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Happy Holidays from Third Rail Design Lab!

Joao and I would like to wish you all a safe and happy holidays. Here’s a pair of Carol Danvers pics for our annual holiday release. I drew 80s era Ms. Marvel, and Joao did the contemporary Captain Marvel look. Prints available shortly. Cheers from your pals at Third Rail Design Lab~

TRDL Art Jam September 2017 – Thor, Blade Runner, Batman, SHIELD


Yeeeah, sorry about August. It wasn’t you, it was me. I was head down working on the new TRDL Sourcebooks, and preparing for my con appearances in September, and I forgot to post the jam.

On the other hand, wow, we had some great entries for June’s Spider-Man jam. A huge amount. Very nicely done, everyone!

OK, so September we’ll try to catch up. The jam selections are:

1. Thor, and the Asgard pantheon, in honor of Thor: Ragnarok
2. Blade Runner, in honor of Blade Runner 2049
3. Batman, in honor of the will he/wont he about Ben Affleck
4. And finally SHIELD, either the comics, film, or TV version

Have fun!

If you are in SF or Portland, hope to see you at one of my upcoming shows!

*Thor, by anklesnsocks (love the glowy Mjolnir here)
Blade Runner by TimothyAndersonArt (that vintage cover)
Batman by Rockthearts1212 (evokes Batman 100 in the best ways)
SHIELD by Andyparkart

TRDL Convention Schedule 2017


Now that I have the shows arranged, here are my convention appearances planned for 2017.

Note: WW Sacramento, Heroes and Villains Portland, and Rose City, will all be shows that Deeply Dapper and I will table together, so if you are aa Robot-Kraken Podcast fan, now’s your chance to see us in the flesh, prod us for cybernetics, ply us with rum, etc.

This is somewhat subject to change: we are waitlisted on a few shows, and there are a few others we are thinking about, based on how the June shows go. But for now, if you are on the West Coast, you have an opportunity to come visit, talk comics and standard nerd stuff, pick up some art books, prints, and original work, and possibly be featured on the Robot-Kraken Podcast convention feature. Hope to see you in California or Oregon this year!

Thom Chiaramonte
Third Rail Design Lab

Chief of Ninja Group