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Fett’s Vette – 7 October 2018

Quick snap! No sooner than I posted the news from yesterday regarding the Mandalorian, they released the first photo and the director list. Both are pretty awesome. I do wonder at YET ONE MORE BROWN BLECHHH but the armor looks cool and the smooth helmet is a nice touch. I’m into it. It seems like they are going for an anthology vibe in tone, given that we have a wide range of styles present in these directors… Taika Waititi?!? So, optimistically this could be nuanced and pessimistically, worst-case, it will be like X-Files, like Kris said last night, where only the eccentric episodes are worth revisiting.

Thus, in space, this may be happening:

  • Lobo has finally been presented in live action… that Deadpool of the 80s… and he has… a top-knot… this looks very Monster Magnet, doesn’t it?
  • We talked about this on last night’s pod, but Chris Evans is sure heavily sayonara-ing it with his tweet. But I contend thats the sort of thing Marvel would have him do, regardless of what is happening in Avengers 4. Believe nothing. And everything!
  • Here’s 5 minutes of Aquaman for you. I’m trying to not watch any more trailers or content, but it’s probably hopeless…
  • Wait… this guy was working on this Lego model for almost as long as the actual construction. He must have started the minute the images for the planning department presentation were leaked.
  • I don’t make it out to the comic shops these days, but this new anthology of Ghost in the Shell material by guest creators is pretty amazing. I like what I see!
  • I REALLY need to see Ant-Man and Wasp again.

And with that, I leave you with a carefully curated collection of nightmare toilets.

Strictly Look Upons and other things 17 Mar 2016

As if we didn’t have enough to look forward to on TV in 2016… … nbreakable

In other news…

1. WELP.

2. I’m no fan of Sally Field, but she tells it like it is, I’ll give her that… … rtainment&
Gosh. When I saw ASM2, my bias against Field and my obsession-ish with Stone made me want sort of an inverse in their experiences.

3. The Evil-Lyn sculpt by these guys might be the best of the Masters of the Universe stuff yet. Lung specifically pointed me to the back tattoos, which is such a great detail. I’ve only seen this as a digital mockup in earlier production, so it’s neat to see the finished piece and the dark colors in the paint choices. … #/slide/10

4. Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) is apparently writing the Lobo film with Brad Peyton directing. I haven’t seen San Andreas so I’m not sure about the director, but I have even less interest in this character than I did Deadpool (for obviously similar contextual reasoning) but who knows… … reenwriter

5. Youtube person Clisare did a good video about the surreal misappropriation of Irish culture on St. Patrick’s Day… but heading over to her channel, she’s got several other good ones as well…

6. According to this Han Solo shortlist, Alden Ehrenreich is getting close… he’s the only one I can handle out of this set so far, and only because he sold me in Hail, Caesar!. … -shortlist

7. Of the I suppose $22M worth of vehicles Jerry Seinfeld just auctioned off, my easy favorite is this rare Type 2 with kitchen. WANNNNNT. I’m working on the $99K right now. No I’m not. … 889423.php

8. Sausage Party already looks amazing, and the thing only has a rough cut. I tolly thought this was a stoner prank Rogen dropped in an interview that got out of hand. But it looks A M A Z I N G. MY FOOKIN SKIN!!!!! … -ho-233791

9. The best trip yet down the Buzzfeed K-hole. Unbelievable. My fingers are my arms’ arms! … .shl4JB6gk

10. Finally, Deadpool just surpassed Iron Man. It’s just… I mean, it’s sort of like the anti-trump effect. Same sort of momentum that seemed SO unlikely. … -iron-man/

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