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Ah Taek Pleashuh in othah people’s HEAD SHOTS – Robot’s Root 1 June 2018

Morrissey has been officially tapped to direct Bond 25! I mean Danny Boyle. More interesting, even, is that he’s bringing his writing partner with him. This could be an intriguing project…

  • Surprising precisely no one, the Silver Sable/ Black Cat film from Sony with no tie in to the character that defines their existence, is very likely dead.
  • However, Legion has been greenlit for a third season! Don’t lose your nerve, Fox. I’m watching you.
  • Now you too (can’t really) have a TARS of your own.
  • Good lord! Lung turned me onto this DEEP study into the symbolism of Fury Road. I just thought it looked cool.
  • Body Bags, Jason Pearson’s old indie project (which I loved) is finally happening as a film from the Wickosphere… with Dave Bautista as Mack. That it’s called ‘Dogtown’ rather than Body Bags’ makes me wonder if we’re going to see it pull away from the randomness of the aesthetics of the book, including Mack’s mask and Panda’s busting at the seams cheerleader outfit and fro.
  • I’m not sure if it will pan out as much as it could via the premise, but Peppermint is at least notable in that I’m all for female led revenge action movies to offset all the male ones. It will be interesting to see if the ‘fridging’ talk will change now that it is the husband and daughter being killed as a plot device.
  • This animatronic achievement may or may not haunt your dreams, but it feels closer to Ghost in the Shell geishas than Pirates of the Caribbean drunk robots…
  • Sesame Street already lost their lawsuit. I love it.
  • The Sisters Brothers… could be a thing…
  • Han Solo Spoiler Section below…




Keep going…




  • I’d have liked to have seen Dryden Vos look like the second concept piece below. Interesting to read that he was one of the catlike designs when Michael Williams (Wire) did his scenes, but was changed to humanoid when Bettany came in… so I wonder why the physical design change for a mocap performance which it was originally. Make no mistake, I think Bettany was awesome. And apparently those weren’t scars, but tissue ridges that flared as hsi blood pressure rised, him not apparently being a scarred human at all… still, anyway, interesting.
  • Regarding these Falcon concepts, I like #12 and #23 because I wanted to see the pincer tip used as a cargo or device grabby bit… the pointy tip was never really explained. I also like #29 because it uses those side parts to siggest there were one more engines or… something… there.

Woo Hoo! Robot-Kraken Podcast Ep. 043 is Live! “Pepper Nots”

Robot-Kraken Episode 043 – May 2018 “Pepper Nots!“

Your regular host Thom ‘Third Rail Design Lab’ Chiaramonte and guest host Blake ‘Begin Again’ Simmons review and discuss Legion Season 02, Episode 01 (“Chapter 9”) and Expanse Season 03 Episodes 01 – 02 (“Fight or Flight” and “IFF”), as well as the run-up to Avengers: Infinity War, second viewing comments on Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, current events and more!

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You Mess with the Gadot You Get The W Gang Signs – Robots Root 24 Mar 2018


Despite resolving as the lowest moneymaker in the DCEU lineup thus far, fan interest remains strong enough to put Justice League at the top of weekly DVD/Blu-Ray sales, which isn’t surprising: the film may not have had staying power in theaters, but it’s a no-brainer for comic and action movie fans to have at home. Also, this image above.


Meanwhile, in space:

  • Lord and Miller are getting an Executive Producer credit on Han Solo, which is actually a positive thing: easy to imagine them having no credit at all, given how much of the film was reshot. Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds is getting a writing credit on Deadpool 2, which shows how much his personal sense of humor has helped shape the character’s success, I think.
  • These unfinished shots of the aborted Justice League film costumes are pretty interesting in that Fringe Universe sort of way. I don’t hate them as much as others on the supernet, that’s for sure. I certainly struggle with redesigns of major franchise characters, but the Superman look here reminds me of something hovering between Rance’s redesign and mine. Don’t pay any attention to this Batman design, though. It’s atrocious.
  • The new Deadpool 2 trailer is super fun. Cool to see the X-Force team in action. Plus, a bonus Skarsgard I had no idea was involved.
  • Doug Liman’s Youtube RED series Impulse is basically a redo of his Jumper film… and actually looks compelling, to be honest. And I didn’t hate Jumper.
  • Noah Hawley has hit it out of the park with Legion, so I’m inclined to be optimistic about his incredibly challenging Doctor Doom film challenge, which appears to be challenging.
  • Astro City has been optioned for a live-action TV series, or series of series, as the case may be. Astro City was an inspiration to me in my youth as far as worldbuilding goes, so I’m down with it.
  • Less than one month to go before Westworld S02, and the viral is viral.
  • Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth reuniting in the Men in Black remake? Is this fan casting?! Excellent.
  • Pretty stellar ode to the stache here
  • In keeping with tradition, WB have announced a production schedule for a DCEU film without having the script or casting resolved. Batman, 2019.
  • It’s awesome that Elizabeth Olsen called out Empire on the savage photomanip of her face in these covers.


Thats all for today… off to drag Thor’s head around as I hunt for Infinity Stones in my disassembled bathroom subfloor.

Danger Netflix Streaming Bandwidth Caps – Robots Root 6 Mar 2018

The Lost in Space trailer is looking pretty fresh to this guy. I like how weird this version of the Doctor is, and that the robot appears to be xenobiological… maybe…

Luke Stargruber – Robots Root 21 Feb 2018


Watch out for broken space glass! It’s Robots Root!

  • Welp. I think they may be getting my ill-gotten gains.
  • I love this sort of thing: half-remembered Star Wars
  • FINALLY sane minds prevail on those white eyes… Just imagine if the last two Batmen had them…
  • Jock’s Mondo poster for Empire is finally available, and it is as glorious as I hoped. His rejected piece is just as good.
  • As a kid that played Lazer Tag, among other games like it, I really like the concept applied to Harry Potter wands.
  • New Legion season starts in March. This is both hot and terrifying. As usual. Aubrey Plaza.
  • Danny Boyle directing Bond? Well. Possibly a good thing. Not as good as a Nolan version though, surely.
  • The teaser for the new Netflix series reboot for Lost in Space looks like a reimagining and a completely different direction, and I quite like it. Great cast too. Design work looks solid so far. CANT WAIT TO SEE THE BOT.

  • According to the production crew, this is a close reference on the film version of Shazam/Captain Marvel’s costume.
  • I still have no faith in the Krypton series, but how sad is it that their version of Braniac looks better formed and designed than any villain in the DCEU?

That’s all for now. Back to the ventilation system…

The Sun is Getting Low in the Sky Big Guy HEY WAIT – Robots Root 10 Jan 2018


Robot’s Root for 10 January 2018 – a roundup of stuff and things that may or may not be happening…

  • Adding Matt the Radar Tech into SW: Battlefront II is the best anything ever for today. I’m sold.
  • Apparently, if you want to avoid some legal difficulty, owning firearms with the Punisher logo on them is a bad idea. Especially pink ones… I guess. What about swords? What are the rules on Punisher logos?
  • Black Lightning isn’t a character I’m overly familiar with, but the fact that the live action show has been launched is a good thing, I think. Now, Thunder, his daughter, has a design element I really appreciate: a TRDL design style high collar! Ha! Stoked.
  • More trailer action for the new Black Widow film, Red Sparrow… WAIT. The poster, up top, I quite like, with the focus on the eye.
  • DeWanda Wise has joined the stellar cast of Captain Marvel. No word on the character, though wouldn’t it be interesting if there’s a Binary component to this script? Anyway, she’s rad as hell, so that’s a thing.
  • How is it that the Workaholics guys can just make whatever film they want at this point? It’s like a tighter band version of the Rogen gang.
  • Listen, I had high hopes for Robin Hood… but it’s starting to give me a Ladyhawke vibe. I mean, I had low hopes. But now I have lower hopes.
  • EVERYTHING about this film.
  • Gifted, which I have not started, has been granted a second season… and has lost the Singer factor, obviously. As has Legion.
  • Ever wanted to play a Bugbear? Now you can.
  • Love Game of Thrones and frostbite? GOOD NEWS.
  • Runaways has been renewed for S02 on Hulu, despite not having finished S01. I feel like it fell apart towards the back half, but it’s still serviceable. Not that this can be said for that abysmal looking Inhumans series. Guh.
  • Here’s a great interview with Mike Mignola on an array of subjects.
  • Collider claims Tim Miller is developing a Kitty Pryde film. I’m OK with it. Supposedly Drew Goddard’s X-Force film is scheduled to begin production soon as well.
  • Han Solo mayyyyyyy have just gone back in for 3 more weeks of reshoots… pretty late in the game. Ron Howard knows what he’s doing, so no panic. Other than the general anxiety about this film existing in the first place, I guess…
  • This one took me by surprise: Derrickson of Doctor Strange may be cooking a live-action adaptation of one of my favorite cyberpunk books of the 80s, Effinger’s ‘When Gravity Fails’, which is set in a futureshock Middle East. INTERESTING.
  • who doesn’t love fake amusement parks?
  • Mantic is preparing a Hellboy tabletop game! Stay tuned for Deeplydapper’s slavish review of said game in a year…
  • Finally, The Tick is returning, meaning I need to catch up in a hurry…


That’s it for today! Kris and I are both smashing atoms to get ready for Heroes and Villains Fanfest/ Walker Stalker Con this weekend in Portland. Come see us at tables 201-202 if you attend!


Ghost in the Tole – 23 Feb 2017


Two awesome posters for GitS. TOLING YOU GUISE…


1. Sweet! Some good news finally, on this Inhumans IMAX project: Iwan Rheon has been cast as Maximus the Mad. link!

2. Fans of Rob Zombie will no doubt be delighted to learn he is doing voice work on GoG2. I mean, because, the alternative would have been presumably a world where Rob Zombie didn’t. link!

3. Here’s a cast photo from Alien: Covenant. You can also watch some long ‘Last Supper’ scene if you wish. I shant and I wont. link!

4. Three Sci-Fi fan cheers for TRAPPIST-1. In our lifetime, such a discovery… link!
Plus, travel posters! Awesome: link!

5. I don’t know why everyone is so hung up on the next X-Men film apparently being another stab at the Dark Phoenix story. Sure, it’s more effective once the character of Jean Grey has actually been around for awhile first, and sure, it was half-assedly attempted in X-Men 3, but come on, it’s the franchise’s signature story. More interesting to me is the nod to Simon Kimberg moving from production to a central role as likely director. Meaning please please please free us from Bryan Singer as I have hoped. I’m prefer Vaughn again, but still. Forward. link!

6. Interesting: Battle Angel Alita has finished principle photography, and it’s been revealed that Michelle Rodriguez plays supporting character Gelda, a cyborg. Why would this have been a secret? Full mo-cap? Or something else? I know very little about the source material (surprising some, I’m sure) so I’m optimistic, just from the potential alone. link!

7. I like these new packagings for these Star Wars figures, which appear to be the Black Series but with cards made to look like the original Kenner blisters, which I love. That poseable Stormptrooper is the LIVING SHIT, but also, I was drawn to C-3PO’s silver leg, as it tugged at my memory but I couldn’t place it. Apparently no one else can agree on it either. Fans argued all sorts of stuff, which got more discombobulated the farther along we got in the production of the films, which retconned the hell out of themselves with the prequels and the EU stuff. I do remember now that his shin looked different, particularly on Tattooine, but it manifested as a reflective, just shinier gold. Anthony Daniels was quoted as saying that it was always silver, designed to make it look like a retrofit, but on tattooine particularly, it was reflecting the sand and the gold next to it. Anyway, fun diversion during a deadline for this guy.

8. Matt Reeves is confirmed for Batman, I guess. OK! link!


Yvonne Strahovsky joined Predator?! Now two homina homina doomed soldiers or what have you!

Jamie Chung jumped on board the X-Men series as Blink. Sure, OK, I like her a lot, let’s see her in purple…

I’m two episodes in on Legion. We will be discussing on the Robot-Kraken Podcast soon. Amazing. Also, ALL THE THREES.

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Its Hot and Wet – Also, Spider-Man 08 Dec 2016


Coming to you from a storm in Honolulu… here’s the new Spidey trailer which you have surely watched 33 times. I’m quite satisfied.

Meanwhile, THIS:

– The incredibly nuanced soundtrack for Westworld is now available for free streamed from Spotify. link!

– More misc. stuff on Ghost in the Shell. I forgot to mention, I thought it was pretty savvy that they used those little scrambled clips from the film we’ve seen before, but interrupting movie theatre bumpers, during Doctor Strange… like, ‘get your popcorn and coke over th—‘ and then it blurs into geishabots… link!

And speaking of Doctor Strange (review and podcast forthcoming) it is killing it in a way I didn’t expect at all, with all the no-punching and much-talking and even-more-drug… even against a Disney film. i mean a Disney Princess film. link!

– The next X-Men movie is apparently starting production on the Dark Phoenix saga… which won’t be a saga, but a highly compressed film… which I’m actually all for because I quite liked Jean and Scott in the most recent semi-hot mess. link! and PS… I was not a fan of James Marsters as Cyclops back then, being all rigid and blank, but on Westworld he’s really great. I can’t help but imagine him playing Scott Summers in a more nuanced role, perhaps something like what happened in the comics over the last few years… the red suit and the global takeovers and the Phoenix business and the basic villainy.

– Great article on one of my favorite Marvel characters in recent years: the Latina, gay, teen Captain America Chavez. link!

Bonus, my last illustration of her:


– If you’re willing to pay for the extra content in the insidious/Darth Sidious system Sony has set up for DLC, you can play Jyn Erso in Rogue One… link!

– Nerd alert: check out the original edition of D&D… I’m always fascinated by those early days unwittingly kicking off an entire industry that was highly formative in my youth. link!

– If you liked Dexter, and you plan to pre-like Iron Fist (as I do) then you’ll find Inhumans in capable hands. link!

– If you know your George Miller Justice League that wasn’t history, you know Armie Hammer was almost in the red undies. Signs might suggest he’s heading for green ones next… link!

– Finally, I had SUCH low expectations, but Legion on FOX looks REALLY GOOD. link!

Now, the eternal sleep. Until morning. Or more TRDL work, not sure yet!

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The Carol Danvers we Need – 26 July 2016

Brie Larson finally confirmed as Captain Marvel at SDCC, world gets .00003% better. I’m on board! … 568f838378 … ain-marve/

While I hope to see a film-based design that takes the foundation of this uniform and tweaks it for the screen, rather than a direct adaptation, this is going to be rad. The early photomanips of her in costume from a few months back were unflattering and awkward. I like this one better.

Meanwhile… mostly from SDCC…

ITEM: Wrong knock-off toys are some of my favorite anythings ever. These are wonderful. … -shop.html


ITEM: In other not-news-to-anyone-paying-attention news, they confirmed Kurt Russell for Starlord’s father in GotG2… however, what WAS news, and frankly, a bad ass idea, was the reveal that he isn’t any of the iterations from the comics that were boring. He’s decidedly not boring. He’s EGO THE LIVING FUCKING PLANET. Refresher on WTF: … explained/

Though, I will say, drab outfit for a god-celestial-body. First Mordo and now this.
Fear not color, this be Marvel!

Less appealing: Sly Stallone was also confirmed. … laxy-vol-2


ITEM: People seem upset about Killing Joke. I mean, more upset than when the book came out and Batgirl was critically assaulted. We forget that, in this girlfriends-in-fridges era. Anyway, people are upset because: the animation doesn’t look consistent with the comic, the story has been changed… and now, apparently because, in an attempt to recover some interest in the production, DC had a panel at SDCC and revealed that… Batgirl is a violence fetishist and is (trying to) do the sweet hook-ups. OUTRAGE! Ha


ITEM: My man Aiden Gillen is tapped to play a veteran spy in a new BBC series based on John Le Carré’s ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’. I’m stoked! Can’t wait to see it…


ITEM: The Saint of Killers is coming to Preacher (current day, anyway) FINALLY… although maybe this happened Sunday, not sure, I stream, I’ve been gone, what can I tole you. Still.
RAD! … 1784180364


ITEM: More info on Black Panther…
“Michael B. Jordan will be playing T’Challa’s archenemesis Erik Killmonger, the genius insurgent who’s destabilized Wakanda multiple times in the comics. Nyong’o will be playing the role of Nakia, a member of of the Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s all-female honor guard. Danai Gurira—who plays Michonne on The Walking Dead tv show—will be embodying the character of Okoye, described as the leader of the Dora Milaje.”

How dope is it to see all the diverse casting on stage all at once in some of those Hall H photos? Different ethnicities and genders all over the place. Since I’m not a Nazi, I love it! … 1784202425


ITEM: I’m the first to admit I was heavily disinterested in the Legion series… I don’t like the character, don’t like what this network does to interesting programming, don’t like hearing that it appears to be completely divorced from any other MCU or MTVU continuity… but let me tell you, seeing the trailer? I’m on board. … 1784196057


ITEM: Probably the most interesting thing to come out of the Spider-Man: Homecoming panel was seeing concept art of Vulture. … 1784197623


ITEM: STILL down with Doctor Strange. Even MORE down. Love what I’m seeing in the trailer. Love what I’m seeing of the cast. Love the running on waves of buildings. Love everything. … 1784197511

Random detail I LOVE: how his cape flicks up and sort clamps on, magically. Subtle reference to the power he uses being second nature at that point. Like when he’s floating around or sitting in mid-air in the comics.

That’s all from the weekend. And now, whisky for breakfast.

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The Family Solo and other things 10 Feb 2016

This is for what Photoshop was invented.

In other news…

1. A not so subtle reminder of the wildly uneven design choices in the MCU Cap uniforms. I prefer the original, and the Winter Soldier. The others bother me for various reasons. Coincidentally, or not, I’ve only drawn those two versions.

2. These are the donuts I resisted a few weeks back when doing a donut hole run for my kids. Look at that bacon maple bar. JUST LOOK.

3. This, from an IG account of a friend in Indonesia. I love the idea of Stormtroopers kissing the ring… of DEATH! I picture it like a little mini deathstar.

4. Best shirt ever involving Lovecraft and piss beer.

5. My kids have these sticky, stretchy, ‘wall crawler’ robots. Look what I spotted on the ceiling the other day, just randomly hanging out.

6. Ironlung spotted this one. Pretty great, but I suspect my Ello Asty is not a good choice, which is a shame. … -Gear.html

7. I wasn’t a superfan of Dan Stevens, either on Downton Abbey, or upon his abrupt exit from the show (a la David Caruso and HIS dreams of big breaks) so his return to TV in this series isn’t interesting to me. However, I WAS surprised that this was Aubrey Plaza’s next role… … ies-legion

8. While there’s more to this than simply tying a rope to your iphone… it remains a surprisingly simple and awesome video hack. The footage is boring, but what a neat concept… I might try this on my bike, with a GoPro… for science. On a steep winding descent. Before I ghost. … 1757316759

9. Great look at the new ECTO-1 released for the film… and a demon, the first bugaboo I’ve seen so far.

10. Unnecessary, absolutely. But I smell future! … sla-2016-2

Thats it, kids! Back to sticking quarters up your vintage SW figure crotches. FOR SCIENCE!

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