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Cheesesteak Cheese Sauce Gumming up My Bricks – Root 5 June 2018


  • BRICSBURGH. That’s inspired.
  • I was expecting to dislike the VANS X MARVEL collaboration, because I was a Vision kid, basically, so how could we not have the synchronicity of Vision Visions?! But anyway, the Black Panther ones are cool, and I’ve seen the Captain Marvel hi tops (apparently for women but you could size them up if you are not one) and those are probably my favorites, with the star symbol wrapping around the heel.
  • It’s astonishing how good a Transformers movie looks when stripped down and non-Bay’d. Lots of wonder here. Also, Starscream (or whichever) steals it for me.
  • This new Jurassic World poster is some of the worst Photoshop Disaster material in recent memory. That Stegasaurus with flailing legs and an expression like it sat on a spear is killing me. Also that mutated goat dino or whatever at 2:00. I mean, wait, maybe this is the best poster ever.
  • This is designed for the smaller GoPro Sessions model, but at $1.09 for the car chassis itself, it’s a no-brainer. I’M ON IT. And by on it, I mean I’m taking an existing car from the bin, pulling the body, and mounting my own Go Pro 4 onto it, as this one is designed for the Session (discontinued) and looks, and I care about neither. Still on it.
  • I’m stoked about the Wreck-it Ralph sequel, especially the Disney Princess situation. I can’t help but wish that disastrous Emoji movie hadn’t come along and burned through these concepts like a really rough trade shitty pr0n to this film’s high budget ladyerotica. If that makes sense.
  • I’m very interested in Widows, from the cast to the director. And of course, the subject matter… in three years we’re going to see Disney/Marvel production artists trying desperately to come up with a sufficiently interesting logotype for the Widow movie of course…
  • This is old, but I still go back to it. We’re a BB-9E household (BB-H8) so the kids love this video. I personally adore pissy robots.
  • This is a GREAT concept for a Boba Fett film. Legacy, not the man. Especially given how lackluster the man actually was. Focusing on the armor passing from guy to guy with different roles is a neat nod to the fact that all any of us of the ESB generation really care about is how the figure looked, anyway.
  • Great treatise on what makes a good action movie. It’s heavy on the DCU criticism, but the points are sound.

Apropos of nothing, I spotted this really bad CGI WW face in that video. Makes the mustache-removal look great!


Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces:

  • Before Expanse was saved by Amazon, someone sent up a model of the Roci into the upper atmosphere. I MEAN.



  • This remains my favorite Mondo poster EBAHHHHH. The skull, guise.



  • On the Robot-Kraken Podcast I referenced the quote that Wakanda looked like Jet Magazine from the 90s (Honest Trailers) … evidence!



  • When writing the TRDL character origins, i do a lot of research. I stumbled across this very interesting Aztec deity. My new neck tattoo!



The Family Solo and other things 10 Feb 2016

This is for what Photoshop was invented.

In other news…

1. A not so subtle reminder of the wildly uneven design choices in the MCU Cap uniforms. I prefer the original, and the Winter Soldier. The others bother me for various reasons. Coincidentally, or not, I’ve only drawn those two versions.

2. These are the donuts I resisted a few weeks back when doing a donut hole run for my kids. Look at that bacon maple bar. JUST LOOK.

3. This, from an IG account of a friend in Indonesia. I love the idea of Stormtroopers kissing the ring… of DEATH! I picture it like a little mini deathstar.

4. Best shirt ever involving Lovecraft and piss beer.

5. My kids have these sticky, stretchy, ‘wall crawler’ robots. Look what I spotted on the ceiling the other day, just randomly hanging out.

6. Ironlung spotted this one. Pretty great, but I suspect my Ello Asty is not a good choice, which is a shame. … -Gear.html

7. I wasn’t a superfan of Dan Stevens, either on Downton Abbey, or upon his abrupt exit from the show (a la David Caruso and HIS dreams of big breaks) so his return to TV in this series isn’t interesting to me. However, I WAS surprised that this was Aubrey Plaza’s next role… … ies-legion

8. While there’s more to this than simply tying a rope to your iphone… it remains a surprisingly simple and awesome video hack. The footage is boring, but what a neat concept… I might try this on my bike, with a GoPro… for science. On a steep winding descent. Before I ghost. … 1757316759

9. Great look at the new ECTO-1 released for the film… and a demon, the first bugaboo I’ve seen so far.

10. Unnecessary, absolutely. But I smell future! … sla-2016-2

Thats it, kids! Back to sticking quarters up your vintage SW figure crotches. FOR SCIENCE!

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