version of this film that is this faithful to the imagery and tone that made the original OAV so good.

“This project started many years ago when both Dean and I lived on Tybee Island. I came to Dean with the idea to do a tribute “trailer” to Akira. As a long time fan of the original film he of course loved the idea! As we brainstormed the story that we wanted to explore from the film we settled on focusing primarily on the bike. The Akira bike is one of those iconic symbols that still remains relevant today similar to the Millennium Falcon or Marty McFly’s beat up DeLorean.
Since that first day when Dean and I began this journey we have both moved a number of times. But we always kept the project alive with a lot of late nights (mostly from Dean), re-edits and re-renders, and a lot of discussions about how to improve it. And so, after countless hours of modeling and rendering we are ready to share with you this short tribute to the masterpiece that Katsuhiro Otomo created and shared with us so many years ago. We hope you enjoy!”


ITEM: Die Antwoord have taken to IG to accuse David Ayers and his design team of apeing their steez. I think it’s mostly a stretch. But three watches, hey! … ebook-post


ITEM: Meanwhile, Ayers describes SS as an ‘anarchic punk rock art film’ and states it was never envisioned as an R-rated film, which we know. I can’t help but think he is protesting long and hard that there wasn’t a hellstorm of studio interference after BVS in the editing room, but I also think he’s been savvy ie. anti Trank, and resisting the defensive urge to bite the studio hands that fed him. Which actually isn’t very punk rock… but look, I think when they sign on to these big tentpoles they go in knowing the final product will be a mutation beyond their original vision, and some directors, like Ayers, takes it as part of the game, and considers it behind the curtain business not to be vented about, and others are less prepared, and complain. And I say all this, prior to writing or recording my review of the film, as someone who saw many flaws, or particularly missed opportunities, and especially noticed signs of heavy editing… but still REALLY had fun, so haters gon’ hate, and I appreciate Ayers for standing up for the commercial product he created. Additionally, I like his connections between choice and addiction, though it wasn’t as apparent in the film. PS, he indicated Joker killed Robin, not Harley. … -art-movie

Also, also, laughably these dudes are trying to sue because of not enough Joker, etc. I love it. Good luck, kids. It is QUITE apparent they cut a lot of Joker out of it, and not just from Leto’s running commentary, either. The trailer material alone, the narrative… and in fact, as an aside I’ll talk more about later, I LIKE that what they DID leave in paints the Joker/Harley romance as a love affair rather than a perpetual mindfuck of domestic violence. … ng_to_sue/


ITEM: William Gibson was online in this post the other day, answering reader’s questions about T H E F U T U R E. As usual, he amazes me. … 1784987666


ITEM: According to scuttlebutt being copied and pasted everywhere, Aquaman’s main villain will be Black Manta. I mean, OF COURSE. Does he HAVE any other villains? I love that head. (thatswhatshe) … 1785102267


ITEM: Speaking of Aquaman, Momoa is apparently finalizing negotiations on the Crow, over Guinness. Or something. I see self0indulgent hashtags and I stop reading. … w87c0CekqY


ITEM: This just in, if you have a 3D TV (as I do) and you want every last bonus item (which I don’t) then you have to go get the Blu-Rays AGAIN. Dodge! I haven’t used the true 3D feature in my TV forever… … 1785105334


ITEM: Good news re: Captain Marvel… they are tweaking the backstory to be less like Green Lantern. Bad news re: Captain marvel… there is an origin story PERIOD. … en-lantern


ITEM: As was reported last week, the Tinkerer is apparently in Spidey: Homecoming, and being played by Michael Cherrus. Now, what just started floating around is that the Shocker makes an appearance. Awkward contemporary name references aside, if true, I do hope it is, as we talked about on the Robot-Kraken Podcast, a matter of multiple villains employed to decoy or work together ehind someone else’s agenda, and not just a pile-on. (“PAWNS jump Queen!”) … homecoming

New costume alert: spidey deeper in disguise, courtesy of my son.


ITEM: Your Mignola moment for today: Grim Death, a prose novel coming later this year…


ITEM: I LOVE what they did with Vader’s cape in this cover art.

This, on the other hand…


ITEM: Finally, I’m still obsessed with No Man’s Sky, even though I have no intention of playing it. I don’t have that kind of time! I don’t have ANY time. But I love the idea of an open world space exploration game where the planets and their denizens are fractally-generated. So next level. … ExploreCTA

Lots to know in advance if you plan to dive right in… … 77ed482b7f

Because it can get ugly… … ree-ps4-pc

But hey, good luck looking for that Giant Snake seen in the promo material a few years ago, but yet to have been discovered and documented among all the early release and current users… … 1785157062

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