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Deep Fakes and Roguish Rakes – Robots Root 19 Oct 2018

Listen, I’ve been advocating for Han Solo loud and long, but I have to say, it’s surreal and delightful to see this deep fake amalgamation of a youngish Harrison Ford’s face onto this footage.

That said, somewhere in space, this may all be happening right NOW:

  • I wasn’t interested in the Kid Who Would be King until I realized Attack the Block’s Joe Cornish is directing it. So there might be some interesting there there.
  • This piece on nostalgic memory vs reality in comics is a good one: like the writer, I too favored Dakota North at the time, despite not really understanding why. Or rather, for specific reasons beyond the character and story. Because unlike the writer, i DID read the books and still have them, and I hated the art and the story. But I liked the use of a non-supers character in an unusual environment (spy + fashion) for a genre, and also, I really liked the haircut in the banner image. I used her a number of times in the Marvel RPG.
  • Speaking of Marvel, here’s your first live-action view of that new Spidey Suit. Plus parkour. No pressure, dude.
  • What are the chances the Joker film is trolling snoops with this 60’s Batman era Batmobile?
  • I really dig this new Daredevil S03 poster. I LOT. It’s evocative on a number of levels.
  • I only read a few paragraphs of this Prospect review, as I plan to see it with as open mind as possible (already accidentally spoiled something for myself within, dammit tole) but here you go.
  • I’m not a follower of the DC CW stuff, but points for including the black costume for Superman that we should have had in Batman V Superman.
  • Anti-zombie tips you can follow along with at home. I mean, I hope you don’t have to. But still, can’t hurt.
  • I’m not sure what is more news news here: that Flash is delayed, or that WB confirmed they are dumping Cavill and Affleck. I mean, it’s not really news. But still, I’m disappointed. I liked both of those guys.
  • Honest Thief is already an interesting premise (sort of an anti-Heat) but that it comes from the producer’s of the excellent Ozark… even better!

  • Here’s a pretty aesthetically pleasing Battle Angel- Alita poster. I’m into it.
  • Legit fourth wall action here, Sean Bean being the target in the Hitman 2 game.
  • A brief history of Mandalorian representation in canon… it’s all over the place.

That’s all for tonight. Dream of jetpacks and young rogues…

Too Bad he Won’t Live! – Robots Root 8 May 2017

Oh hai, new favorite film ever for today:


Thus, Robot’s Root for 8 may 2017:

  • More undefined, unscheduled planning for a sequel to All You Need is Tole. Everyone is psyched, they all said! It will be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat, they all said. Random extension of a title that was itself a lesser rename of a better original title, and which was later abandoned for an even more mundane title. But look, whatever. As long as we get more powered armored Emily Blunt, I’m in.
  • Existential Pokemon crisis of some kind.
  • Drunk Rick from Rick and Morty… drunk.
  • Insidious racial slur or just myopic graphic design? The latter, srsly. But again, srsly, you had ONE JOB.
  • Uh-oh. I don’t care I already have incredibly expensive tickets and I’m going to love it FFS one way or another.
  • epic used car ad. E P I C.
  • What a trip. I remember most of it. Star Tours!
  • When stars act like we imagine they should, instead of how they usually do.
  • Who want’s a megaton of weird Akira production stuff? I do.
  • What I liked about this segment was how honestly overstimulated Adam Scott was. That was no set-up gag. He’s shaking.

And with that, I leave you to investigate your incept date.