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Boba Fett? WHERE?! – Robots Root 26 October 2018

When the Mandalorian was announced, I thought I could just make out the distant din of the death drums for the Boba Fett film. And so!



  • The latest in the list of films that should not be remade… has an apparent script
  • Brad Pitt as Rasputin? Rachel Weisz as anyone? This Kingsman prequel sounds better than I had ever imagined possible. Which was a low bar, admittedly.
  • This Jimmy Kimmel/Avengers comic took me back to reading those from my youth, like Letterman (the homage) and similar ones. Trippy to see it in a contemporary setting, as it looks so tacky today. I mean, it coasts on the homage, which is at least something, I guess. I’m not one who likes the dips into reality in comics. The Presidents that are obvious references to the real world, or even the 9-11 tie-ins…(grouchy, I know)
  • This Mulan art show has some pretty great projects. Check em out!
  • Alexander Skarsgard has joined Godzilla vs. King Kong, so thats a thing. I’ve lost track. Is this AFTER Planet Kong or Deathmatch of Monsters 3000 or whatever it is? Millie Bobby Brown is in the cast, so that’s what threw me. Same film? Different film?  Who knows. How could we possibly ever know.
  • I can’t believe it took THIS long, but here’s a Gundam kit with a robotics pack. Love it. Where was S.T.E.M. when I was a kid dammit tole.
  • This was kind of a surprise: they found more material from Ray Harryhausen, and are parlaying that into a new film. Of course, it appears to be all of his Grade Echhh material.
  • Cool article on ‘the Monsters of Climate Change‘… I never noticed that Annihilation’s Mimic Bear had a human skull fused up in there! (More on that in our latest Robot-Kraken Podcast!)
  • I’m intrigued by the Big Kill… I mean, it looks like a multiplayer RPG set in the Old West. Hilarious.
  • The Big Lebowski will never not exist. We at least have THAT.


That’s all for tonight. It’s not too early to get your HAL 9000 Xmas Ornament. I’m already on it, cousins.

A Viable Use for That Trident – Robots Root 22 Nov 2017


Some round-up root for you!

  • Brian Coldrick’s ‘Behind You’ series of one-page ghost stories is now available. Check them out. I’ve pre-ordered.
  • According to a few different primary sources, this amazing poster up top has been making the rounds at some Chinese theaters. I hope its true.
  • Cap needs to stop rolling up his sleeves. Those are just going to flop down in an aggravating fashion as soon as he starts doing anything.
  • An adult-oriented Harley Quinn animated series is in the works that just might be watchable. I mean, despite the fan art and such, not THAT kind of adult-oriented.
  • Next month, the event we’ve been awaiting for will finally be here: the story of moral struggle, identity crisis, family vs power, the oppression of an evil empire, fascinating weapons, white dresses… yes, Peaky Blinders is back!
  • I tend to believe what Christopher Eccleston says. He’s burned too many bridges by being blunt to be editing himself. If he says he did Thor 2 for the money, I do believe him. But when he says he was outraged to learn of hours of makeup prep for the role and that he was not informed, well… you’re embarrassing yourself, man.
  • Superfans are writing petitions and freaking out about what is or isn’t in Justice League. C’mon… I mean, it’s amusing reading, but still.
  • Daisy Ridley and Josh Gad are attached to the latter’s project called Super-Normal, described as a subversive take on the superhero genre. I’m into it.
  • Ellen Page is attached to a Netflix adaptation of Umbrella Academy, which I like very much. Everything about this, actually.
  • This is my favorite of the Star Wars VIII posters so far. The red cape, the color tones, the composition, and the fact that for once only one character is looking at you, and it almost doesn’t even look like a photoshop horror. I mean, almost.
  • This recent surprise thing that was cooked up for Jimmy Kimmel delighted me. Watch the video… PS these look a LOT like my early work.


  • Last time I posted about how good the Sideshow figure of Hela looked, and how saucy she sauntered around in general in the film. I forgot to provide evidence. Thus:
  • And related, you can have your own sex god headdress... head optional…
  • James Franco as Madrox the Multiple Man? OK sure. I’ll bite. Seems like fan casting but at this point, everything does.
  • Look, Zachary Levi is charming, intelligent and passionate. And he seems fully prepared for the gym onslaught. I’m optimistic, even as I have no interest in the character.
  • I love everything about the Deadpool 2 teaser, from the surreal Bob Ross situation to Negasonic’s hawt hair. EVERYTHING.
  • WANT WANT WANT so many times WANT. I’m starting a fund.
  • Fascinating article on why Cuphead’s early animation style can’t be divorced from the cultural trappings of the era. Also, good lord do I want to play this game.
  • Here’s a neat look at all of Blade Runner 2049’s miniature diorama sets.
  • McSweeney’s takes on Indiana Jones

  • Finally, my desktop screen for the week: the glicee print ‘Wellington, 1870’ featuring the cast of What we Do in the Shadows. So damn good, every detail.


Have a fine eat turkey or dont eat turkey day, friends

Too Bad he Won’t Live! – Robots Root 8 May 2017

Oh hai, new favorite film ever for today:


Thus, Robot’s Root for 8 may 2017:

  • More undefined, unscheduled planning for a sequel to All You Need is Tole. Everyone is psyched, they all said! It will be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat, they all said. Random extension of a title that was itself a lesser rename of a better original title, and which was later abandoned for an even more mundane title. But look, whatever. As long as we get more powered armored Emily Blunt, I’m in.
  • Existential Pokemon crisis of some kind.
  • Drunk Rick from Rick and Morty… drunk.
  • Insidious racial slur or just myopic graphic design? The latter, srsly. But again, srsly, you had ONE JOB.
  • Uh-oh. I don’t care I already have incredibly expensive tickets and I’m going to love it FFS one way or another.
  • epic used car ad. E P I C.
  • What a trip. I remember most of it. Star Tours!
  • When stars act like we imagine they should, instead of how they usually do.
  • Who want’s a megaton of weird Akira production stuff? I do.
  • What I liked about this segment was how honestly overstimulated Adam Scott was. That was no set-up gag. He’s shaking.

And with that, I leave you to investigate your incept date.

More Expensive Than the Armor Itself – 18 Oct 2016


Buried in the bottom third of this article-ette: I hadn’t somehow noted until now that RDJR is purportedly getting $100M PER MOVIE for the next two Avengers films… and one assumes that is on top of the massive back end deal. Good for that guy.


ITEM: Speaking of RDJR, they set up a full-on writer’s room for Sherlock 3, which is unusual. Probably if nothing else a good sign that they want to cook the best script they can for the next piece.


ITEM: New photos have emerged from Alien: Covenant. Now, yes, there are new Xenomorphs and yes, one has a yuck mouth with human teeth in it, and yes, there are very familiar designs for the egg sacs and such… but I’d like to point out that this Facehugger has a massive anus. And that it appears to be YOOGE, judging by those skulls for scale. The Facehugger, not the anus. Well, both. Happy Friday.


ITEM: Talk about a good sport… this cracked me up…


ITEM: I’m nauseated by how the sexist minority of male-dominated comic fanboys debased themselves to the point that writer Chelsea Cain quit Twitter and probably left Marvel. Her Mockingbird series is still a few years out, at the rate I’m reading, but I’ve seen excerpts and it reminds me a lot of Faction’s Hawkeye: unconventional storytelling, great characterization, and novelist-style approach to comic scripting. Apparently an independent, divorced, ass-kicking female spy was too much for that contingent… even before she wore this shirt on the cover of the last issue. Madness. Fortunately a healthy host of creators have been pushing hard on this in social media, showing solidarity towards her, and the ongoing changes to the comics world that have seen a greater number of female written, female led books (particularly at Marvel) than ever before. For my daughter’s, AND my son’s sake, we need more of this.


Finally, the best of this concept ever done. EVER. Well-played, Don.

Here’s another example:


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