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Freaky Tikis and Other Things – Robots Root 22 Aug 2018

First up: Check out Deeply Dapper’s latest Kickstarter, for all of your Tiki Halloween needs! Pretty awesome goodies!


Meanwhile, under the sea:

  • Well, that’s unfortunate to hear: Happytime Murders may not live up to its potential.
  • Seems legit. Nice move, Kalishnikov! Very Cyberpunk 2012 of you.
  • The blurb for an upcoming comic tie-in raises more question than it answers, regarding the timeline of Captain Marvel and other Phase IV films.
  • Danny Boyle is out on Bond 25. I’m kind of disappointed. I’m not SURPRISED, but disappointed.

  • So, uh, I don’t watch the Arrowverse shows… and I know the takeaway here is supposed to be the ‘oh look, Batwoman red symbol in the sky!’ but didn’t Flash’s new helmet enlarge and become weirdly proportioned?

  • Oh look: Punisher finally looking more Punisher-like.
  • What happened with Tran after The Last Jedi was deplorable, but damn, I love how she’s come back roarin‘.
  • Galaxy Quest 2 is on hold, (the show) but not for the obvious reasons plaguing productions… political ones regarding leadership shuffles in the wake of some toxic behavior at the executive level. Here’s hoping…


Robot-Kraken Podcast Ep. 42: “Panthers and Ponds” Now Available on iTunes


Robot-Kraken Episode 042 – April 2018 “Panthers and Ponds”

Your regular host Thom ‘Third Rail Design Lab’ Chiaramonte and guest host Blake ‘Begin Again’ Simmons review and discuss Black Panther, current events, and more. Then, host Kris ‘Deeply Dapper’ McClanahan joins Thom to talk about their upcoming convention schedule and more current events, and then finally all three mix drinks, metaphors, and opinions about Jumanji!

ROBOT KRAKEN is a MONTHLY podcast by two indie artists, Kristopher McClanahan of Deeply Dapper and Thom Chiaramonte of the Third Rail Design Lab. We get together and talk about comics, movies, working the table at comic cons, life in this nerdy wonderland, and whatever mumblings from the deep we come across. You can find out more about us, contact us or follow along our journey at

iTunes –
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Episode Details:

Segment 1:

Sucking the Monkey

  • Thom: Boulevard Sour Ale in a skull glass for science. SCIENCE
  • Blake: bone dry and suffering from foreign invasion

Current Events:

  • Wonder Woman 2
  • Shazam!
  • The Rock Filmography
  • Expanse S03
  • Han Solo
  • Star Wars Rebels
  • Star Trek: Discovery

Robot’s Review: BLACK PANTHER!

Red Tentacle/ Black Octopus? We…forgot… but for Thom, it would be:

  • Red Tentacle: KLAW, all the KLAW
  • Black Octopus: Changes to the BP costume, and the fact that Killmonger just wore a gold-tipped version, instead of, at minimum, a bad-ass all white version

Rum-Fueled Recommendations:

  • Thom: Jessica Jones S02
  • Blake: Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi; Fantastic Woman

Planned Plundering:

  • Thom: More Jessica Jones S02, Mute, Altered Carbon
  • Blake: Avengers Avengers Avengers


Segment 2:

Convention Schedule, Spring 2018:

  • Kris: Silicon Valley Comic Con – San Jose, Wizard World Portland, Cherry City Comic Con – Salem, San Francisco Comic Con – Oakland, Fandemic Con – Sacramento
  • Thom: San Francisco Comic Con – Oakland, Fandemic Con – Sacramento (SVCC conflict)

Segment 3:

Sucking the Monkey:

  • Kris: Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale
  • Thom: Margarita with Azcul
  • Blake: La Croix Temple Moose

Current Events:

  • Westworld
  • Prospect
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • New Mutants
  • Dark Phoenix
  • Deadpool 2
  • Bumblebee

Robot’s Review: JUMANJI!

Red tentacle:

  • Kris: The Rock trying not to cry; bad guy
  • Blake: Hippo eating Jack Black
  • Thom: Opening reveal of each game character

Black Octopus:

  • Kris: The villain
  • Blake: “the scene with the helicopter, and the bag, and all that”
  • Thom: The villain, specifically adding a centipede under his skin, which no one cared about

Run-Fueled Recommendations:

  • Kris: Ritual, Everly (not good?), Wind River, Sneaky Pete
  • Blake: Detour
  • Thom: Jessica Jones, Isle of Dogs

Planned plundering:

  • Kris: Darwin Cooke’s Parker book adaptation
  • Blake: Tomb Raider (Bea Arthur optional)
  • Thom: Expanse S03, Santa Clarita Diet, Ready Player One

Bonus: Microreview of Enders Game!

Please enjoy!

Note: if iTunes is your bag, please review us and rate us (5 stars, no pressure) so we can move up in the Podcast algorithm. If iTunes is NOT your bag, you can use Stitcher or just download the episode directly here on!

Micro-Review: Blade Runner in the Wild and etc 9 March 2017

Micro-Review: Blade Runner in the Wild
A few weeks back I had the opportunity to see an outdoor showing of Blade Runner, accompanied by our own One Lung. It was pretty amazing. The cut was the director’s edition, no voice-overs, no happy ending.

I got their early, expecting it to be packed, being a small outdoor viewing area with limited seating, and a hipster neighborhood in a hipster town (SF)… what I hadn’t anticipated was the fear of FREEZING, as it was extremely (regional context) cold and very windy, and the previous night’s original showing date was canceled due to heavy rain.

As a result, I was sitting out there for about 40 minutes before Lung showed up, tucked into my blankets and snow gear, ha. The guys from Fort Point Brewery were on hand wth IPAs so I had one of those, and once Lung arrived I ordered a pizza from a deep dish place up the street.

The pizza time ran long due to Saturday night crowds, so I missed a chunk of the film, after Leon’s test and up until Rachel shows up at Deckard’s house. So no owls for me. However, in the meantime, my handy Dharma flask from Deeply Dapper kept me warm! The pizza was excellent, the film was especially immersive, being outdoors in a high traffic area, where we had a line of honking cars and yelling pedestrians, and lots of lights and activity, just at the peripheral of the screen. It was like a poor man’s Star Tours, but in an expensive city and with less intended motion.
So awesome.


– Who doesn’t need ALIEN tiki mugs in their lives?

– The first review of Iron Fist is in, and it isn’t… favorable. Wow. I’m still optimistic. I seemed to have tolerated Cage’s slow spots and dubious final boss more than most. But I think when you already have a street level martial artist (Daredevil) it is hard to make IF compelling unless you go WHOLE HOG with the asian mysticism… but from the trailers, and this review, it sounds more like another run at Stark, boardrooms, and whining. We’ll see. At least it’s going to be better than the ABC stuff.

– GREAT ‘Different Spider-Man Comic’ … 100% MINIMUM ACCURATE

– This is my kind of conspiracy theory!

– So this is what that Hulk-with-claws image was about. MEH. Make that Weapon MEH.

– The best Pez Dispenser (design) EVER. EVVVVVVARRR


This remains my favorite standalone Hellboy image ever. Ever ever? Ever EVER. I had a print of it years ago, long destroyed, and I had an original pen sketch of similar profile, which was also destroyed due to UV foolishness. Love it.

Related: The Mignola Appreciation Group on FB often posts ‘sound effect’ of the day… based obviously on the enthusiasms around Mignola’s choices of onomatopoeia… this is my current favorite example. Best Drip Drip Drip of the Day.

This manip still cracks me up.

Chief of Ninja Group


Robot-Kraken Podcast Ep. 28 (February 2017) Available Now!

The Robot-Kraken Podcast – Episode 28: The Future is Now! (February 2017)

February is here and Kris and Thom sit down to chat about the ten projects coming up in 2017 that we are most excited about! (Or 2017-ish, since George RR Martin is on the list….) We talk about the EXPANSE, reveal our dream casting for a MOON KNIGHT movie and in the Shipyard talk about kickstarter, brush pens and upcoming art jams!

As always, you can stream the episode by clicking the button above or HERE and subscribe, listen and rate us on iTunes too!


  • 0:00 – Introduction & Sucking The Monkey:
    • Thom – The Loose Parsec
    • Kris – Eddyline Brewery Jolly Roger Stout
      • Segment Name Origin: Back in piratey days, often rum and alcohol was forbidden on the ship, so buccaneers and sailors would smuggle alcohol aboard hidden in coconuts. Drinking from this undoubtedly delicious contraband was called Sucking The Monkey!
  • 0:07 – The Shipyard
    • We talk about brush pen inking, Kris’ current projects for the official THE THING art book and kickstarter and Thom reveals his works in progress and the Weekly Jam Subjects for the month!
      • Weekly Jam Subjects:
      • DCs Starfire
      • DC’s Katana
      • DC’s The Enchantress
      • Disney’s Moana
    • Want to participate in the TRDL Art Jam? The TRDL Jam runs weekly but remains open indefinitely. The complete list of jam topics by date can be found here:
      You will find associate links for the platforms of your choice: the R3 Forum, DeviantArt, and FB.
  • 0:19 – Thom discusses a fan theory about Robin and the Joker
  • 0:24 – A Tim Miller/James Cameron reboot of the Terminator?
  • 0:31 – Top Ten 2017 Projects!
    • 0:31 – Winds Of Winter
    • 0:41 – Star Wars VIII
    • 0:44 – Wonder Woman
    • 0:47 – Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2
    • 0:53 – Upcoming Neil Gaiman Projects
      • American Gods, Good Omens and Norse Tales
    • 1:00 – Logan
    • 1:10 – Spiderman: Homecoming
    • 1:18 – Ghost In The Shell
    • 1:25 – Murder On The Orient Express
    • 1:33 – Blade Runner
    • 1:38 – Our Runner-Ups
  • 1:45 – Dream Casting!
    • Thom reveals his long held plans for a RUNAWAYS Movie
    • 1:55 – We both cast a MOON KNIGHT television series or movie – our choices might surprise you!
  • 2:28 – THE EXPANSE Discussion and initial thoughts
  • 2:51 – Baywatch and Contact Info – That’s right – Baywatch!

That was our show! And now – videos and trailers. for science!

Speaking of videos and science, you can also catch the Robot-Kraken Podcast on Youtube. This month’s episode:
Plus trailers:

Robot-Kraken Podcast Ep. 027 – “The Heat of Star Wars: Rogue One”

Robot-Kraken January 2017: Episode 027 – “The Heat of Star Wars: Rogue One”
This episode marks the first of our new long-play format for the Robot-Kraken Podcast. We have moved to a monthly release schedule, with multiple hours of content per episode!

SWEET RUMBLINGS OF THE DEEP – ROBOT KRAKEN IS BACK!   In our first of our new format – Robot Kraken goes monthly and long format! Now you can depend on a nice, long, rambling episode each month with less news filler you get everywhere else and more reviews, discussions, art techniques and interviews! Strap in and join us in our journey down to the mighty Robot Kraken where we regale him with talk of our lives over the last few months, a two and a half hour discussion of Rogue One and more!

Time Stamps:

Sucking the Monkey: 01:30 [Kris: Buffalo Bills Pumpkin Ale; Thom: Petris Oud Bruin]

#garageofficeproblems: 04:20

Changes to the Podcast, Introduction: 6:00

Kris is a poorly made host: 15:00

The Shipyard!

Thom: Creating art prints, a new website, and tabling at APE: 16:00

Kris: Thoughts on the first Deeply Dapper Kickstarter, plus market woes: 35:00

Wassail What Now?: 54:00

Copics and Kopicks, Details, Architecture, Superboy Punches: 62:00

Shout outs, or shouts out, to longtime TRDL pals Jason Cheeseman-Meyer and Darren Taylor: 71:00

Poseurs with Poser: 74:00

Thom doesn’t want to offend anyone / Everyone at the con deserves a medal!: 80:00

Reminder: The TRDL Art Jam (this month: sorcerers and magic, Wolverine [X-23], Captain America, and Flash): 83:00

Planned Plundering (with a bonus micro-review of Strange Beasts and Where to Find Them): 90:00

Sponsor Break:!: 110:00

Sucking the Monkey Part 2: 116:00 [Kris: Doc Ock; Thom: Old Timber cocktail]

Kraken Review: Rogue One 121:00

Begin Spoilers: 129:00

End Spoilers: 213:00 ; Star Wars Comics, Red Tentacle Moments

Summation, Plans for 2017: 216:00

ROBOT KRAKEN is a MONTHLY podcast by two indie artists, Kristopher McClanahan of Deeply Dapper and Thom Chiaramonte of the Third Rail Design Lab. We get together and talk about comics, movies, working the table at comic cons, life in this nerdy wonderland, and whatever mumblings from the deep we come across. You can find out more about us, contact us or follow along our journey at   iTunes – Stream & Download –

And now, you can even listen to it on youtube, and see our pretty faces for four hours while you do it!

APE Convention Action and Other Things – 5 Oct 2016

Kris BAM! and I BOOM! will be at the Alternative Press Expo (APE)  this weekend, October 8-9, 2016 in San Jose, CA. If you are in Silicon Valley, or feel like a fun drive to SJ, come say hi! We will have a bevy of goods and services at the convention, with an emphasis on printed materials. I will have the TRDL Tribute Art book, two Wrongrobot books, and over 200 prints to choose from, along with a host of original art pieces. Come check it out!
ITEM: After David Ayers was taking all that heat about fan frustration with Suicide Squad, and INSISTED there was no extended or director’s cut and that the feature film was HIS vision, not the (obviously) studio-edited version… the studio promptly released a teaser for… and extended edition. I suspect, like BVS, I’ll like the EE better than the theatrical release. It’s only something like 11 minutes longer, so I doubt it has the rumored major abandoned Joker plot in it, or at least to the extent Leto thought it would be. I’m game, though…

ITEM: Apparently Peter Quill plays a major role in Infinity War. That GoG are involved is not surprising, and that they would use the standout hero is also not surprising. But anyway, there you are. Maybe!


ITEM: The first promo material from Wolvie 3 came out this morning, along with a snap of the script. I REALLY like that poster. Says volumes.


ITEM: While I don’t agree the poster art thus far has been the sucks, I DO agree this is the best one yet. Side note, scroll to the end of the link, that K2SO shot is my current desktop,so let it be known.


ITEM: Iron Fist is scheduled to be released on March 17, so file those vacation forms.


ITEM: The Punisher principal photography has begun, if you believe what you read. I still think that, based on the production and release schedules, this isn’t his solo series, but actually shots for his inclusion in Defenders. We’ll see if I’m right! Or, if I’m not, we won’t mention it.


ITEM: This Silicon Valley lead0in to the Google Keynote the other day was life imitating art imitating life imitating something. Didn’t make me interested in the keynote, but DID make me jones for more SV…


“It’s interesting. It was a huge hit movie that so many more people went to see than any movie I’ve made in my career. It was the biggest hit of my career. And then it had a lot of editorial negativity — fans went, and I got a lot of positive response. It was interesting, that movie, because it was judged not necessarily on execution so much as its tone. People seemed to want to have a lighter tone to the movie, and I thought that was interesting because that’s subjective. Tone is not a qualitative thing. It’s subjective, right? Some tones resonate with me that might not with you. And the tone of the movie was really parallel to the Frank Miller book, which I liked and thought was great. I’m glad that so many people went and so many people liked the movie and it worked out.”
ITEM: Listen, all of the sadfleck memery aside, I think he’s handled the criticism of the film well, without throwing Snyder under the bus, showing how professional a businessman he is. He’s got some major irons in the fire, so he has to keep moving. But I liked the note that it’s his most successful film. Cue Lung pouring an infinite whiskey GIF…


ITEM: Karen Gillan posted this photo of ‘three Marthas’ from the set of Jumanji. It’s kind of meta. On the one hand, yeah, stunt doubles, but on the other hand, it’s what would happen if people COULD play her in a game. Everyone on the map would be Marthas following each up ladders.


ITEM: This deleted scene from Apocatole features Beast giving Summers his visor. It’s similar to an earlier scene in the movie, but I liked it for the logic.


Final Note: as you saw up top, and in any of the art posts I’ve done recently (and actually a good amount of the existing posts, retroactively) I’ve moved to an 800 pixel standard for art related happenings. I have yet to modify the containers for the blog and forum, but soon. In the meantime…


Chief of Ninja Group