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Ah Taek Pleashuh in othah people’s HEAD SHOTS – Robot’s Root 1 June 2018

Morrissey has been officially tapped to direct Bond 25! I mean Danny Boyle. More interesting, even, is that he’s bringing his writing partner with him. This could be an intriguing project…

  • Surprising precisely no one, the Silver Sable/ Black Cat film from Sony with no tie in to the character that defines their existence, is very likely dead.
  • However, Legion has been greenlit for a third season! Don’t lose your nerve, Fox. I’m watching you.
  • Now you too (can’t really) have a TARS of your own.
  • Good lord! Lung turned me onto this DEEP study into the symbolism of Fury Road. I just thought it looked cool.
  • Body Bags, Jason Pearson’s old indie project (which I loved) is finally happening as a film from the Wickosphere… with Dave Bautista as Mack. That it’s called ‘Dogtown’ rather than Body Bags’ makes me wonder if we’re going to see it pull away from the randomness of the aesthetics of the book, including Mack’s mask and Panda’s busting at the seams cheerleader outfit and fro.
  • I’m not sure if it will pan out as much as it could via the premise, but Peppermint is at least notableĀ in that I’m all for female led revenge action movies to offset all the male ones. It will be interesting to see if the ‘fridging’ talk will change now that it is the husband and daughter being killed as a plot device.
  • This animatronic achievement may or may not haunt your dreams, but it feels closer to Ghost in the Shell geishas than Pirates of the Caribbean drunk robots…
  • Sesame Street already lost their lawsuit. I love it.
  • The Sisters Brothers… could be a thing…
  • Han Solo Spoiler Section below…




Keep going…




  • I’d have liked to have seen Dryden Vos look like the second concept piece below. Interesting to read that he was one of the catlike designs when Michael Williams (Wire) did his scenes, but was changed to humanoid when Bettany came in… so I wonder why the physical design change for a mocap performance which it was originally. Make no mistake, I think Bettany was awesome. And apparently those weren’t scars, but tissue ridges that flared as hsi blood pressure rised, him not apparently being a scarred human at all… still, anyway, interesting.
  • Regarding these Falcon concepts, I like #12 and #23 because I wanted to see the pincer tip used as a cargo or device grabby bit… the pointy tip was never really explained. I also like #29 because it uses those side parts to siggest there were one more engines or… something… there.

Ep 22 – The July Root – Nerdy News Update!


Episode 22! An all news and discussion episode! Thom and Kris talk about art techniques and what’s on the slab in The Shipyard, cover nerdy news and talk about what they’re looking forward to with the future months to come in geeky entertainment!

1 min – Intro/Construction woes
6 min – The Shipyard
16 min – The Root!
17 min – Spiderman
22? min – Ghost In The Shell
25 min – Fury Road B&W
28 min – Suicide Squad
34 min – Dark Tower
36 min – Refn’s Wonder Woman
39 min – Tomb Raider Release Date
40 min – Planned Plundering

You can also catch our previous episodes via direct download or iTunes. For example, Episode 20 involved the GoT Battle of the Bastards, and Episode 21 was the GoT finale roundup…
ROBOT KRAKEN is a semi regular podcast by two indie artists, Kristopher McClanahan of Deeply Dapper and Thom Chiaramonte of the Third Rail Design Lab. We get together and talk about comics, movies, working the table at comic cons, life in this nerdy wonderland, and whatever mumblings from the deep we come across. You can find out more about us, contact us or follow along our journey at

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Review: Mad Max – Fury Road

I am finally writing again and with this, my first review since 2012 on my blog – MAD MAX – Goddamn Awesome.


Directed by George Miller
Starring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron
2015 – [R] – Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Re: Max, still wandering the post apocalyptic wasteland, gets mixed up in a plan to assist a cyborg in the escape of five winsome lasses from their mutant husband. There are two car chases.

Outstanding: Pretty much anything and everything. I wanted to enjoy this flick and ended up loving it. The world is fully realized, with unique little details I would never have expected. The chase scenes, which encompass the bulk of the movie are unrelenting, nearly all practical effects and stunning. I seriously can’t say enough good about this movie. There is enough eye candy amongst the various cars, tribes of mutants and set pieces that I could watch it a dozen times and still spot cool little details.

Unacceptable: If you are expecting the slow burn sax lounge scene from the first Mad Max, or the Feral Boomerang child that spoke in animal sound clips from Road Warrior, Or Tina Turner in a glam wig, or if you are just generally a curmudgeonly hipster that refuses to believe a sequel to a classic can ever be good, you may be disappointed.

Summary: Seriously one of the most enjoyably batshit insane and beautiful movies I have ever seen.


Notes: My brother and I saw this in 3D and I can honestly say it was one of the better 3D movies I’ve seen. In a lot of movies, the 3D effect comes off as a little fake – like there’s a 2D person here, a 2D person three feet beyond and a flat background, with some cool stuff floating between. The 3D in Fury Road was subtle and added a real sense of depth to the landscape and chases and during the more intense sequences, of which there were many, I actually found myself jumping as things came towards me.

The original review – … -road.html

By Salty Kris

“Oh, we’re all about to get wet!”

Something Rises.

Deadpool Backs Away Slowly and Other Things 27 Jan 2016

Well, that made my night last night…

In other news:

1. I do love Honest Movie Posters. I’m scheduled to be seeing Revenant Saturday night, so hm…. I’ll confirm the bear buggery next week. I know that will be a topic on everyone’s minds. … ms-of-2016

2. I thought Deadpool was supposed to be entirely scarred? I mean i know they want to maximize the pretty face factor, but isn’t that THE POINT? … s-mask-off

3. Among tidbits from Bob Iger’s recent talk: More SW coming down the pipe, beyond what we know about, and Marvel films will go on “forever”… all pretty basic, obvious stuff. but good to hear they aren’t being shortsighted about the legs of these properties. … know-about

4. I think we tend to gloss over the spectacular things happening in our current tech climate, because we’re just so USED to all the awesome. I mean, regular discussions about Mars missions and genetic engineering? Anyway, SpaceX’s Dragon successfully performing a hover test. DOU! … hover-test

5. I thought the note at the end, about Luthor knowing about a larger history of metahumans and being interested in WW was a thing. But man, why is Affleck’s Batman always shown puffed up and leaning back, when he should be hunching down, and Superman here is hunching down, when HE should be leaning back? What is even… … s-revealed

6. Kevin Smith was another stealth Stormtrooper voice. Not really the reason I posted this. I was just reminded how mych I love how the Stormtroopers in this film have different roles and equipment. They used to, as well, certainly, but more so, this time. It feels that way. I mean plain old Stormtroopers (not the edited out black ones, or the snow troopers, or the old speeder bike scouts…) like here, with the tripod machine gun blaster thing. I have a box of figures I haven’t cracked that offers some of these. Certainly TR8TR is another example, though I did wonder why there would be riot control in a landing craft. … ens-voices

7. At SOME POINT, at SOME TIME, we’ll get that black and white version of Fury Road… … all-231299

8. Allumette looks to be an interesting, and welcome, direction for VR projects. Don’t go for realism: give us stylized worlds. It works just as it does on animated properties that escape the Uncanny Valley… … dance-2016

9. I loved this. Lots of Aussie code in this one. Super refreshing, though. … interview/

10. Finally, this was in a concept feed Ironlung sent me offline. I love the idea of using Lego in the keyrings. Modular AND cool storage idea! … -organizer


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