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Alfred Has the Moves – Robots Root 9 July 2018

Look, I’ve watched this about 33 times and it’s not old yet. It’s amazing. AMAZING.

Meanwhile, for science:

Legend of the White Tail Deer Hunter trailer

The Captain trailer

Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 merch sheets

and more (with jacket)

Doomed Mos Eisley movie

More grim and gritty Robin

How Infinity War should have ended.

Why a Baby Driver sequel?

Who is Captain America’s costume designer?

Tom Hardy as the next Bond?

Early concept art for War Machine and Black Widow

Here’s a Call of Cthulu game review. If you read it, you’ll start smelling colors, so beware!

MIA’s Paper Planes supercut with MUSKETS instead of gunfire. It’s a nearly 13 minute video, so high concept and pretty great. You don’t have to watch it. Just enjoy that it exists. Two minutes in and it wasn’t even done with the first volley in the main refrain, because the musket rate of fire is like 30s. The video is intercut with some Austrian 18th century recreationist group on a parapet somewhere. Hilarious. I appreciate.

Anime style fanarts of popular 80s action/SF movies activated!

7,000 degrees Kelvin. ha! Also I love both of those, though i’ve never tried them together…

Merpeople Attackeds! WOCHOWT, guy from Masterpiece Theater’s Victoria~

I just can’t wrap my head around the idea that there hasn’t been a live-action Gundam yet. Seems the technology is ready.


Thats all for now! Back to melting alive while your eyeballs implode!

Oh Ahm Not Gonna Kill Ya – This Just Happened 170124

Ayers now admits he wishes he made the Joker the main villain in SS. I only bring this up because well YEAH. link!


– You’ve seen the pics of Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Pierce Brosnan hamming it up, which led to rampant speculation that Brosnan is the Cable casting. Here’s a Bosslogic manip to test it out. I’m actually not opposed to this idea. I think if you set aside all the 90’s muscle and bravado, Cable needs to be gritty, humorless, and a boss. Works. link!

– Call of Cthulhu for PS4 en rte! link!

– Here’s a black-costume Superman for you, based on a supposed set sneak. It’s the second time we’ve seen something alluding to our looking blatantly like the Superman suit in black, and it obviously happened in the comics. I’m fine with it. It’s Kryptonian. Maybe the color bleeds out when the wearer is sucking up solar power from it on a cellular level? Huh? Send me my check! link!

– Inhumans IMAX, from the director that brought you… Scorpion King 3… uh. link!

– You may have been successfully trolled by the first sneak trailer info for Santa Clarita, as I was. Trust me, go back and watch the proper trailer now. It looks GOOD. Well played, marketing company! link!

– Woody Harrison claims with an affirmative declaration that his character in Han Solo is Garris Shrike. However, aside from that being EU canon, it doesn’t sound like something requiring thinking about, and DOES sound like Harrelson, rather, thinking about what to do without running afoul of his NDA… so, lying seems pretty viable. link!

– Logan is supposedly not directly in continuity. Which is, what, even, these days, I don’t even. link!

Also; that comic she snatched? Commissioned for the film drawn by Dan Pagosian. Nice that they actually went with a known creator rather than the usual Hollywood angle of paying the art department to create what the comics guys would do better, faster, and with more dignity. Even if it is The Adventures of Rogue Falling. link!

Oh! I never shared the trailer that launched the other day! SO GOOD

– New Arthur trailer, now with giant boss level monsters. link!

And now, bonus bits:


Still one of my favorite posters in recent memory

A much better Bosslogic manip than his first one. Inspiring…

Finally, a great cover by Dave Johnson

Chief of Ninja Group