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Its not Easy Being Aquamarine – Robots Root 25 January 2018

Welp, not one day later, here we are with the first photos. Outrage! Delight! The interweb is confused, but angry! But not! So, here’s my two thoughts on it. No, three thoughts.

  1. The colors evoke classic Kree military green and white
  2. The Avengers Infinity War and 4th Film are, I believe, going to give us either alternate reality, or timey-wimey monkeying around, so this could be one VERSION of her. In fact, she could even be used as the narrative gateway to the changes. Ie. look, she’s checking out a newspaper. Classic time travel/ mirror universe situational awareness stuff.
  3. Check out how Marvel’s approach to the powerful woman, once again, is a fully costumed and even armored, character, despite the actress being easily sexualized if they chose to. Black Widow, Wasp, and now Captain Marvel.

Moving on, here’s some Robot’s Root!

  • Salvador Larroca has illustrated some of my favorite runs. I’m saddened to see what’s happening on Star Wars. In his defense, I’m wondering if editorial is smooshing some photmanip onto those faces in post? It’s possible (sniff) that he’s the one doing it, as he’s definitely relied on photo ref a lot on his portrait work, along with many other artists. But this is beyond the space pale.
  • I’m currently investigating if I can download the Phillip P Dick anthology offline for my upcoming international travels. Here’s a ranking of all the episodes…
  • That John Wick series on Starz is set to focus on the Continental… Keannu appearances not confirmed. I’m cool with it. I love love LOVE assassins guilds. We have one in the TRDL Universe in fact.
  • I find the backstory about Phasma, from her armor being made from Palpatine’s Yacht plating, to her involvement in Hux’s assassination of his own father, immensely interesting. GRUMBLE.
  • Check out this collection of photo ref studies for Moebius!
  • Tintype Star Wars photos yay!


Finally, remember, if you’re going to the big house, at least do it with style. BACON BATTERY STYLE!


I’ve Seen R Rated Material Glitter in the Dark Near the Tannhäuser Gate – Robots Root 11 august 2017

Best news of the day: Blade Runner 2049 has been given an R-Rating. I cannot be more pleased by ratings news related news about Blade Runner. As far as news goes. About ratings.


Episode 035 of the Robot-Kraken Podcast is up: Thom and guest-host Blake ‘Ballista’ Simmons discuss Game of Toles S07 eps 03 and 04…while Kris attempts to evade dragonfire at home. Check it out on itunes, Stitcher, and here.


Meanwhile, Robot’s Root!

  • Avengers 4 has started production. Some say this will be Infinity War Part 2 despite their dodge about it being a two-part film… I hold out hope that it’s a variant on Secret Invasion. We shall see.
  • The word on the street, and by word on the street I mean news in my browser, is that No Man’s Sky is getting an update that offers story mode and some limited multiplayer. Maybe I’ll break the seal on my copy now. With all my free time. COPIOUS free time.
  • Three new characters from the Star Wars universe have been revealed, devoid of context, as part of a media release about a Captain Phasma novel. Marvel at them! Speculate! Be vaguely disappointed later!
  • What standard nerd among us wouldn’t want to fold in sounds from TRAPPIST-1 into their own music mixes? I used to capture source recording samples for electronic artists to use in their ambient works (or ambient chainsaw, as my lovely wife declares) but I never graduated to making my own.
  • Lemmy has been (further) immortalized.
  • I LOVE them Praetor guards in Last Jedi. There’s some really interesting design work going on here, beyond the obvious historical callbacks.
  • Tim Miller has signed on to direct Neuromancer, in 2032… or something… I mean, it’s a way off… probably doomed… but it COULD happen.
  • Jonathan Hickman was particularly candid about Marvel canceling Fantastic Four on the heels of their dispute with Fox over the film franchise butchery. I don’t blame him. He’s made a career out of some of the best modern FF stories ever, and I really loved what he was doing. But it’s kind of a peak into the sausage factory.
  • Kind of a cool bonus scene about Zune management.
  • Listen, I LOVED Jeff Bridges as Stane… but I’m glad they weren’t ambiguous about his bitter end.
  • Inhumans has inevitably become THE project to hate this year… read this regarding the garbage fire panel about the show. It’s highway crash level interesting.
  • The screen tests for RDJR’s early Tony Stark interpretations are, yes, insufferable, but also interesting in that this is how I feel the character would have presented if played by Tom Cruise, as once intended.

That’s all for today. Keep ordering those noodles and watch out for skinjobs!


Bonus Pitch:

If you want more standard nerd news and reviews, check out Friends of R-K, Second Union at their main site, or on Facebook, or on Twitter! Good stuff. In fact, recently Thom of Third Rail Design Lab / Robot-Kraken (self promotion alert) was featured in the Second Union Heroes and Villains Fanfest/Walker Stalker Portland review

Decapitation by Thrown Lightsaber and other things 2/1/16

1. Rogue One Roundup: Three different “sources” have indicated Vader will be kicking ass in this film. My favorite was the reference to a stunt variant for the costume design, to allow functionally more aggressive movement. I want to see this using of stormtroopers as human shields as well. Awesome! … ars-story/

More details about Forest Whitaker, including a composite costume/armor, a cane, possibly an old cyberleg… I love everything I’m hearing about this film. EVERYTHING… … ter-emerge

…except perhaps a persistent rumor that General Thrawn will be pursuing the Ghost crew. I didn’t follow the EU, so I have no interest in a fan-favorite character emerging.

2. These samurai themed redesigns of the Force Awakens characters fit right in with the beautiful samurai figures of the original characters from Japan (of which I have Boba Fett) and all were nicely done, though turning BB-8 into a Shiba was brilliant. Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey did them all. … characters

3. Captain Phasma will be back in Episode 8 according to Gwendoline Christie, surprising precisely zero people. … isode-viii

4. This series of ‘Burtonesque’ Disney reimaginings by Andrew Tarusov I feel miss the mark. There’s more to Burton’s design aesthetic than darkness and stick limbs and bug eyes. These don’t feel right to me. Except for Pinnochio up top. THAT worked. … f?ir=Arts&

5. EA claims the Battlefront game will stay within the Episode 4-6 range for ‘canon’ purposes… which smells wrong. I can understand purists don’t want to have Mace Windu and Captain Phasma fighting on Tattooine, but it’s a GAME. Story mode is one thing. Isolate characters based on certain maps or make context-specific maps and then free for all maps. Who is harmed? Not the franchise. I wonder if this is a bridge to them releasing an entirely different game around the new films. I can understand that I guess. But it’s interesting how arena gaming can be in conflict with the authenticity of story mode gaming. Also, I mean, I know the Jakku map they released was based on the unseen battle that occurred shortly after Endor, and not the Jakku of Force Awakens three decades later… but it’s an obvious marketing tie-in timed for the release of the film. So it’s something of an ingenuous statement, this canon business. … t-ea-canon

6. I just saw Revenant at the Alamo Drafthouse, and the pre-show curated content included a lot of this series, which I only discovered last week: …
It’s glorious.

7. The quality level of these Star Wars tattoos and concepts is somewhat variable, but I love the Chewie quote. … .csGv2GdP9

8. This just in: Frank Miller is grouchy about Elektra in Daredevil S02, sight unseen. Look, he’s notoriously dismissive of adaptations of Elektra, much like Alan Moore is of adaptations of anything. And to his credit, Marvel promised to keep her dead and then promptly revived her. But still, man, stop being Mean Uncle at the holiday party. … w-elektra/

9. Here’s another round of Disney Princess adaptations, this time inserting X-Men into classic images. My favorite was this jarring one. … nic-x-men/

10. Get out hundreds of hundreds of hundies… limited edition new DeLoreans are being built. Only about $100K! … -30-years/

That’s all for today, my perusing plankton…

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