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Be Brave – Robots Root 24 September 2018

How to Draw with Tenacious D is killing me. “a little yeller.” “I don’t know what thats called, but it sure does tell a story.” Dying. NSFW. As usual, their viral marketing may be even better than the product (post-Apocalypto)… I will forever feel a compulsion to paint using a Sharpie as a brush.


Meanwhile, THIS:


  • I do kinda like this anime trailer treatment for the Star War. The ship designs feel jarring because they are very…western… but the character models and Ben Kenobi’s look and voice particularly, really work. Plus I’ve always said Chewie needed a prominent mustache.
  • RIP Sgt. Apone.

  • I can’t, for whatever reason, stop mulling over the concept for a Jon Hamm Batman. I want it. A LOT. I’ve often struggled by how much I didn’t vibe the Bruce Wayne as Batman look. I loved Nolan’s stuff, but it wasn’t the best Batman look, and Bale wasn’t the most Wayne Wayne. The project worked regardless. But thinking of my younger self’s mental image of what it should be… Batfleck (in costume) was close, even without the eye slits… but Hamm works for me as Wayne. Wayne in the bat suit, if that makes sense.

  • I can’t wait for this. I want it to be awesome. Funny that it’s going to be one of those seasons where John C O’Reilly is in bowler hats TWICE (this and the Laurel and Hardy biofilm)… one of THOSE seasons.

  • This piece came from an artist in one of my FB groups, and I love it 33,000 times. You may have to have grown up near, or beyond, the border to understand.

  • I dig these Sideshow ‘reimaginings’ projects. This makes for a damn cool and less bipedal Alien, (so many joints)… but Jonesy remains the highlight.
  • Thats not just Soundwave… it’s the ORIGINAL Soundwave, looks like.
  • Rope hands! That’s a power I need to add to the Posthuman game…

  • I think this was a pretty nuanced argument in favor of Last Jedi… touching on some points I hadn’t really formalized in my own mind. I liked it a lot, so i’m not one of the detractors… but Pat notes ways in which the film delivers on things that I think, big picture, really benefit the franchise.
  • THIS. “By 2022, science says we will have achieved Joker singularity: a Joker movie that reboots itself during the movie”
  • Brie Larson continues to troll those people that told her to smile more. It isn’t old yet.
  • This is only interesting because Sofia Boutella as any supers anyone gets my vote.
  • Chloe Zhao has been tapped to direct Eternals… we were just talking about Ruin on the podcast…

Finally, a new K-hole I didn’t know existed until now, and I’m obsessed: Hot Wheels restoration!

Mount the Curb To Scale – Robots Root 14 September 2018

I HAVE SO MANY DESIRES FOR THIS R/C TUMBLER I CANT EVEN. Only second to my desires for a fully functional 1:1 scale version. HA.

Meanwhile, for science:

  • I remain on the fence regarding all this Henry Cavill business. I like him, and I’m not convinced that this isn’t all just some contract negotiation or something. His tweet last night was WEIRD. Anyway, the internet is rumbling forward, like those Mortal Engines… here’s some good thoughts about a fresh take on Superman… and here’s the current (apparently) Vegas odds… along with another set of ideas, with some overlap…  of course Bosslogic is already at it, as well, pissing off some people who can’t grasp a non-anglo Supes….
  • Han Solo in carbonite costume! SWEET! Lung was mortified…
  • This actually took me by surprise: Jason Todd and Dick Grayson face to face in Titans. Lots of fans will be into that.
  • I have seen virtually nothing with Aaron Paul, though I’m well aware of him and his pedigree. Sounds like a great add to Westworld!
  • This series of arts featuring warrior versions of Disney Princesses was controversial in my home. It was first seen by my lovely wife, who had a very negative reaction to the weapons “That’s the answer? Arm them?” and I realized that I saw it, positively, coming from the young adult/adult RPG/cosplay perspective, not the viewpoint of young girls. Interesting!
  • I saw this Lego KITT and cracked up, imagining a stop motion thing where you move a red brick left to right along the front to make the light bar. HA. I amuse me.
  • Venom as PG-13? All hope is lost.
  • Oh boy, what have they done. Robot Man was looking cool in profile… but check out his smashed together eyes and jangy mouth. GUH.
  • This fan theory about Iron Man I agree with. I felt similar. Like any good time travel/time revert story, the pivotal character must be faced with losing something. Think that incredible end of Fringe. That it would be Iron Man makes the most sense.
  • I’ve been begging for a Jon Hamm Bruce Wayne since forever. So YES.
  • Accurate.
  • A new Coen Brothers trailer is a reason to celebrate. Break out the frontier whiskey!
  • Finally, Rupert’s new Captive State seems never more relevant, doesn’t it?

Isle of Take My Money Now – Robots Root 15 Mar 2018

Isle of Dogs, 8 days and counting. CANNOT. BREATHE.

  • Jon Hamm joined Pale Blue Dot with Natalie Portman. I love it!
  • Or… maybe Deadpool 2 reshoots are because people want MORE of all the THINGS!
  • this is Super Monster Wolf and its real. Because Japan.

  • “Beep Bloop Bloam… Goodbye to your home” Another great bad lip reading song for The Star War.
  • Fan reaction to Ghostbusters wasn’t awesome, but Paul Feig has doubled down with Powderkeg.
  • I loved the last round of posters, cribbed though they may have been, but on these, they maintain the great weirdly prescient retro colorscheme, and also the drawn aspect of it… very nice.
  • Perfect looks sufficiently beautiful and unnerving. I’m in.
  • This Mondo series celebrating Batman:the Animated Series is wonderful. My favorite was the Cat and the Claw…
  • Danny Boyle has been officially revealed as the director of the final Daniel Craig-based Bond film… by Danny Boyle.
  • I still crave more info about this Russo + Keannu Reeves superhero project.
  • Here’s some interesting (and awesome) casting on Luke Cage S02 with some direct referencing to the storylines of Punisher, at least in the comics.
  • I will always require more Angela Bassett… though really, I don’t think, in all seriousness, you can top Michael B Jordan.

Bruce Wayne Drinks Martinis – Robots Root 2 January 2018

Jon Hamm as Bruce Wayne is all I’ve ever wanted, suddenly. Where all the photomanips are, can’t tell you.

Belated Root! This was written and scheduled to post right before Xmas… but since the Internet is now ruined, it did not.

  • Good news. The Dark Phoenix movie swears it passes the Bechdel Test. Pretttttty low bar, but then again, look what we’ve become.
  • Just failed to resist watching the new BP international trailer. I swear this one is going to be almost as fun color theory as Coco… the shots are breathtakingly arranged.
  • I just read this satirical article about how terrible A-Wings are… and it reminded me: I used to hate, but now love, B-Wings. Somewhere in my late 30’s I fell in love with asymmetry. Admittedly the Falcon still bothers me, but it’s more of a line of sight thing.
  • I don’t mind waiting until 2019 for a Stranger Things 3. It takes time to do it right. My one concern is that kids age up pretty rapidly. But hey. Can’t stop biology.
  • Supposedly a Ben Kenobi film will begin production in 2019 for release in 2020. I still have my doubts on this project, if it’s on Tattooine. I’d like to mine a different well and tell a story that doesn’t involve that planet. I can imagine a number of interesting explorations post Ep VIII that could be fun, and even pair a few legacy characters in an interesting way. What if he goes into hiding but Boba Fett is on the hunt? We could see him on the run across numerous cool worlds, and outsmarting the supposedly best bounty hunter in the galaxy, a cat and mouse game where the pair are almost equal, until Kenobi lands in Tattooine and manages to stay below Fett’s radar despite his employer in IV. There, Disney. Free.
  • I didn’t think I’d be interested, but hot damn is this animation style not working for this project! Looks awesome.
  • Jessica Jones S02 trailer is up. My favorite detail was her receiving a Maleev cover as a painting or some such.
  • My response to the Battle Angel Alita trailer was initially so severe I didn’t have interest in actually WATCHING it. The eyes killed me. But I finally did. And you know what? I still think this literal reaction to anime is an art school experiment gone awry… but the rest of it looks like good cyberpunk. I really like the translucency and detail in her arms.
  • Your chance of being accidentally murdered by a pizza bot in SF has reduced dramatically. And by accidentally,  I mean on purpose, because robots.
  • This is supposedly a model test for Venom. if true, I’m disappointed. I wanted something less literal, more like the commando version from recent years.
  • The concept for the ongoing series spinning out of What We Do in the Shadows is brilliant.
  • I want those plans.
  • Having apparently learned nothing from the Dark Universe implosion, Paramount have announced a number of release dates for Hasbro properties, without any concept to guide them. There’s some real gems in there… maybe even a Jem… ha. I mean no. But maybe.

Stay tuned for fresh Root, as well as more info on the next Robot-Kraken podcast episode and our upcoming convention appearances, later this week!

STANDARD NERD NEWS is the Best News – 160622


Moving on… fun stuff….

Good on Nic Cage for going to the con and just rifling through stuff, buying whatever he wants, and getting into it again. The rumor I heard years ago was that he sold his massive comic collection because Lisa Marie Presley asked him to, but after the divorce he wanted to ramp back up but the financial issues he had forced him to rebuild more slowly than he once could. I like the idea of a celebrity being a guy with a hobby. I like that he’s at a con rather than buying from private collectors or visiting shops after hours. He’s not just swooping in and buying everything, but flipping through like the fan he is. Check out that Ghost Rider painting… pretty rad. … end-video/


Justice league Stuff for Today:

– The Flash uniform is envisioned as being a prototype in development, lots of front armor and aero swept fins and things to the back, different materials. Sound a lot like stuff I’d do, so obviously I approve in concept. … ue-costume

– New Bat vehicles are described… a dune buggy that has spider-limbs, and a giant cargo plane that carries a Batmobile, a bunch of Batweapons, the non-flying members of the Justice League (though I never understood why fliers would want to hurtle around in the wind instead of ride in the vehicle and check their instagrams or whatever) and then a two-seater cockpit on the third level in the back. The former sounds like a hot mess and the latter sounds interesting, but both could be amazing or terrible, depending on the actual design. Most tech vehicles in anime/manga, if described on paper, would sound like garbage. But look at them. Right? I choose to be optimistic. … flying-fox

*This image is from the IG of Christian Pearce from WETA, one of my favorites I follow. Among his other personal projects, he designs whackadoo vehicles and bots, and the description of the ‘Flying Fucking Fox’ made me think of something he’d draw.


The full trailer for Jack Reacher – Never Go Back is out, devoid of the EW commentary, and it looks like a solid Jack Reacher film, even if the trailer shows too much. I’m not the target market: I just want to see the movie cold, not watch all the plot points. But still, I’m in. I can’t help but see this as SHIELD Black. ha… Maria Hill is as Maria Hill does. … er-go-back


New Star Wars Rogue One cover image… the bot’s got longer, spindlier limbs than I was expecting. Also, I mean, even though we all knew Vader would be in the film for many reasons, I’d like if they kept more of that stuff for the fun reveal in the film. Seems like a desperate countermeasure to the rumors about the reasoning for reshoots. … s-ew-cover


The trailer for Keeping Up With the Joneses reminded me a lot of aspects of Mr. and Mrs. Smith for obvious reasons. This entire cast is perfect. I can’t wait. Plus, hotness at every angle. … spy-couple


This lengthly interview with Tom King, and to some degree David Finch, got me pretty excited to read the new Batman series they are doing (even with the costume design, hurk)… and his other work as well. What a refreshing interview. Here’s an ex-CIA comic nerd who interviews like someone you’ve known for a decade. I want to read all of his stuff. Immediately. … 1782297630


These new posters for Suicide Squad are interesting, with the pop art zaniness and this new marketing push with ‘worst. heroes. ever’ stuff. I definitely feel the vibe they are trying to convince us of with this film, and it DOES seem like a challenging superhero film to market… but I suspect they are overselling the comedy. Trying really hard, though, aren’t they. … er-posters

Also, the figures starting to roll out from the film… note the Batman is the same sculpt as with BVS (in my cloffice right now) but includes the breathing mask. Nice touch. … at-a142659


Spider-Man: Homecoming is just collecting interesting actors at this point. Hannibal Buress is now on board. … ng-a142754


Finally, that Bespin expansion is now available for the Starwars: Battlefront PS4 build… Lung and I were talking about this prior. These add-on purchases are irritating, because they really should be included in the already expensive game price… but that methodology aside, I can see myself, three drinks in, paying for Season Pass in order to strafe Bespin. You can bet on it.

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