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The Cavalcade of Helmetless Heroes – Robots Root 9 Mar 2018


Herewith, witness the Calvacade of Helmetless Heroes FFS!


Meanwhile, in space, this may be happening:

  • Honest Trailers does He-Man
  • My favorite How to Dad video yet.
  • I kinda like this promo pic for Daredevil S03… done by Joe Q, even. I’ ve always been a fan of lettering pushed into the environment of the piece.
  • I have to agree: if we couldn’t have an actually FORMIDABLE foes in Phasma, at least give her this scene to show her ruthlessness…
  • Now here’s the full trailer for Prospect, which still adorns my desktop as a background screen…
  • Killmonger concept art shows that the final version was the best choice. I still wish he kept the mask on the whole time… it was awesome.
  • More neural net fun, this time with sentence gradients.
  • Again, not a horror fan, but Endless looks pretty interesting. Lovecraftian doomsday cult business. Sure!
  • Dafne Keen is on board the new big budget take on His Dark Materials… I think they are abandoning the Golden Compass released prior…
  • Krysten Ritter says no Defenders S02 was planned, nor does one look likely. Depending on how you felt about S01, your mileage varies on this news…

  • Official confirmation direct from Patty Jenkins of Kristin Wiig joining WW2 as Cheetah. I’m intrigued!
  • Karl Urban confirmed that, as suspected, Alex Garland not only wrote Dredd, but stepped in and directed it once the director was canned.

  • Welp, pre-FX aside, Shazam’s costume does indeed appear to be the classic one, with the ubiquitous fine texture weave I hate so much. The fake muscles are weird, but I like the way they handled the lightning bolt, and the cool nod to the golden age books with those Talky Tawny symbols at the cape. The cape design itself, with the stiff hood, is creating a weird massing to his upper half, something I’ve worried about when designing a similar vibe on some TRDL characters with hoods…
  • Rumors are afoot that Jessica Drew may be brought into Spider-Man 2 as a female lead. I’d be down with it. Super down!
  • Neat: Jon Favreau has been announced as helming a Star Wars live action show, presumably for the new streaming service.
  • Mackenzie Davis from Halt and Catch Fire (and more recently, Blade Runner 2049) may have been tapped for Terminator 6… which bodes well for Terminator 6…
  • Elseworlds may be dead… but Black Label is new, and is basically the same thing. I like that Wonder Woman, if nothing else.
  • I love that Westworld not only embraces their obsessive fan community of conspiracy theorists and plot hypothesizers (like this guy) they are actively involving them/us in S02.
  • Reshoots on Deadpool 2… after bad test screenings… thats not good. As nice as the current pedigree technically is (re: our recent podcast about Atomic Blonde and John Wick 2) I wonder what we lost when Tim Miller left.
  • NEED
  • I remain uninterested in Superman comics, but I think BMB is right: optimism is what sets him apart from other characters, and needs to be the focus. All Star Superman was successful in this way.
  • I am SO DOWN with the Morrison/Quitely New X-Men costumes happening here. FINALLY.
  • Lastly, Lego Pacific Rim sweding! Excellent. I’d rather watch that.


Expanse S03 Updates – Robots Root


SPOILERS for Expanse:

Having just finished the latest Expanse Novel, Persepolis Rising, I’m hot under the collar for Expanse S03 to be released later this year on the SyFy channel. The first two seasons did an excellent job of resolving elements of the early novels, and I can’t wait to see how they respond to the significantly more dynamic events in the later ones. Some casting updates so far:

Anna Hopkins – I’m guessing as Monica, the earther journalist…

Nadine Nicole – strong guess this is Clarissa Mao… though my feeling is they could have just reused  as the two sisters are supposed to look so much alike the newsfeeds confused them. German and Filipino descent.

Faivre is of Thai descent, raised in France. So-so similarity in appearance.

Elizabeth Mitchell is on board and I’m guessing it’s Anna, the minister aboard the Behemoth/Nauvoo

Finally, the most interesting, David Strathairn… hm. Ashford, perhaps?


Moving on to some root for the people:

  • Hannah Simone has been cast in a remake I’m finally interested in: Real American Hero, where the main character is both female and of color. Excellent. Also, she’s rad.
  • Tim Miller and Brian Michael Bendis are apparently collaborating on a Kitty Pryde solo film which may, as per the project code name, reference the infamous Kitty solo issue of Uncanny X-Men, set in a Christmas + Alien setting. I’m intrigued that BMB can do this while under contract with DC now…
  • This may seem like a reactionary article, but it was noted in an interview that a Han Solo project was underway under Lucas prior to the Lucasfilm sale… most pushback on these side projects is predicated on the idea that Disney is strip-mining Lucas’ legacy. Doesn’t make it good or bad, just a thing that was happening before the thing that is happening.
  • Again, they LEARN NOTHING while allowing these bots to LEARN EVERYTHING.
  • BRB
  • Sad to read Johann Johannsson passed away recently. His soundtrack work, particularly for Arrival, was excellent and a nearly-daily listen for me.
  • All the reasons David Banner flipped out in the Hulk series. They’re good. “Wandering around inside a carnival funhouse, only to have someone turn on the machinery so that David is somehow caught in a rolling tumbler and flipped over a few times and then thrown down a convenient slide” is just one of them…
  • I want Batman NINJA now, pls.
  • Interesting film adaptation of The Kitchen from Vertigo is in the works.
  • This is pushing all my buttons: A Cobra Rattler converted to a viable R/C!
  • This was a thing. Unbelievable. I want to see this in a Hellboy film or something.
  • How The Last Jedi should have ended. Waited for this!
  • What’s this? Obi Wan films filming in Belfast? Hmmmm?
  • Paul Inglis is joining Star Wars IX… this was the awesome art director for Blade Runner.

Don’t know why this exists, but it does, apparently. Makes a great Valentines Gift…

Solo Trailer Revealed – Robots Root 4 Feb 2018

It’s finally coming this Monday, they say. Or they lie, and it’s a Superbowl thing. Or they lie, and this project doesnt even exist.


Meanwhile, this is happening:

  • “Action that looks like two Radio Shacks doing kama sutra in a hurricane” – one of the best Honest Trailer lines ever.
  • We’ve Known BMB was moving to DC for awhile now, but it’s official: he’s wandering into the Superman quagmire. What concerns me more, though, is that there are implications that he may be bringing his creator-owned stuff with him. I very much do not want Powers absorbed by DC. Somebody talk me off the ledge, please.
  • I’m beside myself. Normally I’m disinterested in dark and grimy redesigns of classic characters as the solution to film adaptation. But in this one instance, these concepts for a He-Man project look pretty amazing. Cool ways to rationalize the toy elements that make no sense. I know I’ve argued multiple times that most of the designs should just be left alone and ran with, but still.
  • I don’t hate JJ Abrams so the fact that HBO bought Demimonde is fine with me. Budgets!
  • I dislike his modern movies, and I’m weirded out by his bulging face when he talks, but. “Aight potatoes, aight carrots, aight turpentine.” I think I need to know more about Scottish shopping habits.
  • I’m including this since we’ve made a general tradition of butchering her name on the Robot-Kraken Podcast, but this segment on ‘Galspalining’ cracked me up.
  • Look, dont let the fart sounds fool you: teaching Orcas to make human sounds is a B A D . I D E A.
  • The fundamental problem with Venom... which is why they are TOTALLY sneaking Spider-Man in there.
  • Fun, contextual easter egg from Doctor Strange over here.


Finally, my entire world feels like this right now.




We are a few hours away from recording another session of the Robot-Kraken Podcast! If you haven’t been keeping up, head over to itunes and subscribe! Reviews and stars and such don’t hurt either! Good stuff to follow…

Put Away That Bat-Shaver – Robots Root 9 Nov 2017

Look, I’d rather just watch a movie about THESE characters than what I see from JL.


Care for a spot of Root?

  • WTF Bendis just jumped ship wholesale for DC. That’s either a terrible or wonderful thing for Marvel depending on your POV. Unexpected, at minimum.
  • Honest Trailer for Stranger Things… which is, as usual, amazing.
  • $440M opening weekend, globally, for Thor: Ragnarok. WELP!
  • For a hot minute, Twitter was losing collective shit about Disney contemplating buying Fox. So many Avengers Vs. X-men images! Anyway, the whole thing fizzled back into reality pretty quickly, but still. You can imagine Hugh Jackman somewhere on a yacht reading this and throwing his champagne flute over the bow.
  • This treatise on the physics of Star Wars is quite excellent, sent to me by one Lung. Dive in!
  • The Art of 20 Years of Ghost in the Shell is a B I B L E. And, yes, I bought it, and it will be arriving at my house before I land in SF again…
  • The rumors now swirl that Black Adam will first appear in Suicide Squad 2. I’m not as opposed as some, though it begs the question why that film and not Shazam, unless he appears in both. The Rock sneezes money, so I can see why.
  • I’m just stoked Glass is actually happening.
  • This Back to the Future themed VW Type II bus project missed the mark for me. Why make a bus into a Delorean when the terrorist van as it was was COOLER than the Delorean in the first place?
  • wunderkammmmmmmmmmer!
  • I’ve been drawing AD&D characters all wrong
  • I don’t like this at all, not because of cultural appropriation (I’ve drawn Dias de los Muertos art before) but because it’s so LAZY.

OK, that’s all for now. Sent from the future…

ITS A ROBOT BUT ALSO A KRAKEN – Robots Root 29 Mar 2017

Welcome to today’s edition of Robot’s Root, where we touch on some current scuttlebutt that we probably won’t hit on much in the podcast itself…



Meanwhile, in space, these may be happening right now:


– Adi Shankar is rumored to be in consideration for the director’s chair for the Big Venom Film That Will Save Sony Srsly – though I have some doubts. He is a producer, but hey, he made a Venom fan film or something, so. Anyway, there’s that. I bring it up mostly because it dovetails nicely with odd news items coming out last night, mostly on Twitter, that Sony expects to pull Spidey out of the MCU after the Homecoming sequel, having been fatted up on the back of the Marvel juggernaut (well not the Juggernaut, can’t play with that toy just yet) and now able to stand on his own… which would suggest they still don’t understand why marvel films work and Sony films struggle. It’s not the characters. Link and Link


– Pixar have inexplicably named the Wreck-It Ralph sequel: Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. Because Wrecks the Internet, while making more sense in this context, isn’t as much a direct nod to the terrible memery we’ve lived through. I do like that they made a symbol suggesting an update to a mobile app , with the red circle. But it should have just been the number two and SCENE. Meh!


– I know a few player haters who would dig on this Method Man voice pack for COD. I mean, I don’t play enough to have or use such a thing but hey, step by step…


– Look, I can’t say that I’m particularly optimistic about Valerian. But here’s the new trailerIt looks like what George Lucas THOUGHT he was accomplishing with the prequels. But it also looks like what Luc Besson thought he was doing with Fifth Element. Le sigh


– Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio has joined the Punisher series. That’s only interesting, I guess, if you either liked her from Law and Order or Abyss or shudder Robin Hood, or if you are amused everytime two L&O actors join future projects together, as I am (D’Onofrio…)


– Paul Greengrass will apparently direct Ness, an adaptation of the true crime graphic novel Torso, one of Brian Michael Bendis’ early works, notable not only for the genre fusion (talky noir) but for him doing the art as well…


– Claus-Marc Hahn built a massive animated version of  the Red Keep using Lego and Mindstorms. See this is what I’ve always said about this awesome intro: they should have made it practical FX FFS.


– I was looking forward to less derivative material in The Last Jedi… I can accept Force Awakens as a homage or a ring or a retread, depending on your POV, but Rogue One showed that they can use McQuarrie as a springboard and design vehicles that look ‘Star Wars’ ish without just directly cloning and tweaking the previous stuffs. Not that I don’t love AT-ATs, especially Rogue One’s cargo variants… but here, supposedly for SWVIII they just doubled them in size and gave them klugey heads. We’ll see if this is legit. Pray not.


Finally… WOCHOWT!

DROID BRING ME MY GIN! – 13 June 2016


My life is complete. … 1781522257


Best thing about this non-news is that we’re at a point in this era of scooper/spoiler hunting that pull quotes are coming out of AARP. … movie-role


Everything about this. AI generated movie script after being fed sci-fi screenplays… acted out… it’s amazing. And so weird. They did a great job trying to make sense of it. … Y7x2Ihqjmc


What if Chewbacca was scared of everything?
This never gets old for me.


I didn’t know this was still speculation, but I guess so… X-23-ish casting call found. I’m all for it. …


I like a haggard Wolvie and a toreback Xavier (if I must have any at all) though that better not be the aforementioned possible X-23…


Speaking of all for it: DC’s Super Hero Girls is now getting a film. I’m not one that thinks that female supers need to be heavily modified in order to be of interest to girls, any more than male characters. But I’m well aware that things for girls are marketed as cutesy and things for boys are marketed as violent and the way the genders are presented in projects for the opposing gender often lead to stereotyping that our kids don’t need any more than they already get around them. For better or worse, the rise of largely girl, semi-flirty/giggly/aesthetics and social dynamics based shows for young girls has at least led to shows marketed to them as opposed to prior dearth of that content. What I like about this product line is that the characters are given more real world or less skimpy uniforms, and engage with powers, intelligence and personality, rather than some of the less desirable tropes. Not perfect, but not bad. I like how some of the females are portrayed in Teen Titans or Young Justice cartoons for example, but the fact is, it’s 2 girls and a sea of bros. … th-trailer


I can’t wait. I keep saying that. Because i can’t. I can’t wait. … ions-moana


Carlos Fabian Villa is doing a series of 90s X-Men portraits which are standouts because they manage to keep me from vomiting. Not even Warren Lau pulled that off. Not true, i’m sure he did. But hot damn. I recall seeing Villa’s DotD character awhile back, which i adored enough to save as a reference piece.


360 view of an ISS module? YES PLEASE. … =3&theater


The details are hazy at this point, but it sounds like there MAY be a Scarlet series in development for Cinemax? I only got a few issue sin before I couldn’t find any more to read, but I have to think that a major cable adaptation will feel better than Sony’s curious Powers launch. … 201770613/

(Which, thanks to my Playstation Plus membership required for Overwatch, I can now see)


Cinematographer Larry Fong appears to be growing in confidence in recommending the BVS Ultimate R Rated Supercut. This is only news because any positive press on BVS is news. But what i liked about it was the change of tone to one less defensive and divisive, which I nonetheless empathized with, given how much work was put into the film. … l-love-ul/

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