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An Event! – Robots Root 17 August 2018

I don’t know what you plan on doing for the next two months, but I plan to hold my breath until this is out. Good lord, am I the target market.

Meanwhile, this happened:

  • From the Thanos of Hollywood… “using Rocket Raccoon as a side-arm”… oh man. The dinosaur… THE DUSTICE LEAGUE?!??! I can’t.
  • I hadn’t seen Predators, so I didn’t know these were already sorta a thing. But now they are another thing. And a further example of how Predator is just creep-sliding into being Aliens.
  • Here’s a Dune tabletop game, in which you could never afford scale Spiceworms so whatever.
  • I love these digests of director commentaries, since I barely have time for movies, let alone commentary tracks. I haven’t seen Manhunter in years, but you know I love me some Michael Mann.
  • Look, I’m holding out a bit of hope for Iron Fist S02… even though at this point the bar is so low that the new season aspiring to basically be a Marvel Phase I plot is an accomplishment.
  • Good news, Watchmen fans: the HBO series was greenlit and is in production. I’m optimistic.
  • I was already in because Danny McBride, but the timeliness of this plot line is prescient, given how close we are to the same goddamn mistakes as the housing crisis of 2008.
  • If I had cold hard cash (and loved Disneyland more, as apparently all the adult friends of mine in LA do) this would be the auction to see.
  • Interesting observation about the Ruby Rose as Batwoman ‘controversy’… didn’t consider, or wasn’t aware of, how much the character’s heritage was a part of her identity in the books.
  • I think the cell shading feels a little soft here, like Slugterra looks, rather than how Tron looks, but hey, I’m still down with more of the Star War.
  • The premise of Joel Kinneman’s next series is interesting, in so much as we know very little about it but it sounds promising.
  • Netflix continues to kill it. The Angel is bad ass historical spy drama that I’m going to eat RIGHT up.
  • Treadstone as a series was greenlit, proving once again that Hollywood is afraid to tell a story unless it has the name of another story glued to it. I mean, come on. Couldn’t it have just been ‘Cool Spy Assassination Team’…?
  • Interesting tidbits about a Catwoman solo film that didn’t happen, from John August, a screenwriter I quite like and whose podcast I follow…
  • Lego Voltron. That is all.

And in closing, here’s ANOTHER one for which I am the target market, in the opposite direction, spectrum-wise…



Thats Not Silly String – Robots Root 22 May 2018

The new West Coast Avengers is everything I want in a supers comic today. I’m delighted. Also one of my favorite artists currently working, and a great writer. Optimistic!

Also, for science:

  • Well thats great. They can RUN now, jump through holes in obstructions, and get back on their feet. Its cute that they aren’t admitting these are all prototype work for future cybersoldiers, and oh, by the way, I’ll be in my quite penetrable bunker.
  • I first heard the term “tank paratrooper” in the gag final punchline of a first season Ren & Stimpy. It’s even better in the real…
  • Here’s a cool video about the costume design on Shape of Water and others.
  • I had enough trouble as a kid dealing with the New Gods (as much as I adore Kirby now) so Eternals were WAY off the back for me. But hey, good luck! I’m on board if they do it right…
  • I don’t know if its because I’m traveling, or because I dislike the excessive abuse of the service animals system, but this struck me funny. I liked it.
  • Lung recently informed me he wasn’t a fan of Morena Baccarin because she has, to him, mean eyes. I’m usually focused on her lips and other bits, but anyway, that’s all neither here nor there because I’d be fully supportive of her playing Catwoman in that Gotham City Sirens film…
  • Here’s Bandai’s armored cats series, which, had they been available when I was in Japan, I’d have bought out like the whole supply.
  • Everyone needs a brutalist garden gnome, I says.
  • Tiny Superman. I’m jealous I didn’t think of it.
  • First, the new She-Ra is teased and it looks a bit stylized, so people got grumpy. Then the new Thundercats was revealed and it’s chibi so the all-srs fans freaked out. I can’t believe it. I mean, srsly. It looks great. CALM down. I actually enjoyed that behind-the-scenes featurette. Not the topknot tho.
  • best news of my day, tho? BEST news? Amazon picked up The Expanse. FFS that’s a relief u guise.
  • Courtesy of Lung, this custom operable Lego Tron Light Cycle display is dope. My favorite part is the little slab of light behind the cycle.

Finally, I leave you with the trailer to the Happytime Murders, which is proving to be as batshit crazy as I’d hoped!

Micro-Review: Blade Runner in the Wild and etc 9 March 2017

Micro-Review: Blade Runner in the Wild
A few weeks back I had the opportunity to see an outdoor showing of Blade Runner, accompanied by our own One Lung. It was pretty amazing. The cut was the director’s edition, no voice-overs, no happy ending.

I got their early, expecting it to be packed, being a small outdoor viewing area with limited seating, and a hipster neighborhood in a hipster town (SF)… what I hadn’t anticipated was the fear of FREEZING, as it was extremely (regional context) cold and very windy, and the previous night’s original showing date was canceled due to heavy rain.

As a result, I was sitting out there for about 40 minutes before Lung showed up, tucked into my blankets and snow gear, ha. The guys from Fort Point Brewery were on hand wth IPAs so I had one of those, and once Lung arrived I ordered a pizza from a deep dish place up the street.

The pizza time ran long due to Saturday night crowds, so I missed a chunk of the film, after Leon’s test and up until Rachel shows up at Deckard’s house. So no owls for me. However, in the meantime, my handy Dharma flask from Deeply Dapper kept me warm! The pizza was excellent, the film was especially immersive, being outdoors in a high traffic area, where we had a line of honking cars and yelling pedestrians, and lots of lights and activity, just at the peripheral of the screen. It was like a poor man’s Star Tours, but in an expensive city and with less intended motion.
So awesome.


– Who doesn’t need ALIEN tiki mugs in their lives?

– The first review of Iron Fist is in, and it isn’t… favorable. Wow. I’m still optimistic. I seemed to have tolerated Cage’s slow spots and dubious final boss more than most. But I think when you already have a street level martial artist (Daredevil) it is hard to make IF compelling unless you go WHOLE HOG with the asian mysticism… but from the trailers, and this review, it sounds more like another run at Stark, boardrooms, and whining. We’ll see. At least it’s going to be better than the ABC stuff.

– GREAT ‘Different Spider-Man Comic’ … 100% MINIMUM ACCURATE

– This is my kind of conspiracy theory!

– So this is what that Hulk-with-claws image was about. MEH. Make that Weapon MEH.

– The best Pez Dispenser (design) EVER. EVVVVVVARRR


This remains my favorite standalone Hellboy image ever. Ever ever? Ever EVER. I had a print of it years ago, long destroyed, and I had an original pen sketch of similar profile, which was also destroyed due to UV foolishness. Love it.

Related: The Mignola Appreciation Group on FB often posts ‘sound effect’ of the day… based obviously on the enthusiasms around Mignola’s choices of onomatopoeia… this is my current favorite example. Best Drip Drip Drip of the Day.

This manip still cracks me up.

Chief of Ninja Group


Hell Hathaway No Fury – 22 Dec 2016

As people are rabidly circling the concept of Megan Fox as Poison Ivy (which doesn’t thrill me) this article makes a good case for bringing Anne Hathaway back and introducing her into the DCCU. Normally I’d say keep the Nolanverse separate and leave it all alone. But frankly: she was great, she WANTS to return to the character, and she could offset some of the vampiness off Harley and the presumed oversexualization of Ivy. It’s a thought.

Meanwhile, on earth:

– This early material for the unfortunately titled Lost City of Z is a welcome respite from most of what has come out in 2016: straight up old school retro period adventure movie. I’m in!

– This life-sized articulated and self-automated Iron Man armor fits the bill… or so you’d thing… HOWEVER they are careful to note it is apparently not wearable. And why the… I mean… you went THIS far…link!

– But all hope is not lost: here’s a mech proof of concept actually doing what we always wanted them to do… right before the earth!

– Denis Villaneuve may actually get his dream project: DUNE. link!

– From yesterday, I thought i’d offer up the Twitter link to the Man That Is You Know Definitely Not a Wolf: link!

– Random news of the day: R. L. Stine (Goosebumps) is apparently writing a Man-Thing series for Marvel. I mean… link!

– NASA Gifs ftw link!

And with that, I may or may not leave you with the last post before the Xmas holiday, during which I may or may not change my mind and post again.

Also, listeners of the Robot-Kraken podcast: fear not! We have something cooking to finish off the year and some exciting stuff planned starting in January. We’ve been burdened by realLife commitments over the last month but we plan on getting back on schedule after the new year.

Chief of Ninja Group