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The Cosplay Kids Are All Right – Robots Root 24 January 2018

Having wrapped up another comic convention the other weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about cosplay. Among all the other aspects that I appreciate about this phenomenon (coming from the perspective of one who used to build powered armor out of cardboard and foam) such as the empowerment, expressive freedom, and creativity… it’s the technical precision and claver translation of comic and anime designs into a practical, physical look that blows me away. So. As we wait for the almost-assuredly controversial costume design for Captain Marvel, I keep going back to this particular photomanip. If they just put Brie Larson in this costume, as is, straight from the books, no helmet, no fauhawk even necessary, it would be PERFECT. Just saying: we’ve reached a tipping point the last few years where Hollywood struggles to catch up to homegrown cosplay designs rather than vice versa.

Meanwhile, somewhere in space, this may all be happening RIGHT NOW:

  • Here’s a new movie in which Jason Momoa throws a flaming axe. So, at this point, they just film him wandering around Momoaing about, and call it a day. Guiness!
  • Edge of Tomorrow 2, aka All You Need is More Kill Toleyou!, may be sooner to production than originally estimated. Which suits me fine.
  • Showcase Cinemas on the East Coast of the US are featuring a return of The Dark Knight to the big screen, two dates in February, entirely too far for me. But man!
  • I’m looking forward to Ant-Man and Wasp, mostly because we haven’t seen a ton of interesting married-hero dynamics in film, and I’d love to see that handled intelligently.
  • John Francis Daley and Jon Goldstein have been tapped to direct Flashpoint, which is interesting, as they co-wrote Spider-Man: Homecoming… but the news that overshadowed this is that apparently WB tried to get Affleck to direct it, and he declined. Which is only interesting because it pokes a hole in WB’s recent rhetoric through ‘gossip sites’ that they have been trying to push him out. Anyway, good on them.
  • I’m bored of Millar’s Kick-Ass, but I’ll NEVER bore of Tessa Thompson, so I second the motion.
  • To hell with Altered Carbon, cyberpunk remains firmly NOW.
  • All this talk about Jake Gyllenhaal as the most likely pick for a post-Affleck Batman is interesting to me. I’ve been reacting to it negatively, but more based on my impression of him and how he’s looked in the films I’ve seen, in which he’s leaner, and has a big head and very unusual facial features. But I’ve looked at his Southpaw stuff, and frankly, like Jon Bernthal, it’s very possible he could reclaim this character and mold it into his own iteration successfully. I mean, to be fair, I didn’t think ANY of the film Batman looked like either Batman OR Bruce Wayne… until Affleck, frankly, who suffered from poor scripting and direction, rather than not making the character SOUND and feel right.
  • Not only is The Boys still going forward, produced by Rogen and Goldberg (Preacher), they’ve been casting. How is this going to even.
  • Pegg and Frost are developing a paranormal investigator project, so take my money.
  • Denis Villeneuve made some enemies in an interview released yesterday, noting his plan to make his Dune the ‘Star Wars for adults’… admittedly I’m a fan of his projects, but I did not take that the wrong way. In fact, how interesting would it be if he took a page from Jodorosky?
  • John Wick 3 is greenlit, adding to the TV series also in development. More on this once I’ve watched John Wick 2, on my next trip overseas. Update: saw it.
  • Ron Cephas has been cast as the ancient hand-wavey wizard Shazam in the new film, which I find interesting. Love it, actually.
  • The new Cloverfield film has an interesting premise.
  • Going back to the header image… I dig seeing Brie Larson doing prep work and research for Captain marvel in period-appropriate flight gear. Also, everything else about Brie Larson.
  • Scots language Harry Potter is the best anything ever.
  • Doesn’t it feel like the producers of the He-Man film were just trolling us with this? Literally ALL they need to do is just take cosplayer interpretations of He-Man costumes and have at it.
  • A Robocop film may be in development, as a sequel to the original and sidestepping both the original sequels and the remake… which kind of saddens me, because I DID like the casting and design work for the remake itself… it just needed more thematic power.
  • Babish’s latest opus is the every meat burrito… I haven’t watched that show, but I love the effort…


Finally, a cephalopodic metaphor for what happens if you cross me.

The Podcast That Forgot What it’s Like to Fear Death – Robots Root 6 Dec 2017



Somewhere in space… it’s Robot’s Root:

  • Once again, Disney and Fox are “thisclose” to the deal… so, what do you think? Will Disney fold in the X-Men and FF properties as part of the likely multiverse thing coming after Infinity War?

  • Free Deadpool tattoos. What could go wrong? I’ll take free Negasonic tattoos though. And by free Negasonic tattoos, I mean applying tattoos onto what is already a peak hawt package. ZING!
  • I’d like all these Star Wars jackets a lot more if they didn’t have rebel logos or whatever on them. Less literal. Also, half this price.
  • Watch this GIF… do you hear it? I do.
  • It’s true: Nolan benefitted from a less compressed time of supers film production. He had a film in between each Batman film, and he told a story he cared about, largely or entirely without studio interference. However, he also benefitted from being Christopher Nolan in the first place. There’s a vision.
  • Interesting Stranger Things theory: is the demogorgon part of Eleven’s manifestation? I doubt it, given the events of S02… but still, good effort.
  • Here’s some cool concept art for Valkyrie from Andy park!
  • For Aeon-Flux fans, you can now watch the entire Liquid Television series streamed to your eyeballs like an errant fly.
  • As I’ve said on the pod, an AI vs AI vs AI direction in the Alien franchise sounds good to me. It just doesn’t make much more sense as a PREQUEL.
  • Batman almost had a shitty speeder bike in Justice League. Just look. Plus, somewhere, out there, there’s footage of the black Superman costume. I can’t wait until it surfaces.
  • Some potential Iron Fist S02 villain hints here in the casting notes… I mean, I could go either way, now that the showrunner has changed. Alice Eve was just cast as well…
  • Margot Robbie is doing some sort of Harley Quinn something or other. I mean, who’s to say.
  • This Batman ninja business is the BUSINESS.
  • ADAM part 3 is no online. Hot damn.
  • Hellboy has a release date, and it’s too far away. Maybe, given what happened when they rushed JL, that’s OK.
  • Disney cast Mulan, and didn’t cock it up, even.
  • Historical nightmare fuel.
  • In an era of perpetual reboots, this plea from Alex Proyas against the Crow remake was pretty profound. Of course I’m of the age to have an emotional connection to that first film, too.
  • I haven’t watched any Black Mirror so far, but I might start

  • New images from next year’s Dark Phoenix surprise the hell out of me. My expectations were so low. This early look of Jean Grey transforming, even if its just stylized for these images… they’re really great. I like the cracking apart of her flesh. Not strictly consumed by fire, but also separating into component atoms. Wow. I also like the apparent change in concept for the Phoenix Force, and that the X-Men are popular, with Xavier being reckless in his deployment of the team beyond their capability, the hubris and overconfidence implied.
  • Finally, I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been watching, and enjoying, Runaways. We’ll be talking about that soon, but in the meantime, a good article about how the Hulu production makes good use of their established budget to put together FX for the deinonychus, Old Lace, featured in the show. It’s a good example of a production not overreaching beyond their budget, and spending the money wisely.

PRAY TO ME! – Robots Root 21 July 2017

I’m running out of space on my neck for all the Mondo poster recreation tattoos I need to do.

Robot’s Root!

  • To hell with the Blu-Ray. I don’t do the medias! But give me that ARM. This is how it starts… at least at one point in one of the timelines…
  • The Shape of Water looks like a whimsical cross between Del Toto’s Hellboy work (I mean, Abe Sapien, COME ON) and some sort of Coen Brothers fever dream.
  • This Rick and Morty S03 trailer requires a psych evaluation before viewing.
  • I am, unfortunately, a product of the target market.
  • Unlocked is my kind of jam! However, this oversharing trailer is not.
  • NIGHTMARE FUEL for nightmares that nightmares themselves have.
  • Continuing my theme of being optimistic about ST: Discovery, I love this retro tech. LOVE IOT. The costuming and design work for the Klingons is excellent.
  • Walter Goggins in an undisclosed role in Ant-Man and Wasp? I’m so in… I’m like OVER IN.
  • I know it’s profound and everything… but just look at how gorgeous they are.
  • I lasted three hot minutes in my attempt to not watch the second Kingsman 2 trailer… man I cannot WAIT.
  • Star Wars, but with Owen Wilson’s ‘WOW’ as the light saber sound FX. Brilliant and mesmerizing.
  • The weirdest things from these SDCC views of the Justice League costumes: the fact that the mannequins are shaped, posed, and detailed about 3% as well as the Hot Toys stuff, and that Flash’s hodgepodge is held together with arbitrary flex cabling.
  • This move to shove Shazam out the door before Marvel’s Captain Marvel film is both a little bit ballsy and also pure DC/WB at this point. No script, just an awkward live statement in a Kevin Smith interview.
  • Best ad for GOG2 Blu-Ray ever. EVER.
  • This Defenders promo is composited strangely, hampered by misplaced nostalgia and awkward narration by Stan Lee that doesn’t fit the tone of the Netflix shows… but the core concept of damaged, human heroes IS a Stan Lee base concept, and we DO get a shot of the Punisher, admittedly with a bad haircut.
  • Inhumans is getting worse instead of better. I’m struggling to be optimistic.
  • A recurring theme with the non-Marvel supers films that always bothers me: scheduling them, attaching creators, generating hype… all before a script. Sure, a number of the Marvel films had poor or missing shooting scripts, but especially early on, and they weren’t presented as empty tins with zoomy labels like this. Here we have the Venom people talking about what they plan to do, not about a script in place. That’s just fundamentally wrong.

  • Best Batman Black and White statue ever, courtesy of Becky Clooney, who first got to see it in people’s snaps from the con.
  • And here’s something interesting: Doctor Doom solo film, developed by Crawley and involving Dan Stevens? WOW.

Lastly, Kris and I began our second annual weekly-ish Game of Toles commentary last night, and it’s available today. I’ll post a formal thing about it later tonight, but here’s the itunes link:


Six Seven Go To Hell or Go To Heaven – 21 Mar 2017

Tomenosuke PRO Blaster
Let me tole you: if I didn’t have kids in the home, and DID have $899 laying around…


– As much as I crave new Hans Zimmer soundtracks, this interview, reposted across various sites, warmed my heart a bit, because I share a devotion to the Nolan Batman films as well. It’s a very intimate and purposeful connection, the soundtrack developed for that trilogy and the material itself. Nolan and Zimmer work well together, thematically (witness Inception and Interstellar for examples outside of the superhero genre) and when Zimmer did the Man of Steel soundtrack, while it was excellent and distinct, it was lending some of that former world’s pedigree to the new films in a way I found disconnected. link!

– Sony wants to proceed with fast-tracking Venom, without a script or director… in the post-Marvel-deal era, what do YOU want from a Venom film? I can’t decide. I really don’t like the character outside of Spidey using the suit and then slowly going batty from the symbiote’s influence. Once it jumped to other hosts and became 90seriffic, I was out. I do like the black ops version from recent years in the comics, but I don’t see how it would translate. link!

– Similarly, WB / DC seem intent on keeping the Flash moving forward (heh) despite multiple issues with the pre-production. That’s not a good sign. link!

– RIP Bernie Wrightson. That escalated fast.
Not my artistic influence, and I didn’t read a lot of his stuff, but I always admired it from a technical level and enjoyed reading about his convention persona. link!

– We’re doomed. More. link! Mega-rich oligarches in powered armor!

– random Kraken-related jewelry for the day. AMAZING.

-I’m trying not to read anything about GOG2 these days… but I can’t get enough on Yondu’s cyber mohawk. link!

– Expanse has been greenlit for Season 3, so I can now relax.

– Alicia Vikander may be joining a new Ben Wheatley project involving kicking nocturnal underground beastie ass. His current project looks insane and awesome, so let’s be optimistic.

– Becky Cloonan’s poster for Ghost in the Shell is EVERYTHING. link!

– Reddit is questionable for a lot of things. But the AMA (Ask Me Anything) series is not one of them. Here’s Gareth Edwards… link!

Your random Mike Mignola block-rockin art used as a bossbot’s iphone screen for today.

– I’m generally not a fan of cosplayers photographed and then given a bunch of post FX. I like the craft of the costuming itself, and that’s as far as I go. However, this is really well done. link!

– Apparently Hela knows capoeira in the new Thor film. I appreciate it’s a gladiator road trip movie, but that’s quite a diversion from the comics. Then again, probably a welcome one. Stand around and glower megagod types are boring on film. link!

– Good news for this guy, having just finished Peaky Blinders S03… S04 is due to begin production, and Tom Hardy will return. link!

– So Fox’s X-Men show for broadcast TV? The one with a family on the run with a mutant child, which seems to have little to know recognizable X-anything in it except for Sentinels? Is it going to be called Mutants on the Run? MutantsSuxxxx? Mutant? Nope. GIFTED. Srsly. I was gifted. I had to do more homework. That is all. link!

Here’s your random Black Adam speculative rendering for today, by Chris Diem. Love it. Great proof of concept…

– Henry Cavill is on board for MI: 6. That’s interesting! I hope he’s a villain. Not a team member who betrays them, but a proper villain. link!

– How strange the wheel is… Matt Vaughn gave the X-Men franchise a brief moment of hope, before getting forced out by Bryan Singer. Now, after doing his own thing (Kick Ass, Kingsmen) he’s back in the big studio system’s favor for supehero tentpoles, being supposedly courted for the next Superman film. If true, that’s something to be modestly optimistic about, similar to what happened with batman. link!

Here’s your random Bill S. pic of the day: Dr Doom!

OK, that’s all for now. Fear not and be just!
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Dark Knight Art Awesomes and other things 12 Feb 2016

Found a new collection of poster style art recently, and this one I adored. So much so that I’ve made it the film’s cover art in my collection.

In other news…

So, this was an assumed temporary exercise, given the materials involved, but I wanted to play with protecting the surface of these devices from light scuffing and scratches, but not in any way assuming to be true protection, really just that and a bit of an aesthetic change. These matte vinyl sheets are options from the manufacturer, where all the other options are of course various graphic designs. They are designed to cover a certain amount of the surface, but not completely conceal the aluminum casing. I like the one for the MBP because it stops short of the edges. The one for the iPad Pro wraps around and tries to fit the buttons and such, and it’s impossible to get lined up just so. As a result, I have one edge where the vinyl is juuuuuust close enough to the plane of the screen to allow it to lift up when you are holding it with your hand. So that’s impossibly aggravating, and I’m sure I will be Xacto’ing that down soon. The other annoyance on large sheets of vinyl, just like when applying screen protectors to phones, is that in some cases you cant get rid of the air bubbles. On vehicle vinyl wrap they use a heat wrap to ease fitment. Not ideal with electronics. Anyway, if nothing else, you have to appreciate my white vinyl appliques on top of these. I’m using this setting for the devices in my network at the moment. Everything is named after different vehicles, companies, etc from the Aliens universe. Because reasons.

So SW8 has officially begun filming, which is exciting. I know we’re already seeng SW fatigue among some mainstream fan quarters, but not this guy. I especially appreciate the sequencing approach they took, inserting the side films in between the main ones so we don’t have such a wait between SW franchise films. Pretty great!

This is a First Order TIE Fighter I’ve been building with the kids. It has been somewhat delayed because my son took the inner core of the ship and added a bunch of doodads and made it into a jetspeeder bike, so I’m waiting for him to lose interest so we can resume.

I don’t have time to read. It’s killing me. I’m working, drawing, raising kids, doing house improvements, trying to get riding in, etc. and it’s been a thing. I made a point of setting some time aside each week to sit down and do some real, physical media reading, trying to put a dent in my tall stack of books in the queue… but as an aside, I’m still three years behind on my comics reading. This is untenable. It’s so bad that Marvel and DC have relaunched their universes, and then are relaunching them AGAIN, and I’m still two universes back.

Best homegrown Lego build involving Taiwanese dudes and a Helicarrier! … licarrier/

I love the concept of sale pricing on wonky vegetables. Especially if they are called wonky vegetables. We tend to buy organic produce and that is invariably smaller, lumpier, less picture perfect than the engineered stuff. But I like the idea that they aren’t just tossing the three legged carrots and the like. Personally, I go AFTER the weird ones. I like heirloom tomatoes because they like Akira act 3 half the time… … ox-on-sale

BW Wong has been cast as Batman villain Hugo Strange. This is yet one more case where Gotham can’t wrap their head (the show’s head?) around a world without Batman… but anyway, it’s if nothing else an interesting casting decision. I loved him on Law and Order for years.

Betty White endorses Deadpool. Pretty funny. And accurate. … ool-review

The long-awaited “budget” Tesla is now on the schedule for a March ordering release date, starting at $35K with up to $10K in government rebates. I’m stoked it’s happening, even if I’m not yet in the market. … .YnmoQ5Sq6

That’s all for today, my Krakenites. Sink some ships this weekend!

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You Chose the Wrong Side and other things 8 Feb 2016


The latest Cap trailer came out for thesuperbowls, and we saw many good things. New Ant-man costume. Bucky in stasis. And my favorite part: Stark grabbing a bullet.

In other news…

1. Great piece by Andrew Robinson…

2. I’m not a fan of this Super Bowl madness… but Danny Trejo is doing it right.

3. SNAP, Wil Wheaton!

4. These figures were well sculpted. I acted fast, to get the WW for my daughter before they disappeared.

I got Batman for me, of course. I mean, my son.

Wonder Woman’s kept mate, Steve Trevor, as per my daughter’s setup.

5. These minimal designs are really great. And I love metal application. If I had any display space left…

6. Pandemic + EA = MEH; the story of the Dark Knight game that fell apart just before the film was released, costing WB about a million in related ticket revenue, and Pandemic their entire studio.

7. These comments from George Miller about the collapse of JLI Mortal have been going around, and aren’t very interesting. However, I DO like this fan art. Sharp nosed Batman! … ll-through

8. Bourne got its first official trailer during thesuperbowls, and I was thoroughly underwhelmed. Which is not to say I won’t love the film, just that, as a trailer, it did little for me other than annoy me with hyperbole ‘WE NEED THE PERFECT WEAPON!’…. … urne-title

9. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates… I didn’t know anything about this until the trailer was force fed to me by Youtube this morning. Interestingly, what I liked most about it wasn’t the gratuitous Aubry Plaza undie ass shots… but rather, that she continues to take on roles that are different, and interesting diversions, from her Parks character, which is something I wasn’t sure would be possible. Last week it was casting confirmation on X-Men: Legion, and now this. But even better, I’m enjoying the conceit here that the douchey guys are getting out-douched by the girls. Not a bad premise, for this sort of film, if they can pull the tone off right.

10. The Ant-Man movie could have been funnier, maybe, though I quite liked it. But this simple commercial pulled off several things:
1. Reminder of how interesting playing off Ant-Man’s size against normal, or particularly larger, characters could be.
2. More Spider-Man vibe THAN Spider-Man
3. Dextrous way of dealing with a sponsor/ad/product placement integration problem. The desirability of the product is implied, the characters remain reasonably on-model for their personalities, and the commercial uses their powers to great effect in the story. The attention to character specific detail… the craters under Ant-Man when he lands… Hulk fumbling with the pull tab…
not bad! … commercial

11. TMNT 2… well, I’ve been vocal that I wasn’t pulled into the TMNT movie, though I didn’t particularly hate it either (except the noses… the noses)… it just felt like a generic Bay/Ratner style film… virtually visually indistinguishable from Transformers. That said, I like the cut of the sequel trailer’s jib quite a bit more. Feels more like the Turtles. I really like the curious proportions on Krang, I’ve seen the art for Bebop and Whomever (Kris mocks me about this on Robot-Kraken, that I can’t get the names right) and you know what, it works. Or it seems to.

12. Two Turkish Air spots from thesuperbowls feature fictional new route announcements to Gotham and Metropolis, which is fine. I wonder if there was one with Gal Gadot they pulled (recall they forced the takedown of those earlier photos of her on a TA flight) or if that’s from the film directly. Also, setting aside the fact that its jarring to see both characters pretending to fly commercial (and coach) what bugged me was the frequent and persistent presence of the ACE CHEMICAL neon sign. Yeah, yeah, we get it. What industrial chemical manufacturer needs a corporate tower int he heart of the business district?! Meh. Knowing movies, they even cook the chems there. On site. MEH! Ok, I’m done. … otham-city

13. Daredevil S02 can’t come soon enough. However, the one weak link remains that armored costume. I keep saying: ‘just make it RED’. You’ve all heard me whine about. I whine about it frequently. But hey, here’s concept art showing how close they came to doing it right. GAH. … r-season-2

That’s it for today! Go forth and Roll thy 20s….

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