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My Posse’s Gettin Little and My Posse’s Gettin Littler – Robots Root 15 Nov 2018

Look at these amazing Mondo pins from Ant Man and Wasp. I love the dual sizing. Compositionally the pairing could be so cool.


Meanwhile, in space:

  • I enjoyed Han Solo. Twice. But one thing I DID have a problem with, which I touched on a bit in our podcast on the subject, was L3-37. Specifically, how humanoid the mannerisms were. It wasn’t even so much the frank dialog. It was the way she moved. It wasn’t just unencumbered, natural gaits and expressive hand gestures, but also little anachronisms like how she would settle into the seat, or make side glances… they were very obviously the result of a human (the real actor) being mapped, but unlike C3PO’s famous performance, she wasn’t inhibited by rigid molded plating that restricted her movements. I would have liked more robotic mannerisms… even with the plot device involved. More on this thus.
  • Speaking of the Star Wars Universe, I like this Mondo poster, particularly in red… but I like the crop of it better, subject to some re-centering to make equal amounts of the Trooper helmets visible anyway. Why they didn’t ask me to supervise, we’ll never know.
  • By all accounts, Into the Spider-Verse will be amazing to watch. What is NOT amazing to watch, however (basically, whatever’s the opposite of amazing to watch) is the second poster down in this link, in which upside-down Spidey is holding his coffee…upside-down. Yes, the city scape is above, so we’re looking at the framed image itself upside-down. But that’s the point. None of it makes any sense.
  • Nine Lives, an adaptation of a book I didn’t read, looks pretty interesting. I like all these themes! And the actors, too.
  • Because of course he did.
  • Here’s some interesting Doctor Strange/ Thanos concept art from Infinity War.
  • Black Hammer has been optioned for both TV and film. I have to get on this!
  • For all the problems that the Alien Prequels introduced… I’d still like to see them continue. I’d watch this, if it existed.
  • George RR Martin’s Wild Cards is heading to TV… on the face of it, it doesn’t sound much different than every third mutant storyline at Marvel, but the devil’s in the details, right.
  • Listen, I know, other than with the right-wingers, the new Batwoman in the CW stuff was met with enthusiasm by fans, largely due to the design’s comic canon links… but the more I look at this, the more the hair lock over the face between the mask’s ears drives me nuts. And also, while we’re at it, did we really have to return to the cheesy ‘put a bat on it’ design logic of the past? Why would someone DO that. Spend engineering time putting colorful bat logos on grapple-guns…
  • Meanwhile, on the Cassandra Cain/Orphan/Batgirl front, this casting was not what I was expecting… she’s young. Really young.


Thus and therefore, I leave you to the microtoxin cloud in which you statistically, as a reader of this site, may currently be immersed.


Cackling in 3 Frames Per Second – Robots Root 30 June 2018

Now you too can have a laughing Prince Adam figure of your very own. Memetic!

I’m done with my Spring conventions, and now in Washington on a short vacation with the younglings. Here’s a blast of interesting somethings over the last few weeks!

  • Wonder Woman + George Orwell? You decide!
  • Everyone’s talking about that Black Manta helmet, but I’m all about Orm’s sweet hairstyle.
  • Apologists and recontextualists aside, these comments nauseated me.
  • If nothing else, Red Notice sure has an eye-catching cast.
  • You too can build an Alexa-enabled L3-37. But… should you?
  • Preacher 3 is only a week away!
  • Incredibles 2 was a hoot… and the weekend box office sure seems to indicate people realized it. It does look decidedly familiar… by design.
  • Here’s a great video of Andy Serkis discussing mocap’s evolution
  • Here’s an interesting article positing that Shazam should be the path to the future of the DCEU.
  • As someone who works in a small, pressure-cooker environment without HR and with unconventional, lets say, communication from time to time, I’ve been following the discussion on workplace abuse in Hollywood (a mechanism for talking about it not in Hollywood, of course. ie. the real world)… the sexual abuse and sexual politics are very obviously evil, but the verbal abuse has been something that creators in the entertainment industry have been forgiven for (as long as they are ‘successful’ and ‘auteurs’, my emphasis… on the one hand, some people need to be more prepared and clear about the hostile environments they are getting into, and on the other hand, people should be respectful, or there should be consequences. Interesting debate.
  • Everyone’s laughing about how they isolated Iron Fist knowingly. I just loved that they included Colleen Wing!


More to come!