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Have You Ever Danced With Shermin-Williams in the Pale Moonlight? – Robot’s Root 11 Feb 2018

I don’t know what to make of this Todd Phillips 80s Pre-Joker movie with Jaoquin Phoenix. I mean, I like when they experiment. But DCEU has such a low track record as far as experimenting with VISION. On the other hand, a film about that whole Vision Family in Suburbia book would be legendary. The image above, though, from a set of fan arts, really appeals to me… or peels… I love the flaking paint situation happening.


Meanwhile, these things:

  • When your director backs out of He-Man because they’re too busy with… Krypton… then you KNOW its serious.
  • Even deleted scenes are hilarious. Ragnarok still owns me.
  • This deleted scene from JL is actually pretty good, from a world-building standpoint. It shows a newly revived Kal-El wandering the halls of his old ship, and as he approaches, it automatically offers various resources for him, including the all-black supersuit and the Kryptonian battle armor… internally consistent-ish with Man of Steel. I appreciate that.
  • The winner of that huge 10-year Class Photo MCU situation is clearly Benedict Wong, because player brought a pocket watch on a vest chain.
  • More stuff showing consistency with the McQuarrie front end on the Falcon. Even if it is all part of the longer front end ‘docking module’ which works fine for me, I just don’t know what to make of images like this, below, where it’s longer but there’s a slot. Maybe the central spine is also a modular element than can be removed, separately from the longer vice clamp bits. Maybe, though, these other images are just earlier in the production design… or possibly fake. These days, who knows. This example below, which has been around for months, is the most mystifying. It looks too consistent to be a total fake, so I wonder if it was just earlier in the production. Because it deviates too much from what we’ve seen now. Wrong dish antenna, different front end, no blue and white paint… it does have the turret.

That’s enough for today. Back to rolling housepaint over my face to appear edgy.

Tactical Combat Hair – Robots Root 31 July 2017

Well, the unfortunately named Zazie Beetz sure looks great as Domino… and this promo image was a clever callback to the first film’s promos… there are a few head shots of her tonight floating around as well. The domino white oval situation is actually kind of interestingly designed, asymmetric…

Meanwhile, I tole you:

Robots Root!

  • I like the carbon fibery one a bit. I mean, I think I like that more than the ‘tactical armor’ they went with, though I do like the film version’s bonus goggles.
  • Internet: X-Men reboots planned! Alien reboots planned! Terminator reboots planned! Me: sob
  • Kind of one of those linkbaity interviews where they asked Hayley Atwell if she’d prefer to be doing movies with marvel as Peggy Carter vs. you know, NOT. And of course she would. As would I. Prefer her, not me. Ugh. It’s late.
  • No narrator for Blade Runner 2049. Praise be, they all said.
  • Mahershala Ali finally just confirmed his True Detective inclusion, thus confirming what I will be doing when it airs.
  • First that, and now this. Yep, we are doomed.
  • Runaways will be bite sized, accessible, and not ignore the MCU. I’m cool with all of that.
  • This whole situation is why massive online gaming exists. It is PEAK NERD and I love it so much.
  • What’s this? Hans [I buy everything he does] Zimmer is taking over the Blade Runner soundtrack? YES PLS.


OK, that’s all for tonight. Tomorrow, very very very likely, a TRDL news item to be announced.

Needs More Tuning Fork – Robots Root 14 July 2017

Look, I try to be optimistic. I like Maximus the Mad and the actor playing him (the most interesting component of the Inhumans storyline in the comics) and I like the Ken Jeung KARNAK probably the most of all of the adapted designs… but the hair. THE HAIR. This header image, though, presents the Inhumans as seen in the show, but as drawn by the artist best associated with the modern Inhumans comic: Jae Lee. Just like Dillon did with Preacher and Jock did with Losers, when the comic artists redraw the characters for adapted continuity, I really enjoy it. So, now you can too!

Thus and therefore, Robot’s Root!

  • This is the best advertising for this sex club… in fact, for all of Australia, I’ve ever seen…
  • Gary Oldman is amazing. That is all.
  • Umbrella Academy is greenlit for a Netflix series. Stoked! I know of the creators, well, tangentially, from over a decade ago, through Terra Major Press.
  • Speaking of Inhumans: Who’s this mystery woman, and does she hold the secrets to somehow saving this show from itself… and that medusa wig?
  • Surprising precisely zero people, Matt Reeves is writing his own Batman script. I had optimism about the last one, but I have more now.
  • Rick and Morty awesome claymation is awesome.
  • Gang of Bad Photoshop Compositing!
  • What’s this? Typhoid Mary (maybe) in Jessica Jones S02? YES PLEASE. I like the crazy girls!*
  • Blade Runner photos. GIMME THIS NOWS
  • Well, Blake Lively has been cast in a female-driven spy vehicle. Time to learn acting…
  • More Black Panther costume radness.
  • A bunch of Gifted minivids featuring the characters. I’m always interested in how they nod to comics imagery while not doing so overtly. Such as the latest Defenders poster, with Danny Rand’s collar being flipped up, evoking his crazy 70s flare collar in the comics, or here, how Jamie Chung’s Blink turns pinking/purple only when using her power.
  • Lastly, something we’ve talked about on the Robot-Kraken Podcast before: the enticing possibility of turning Stark into a supervillain in the MCU. This post goes into a fair amount of detail positing that he will be the MCU’s Doctor Doom, which is a flawed premise, given licensing and other issues, but I still like the idea. I have trouble imagining they would flip their cash cow, but hey. From a narrative standpoint I’d be down.

*apparently, according to dating history, possibly accurate. I know people SAY that. But srs.


OK, back to working on the TRDL Sourcebooks…

Legend Has it – Robots Root 15 June 2017

Black Panther rules everything around me.

In third place (because BP needed two), we have Robot’s Root for 9 June 2017:

  • Interesting that Blomkamp feels that Chappie is his most personal, best film, but that Elysium wasn’t that great. I felt the opposite.
  • I need more Stranger Things in my life. Immediately. Thessalhydra or not.
  • Ugh, American remake of Misfits. UGH.
  • An absolutely fascinating look at the true history behind Dr. Poison’s life mask in Wonder Woman.
  • Now YOU can own Bill Paxton’s armor from Aliens. I mean, how could you live without this.
  • All this recent talk from Chris Evans about signing on beyond his contract and how Infinity War would change the MCU etc etc: yes, we get it. Cap is getting assassinated.
  • I love how Ian McShane talks up Deadwood every 6 months and how it’s in HBO’s hands. I mean, YEAH, but still, I’d rather see actual progress on the project.
  • Useful.
  • Interesting that Olivia Munn isn’t yet signed up for the new X-Men film (she was woefully underutilized in the last one) but VERY interesting that supposedly Jessica Chastain is being courted for Lilandra of the Shi-ar. I LOVE THE CONCEPT.
  • Shioli Kutsuna has been cast in Deadpool 2. So many options here. Lady Deathstrike sounds like one, but given her Wolverine and X-Men pedigree, seems an odd choice.
  • Try to imagine John Lithgow as the Joker. I can. Wow.
  • Check out this rad Big Trouble in Little China project.

OK, go run your jewels, whils Kris and I prepare for Wizard World Sacramento!


Not a Hard Time Invented That I Cannot Handle – Robots Root 12 May 2017

Guess who just got his new Heat Remastered Blu-Ray? THIS GUY. And that means… well, of course it means hunting for new sweet-as cover art. Thus!

Thus, Robot’s Root for 10 May 2017!

  • Oddly enough, while much of the viral promo material for Alien Covenant has been interesting, this was like some kid’s 10th grade CGI experiment. Unless you, you know, understood nothing about how Alien works, and reallllly needed a Neomorph’s eye view (in 360 POV) of the birthing process. Meanwhile, Scott is backing off on the 15 Alien films things

At the very least his compositions are on fire!

  • Andrew Cosby really gets me. He says the shooting script, backed by the director’s vision ultimately, for the new Hellboy is a dark line between horror and “comic book film” whatever that specifically means… all signs point to YASS. Except for Jeffrey Tambor. I mean surely Del Toro and Perlman are non-plussed, but Tambor fired a shot across the bow.
  • Kevin Fiege says Marvel and Fox share the Watchers, among other ‘races’ if not characters individually. Take from that what you will, depending on what movies you have seen recently… but what it might MIGHT mean, and I’d love it if this were so, is the back door into a Skrull Invasion in the MCU. WANT.
  • Apparently when Orcas feast on Great Whites, they carve out the liver and leave the carcass. Nightmare fuel on top of nightmare fuel.
  • The Gifted Trailer didn’t look much better than Heroes did, and the burden of Bryan Singer weighs heavy on it, especially after Fox pulled magic out of a curious hat with Legion on FX, but anyway, here’s a photo of Polaris getting shrinkwrapped in a prison jumper. I think that’s a Rule, isn’t it?
  • I just ordered the Rise of the Dungeon-Master graphic novel… I know the in’s and out’s of the creation of D&D (and the somewhat inflated mythos of Gygax) but I like supporting these sorts of semi-biographical comics. Plus depending on how it reads it might be fun for my kids later, once they’ve played and understand how real people design and build the games they play. At this point, My Little Pony Monopoly fell out of a rainbow glitter cloud.
  • What’s this? An ongoing Deadpool animated series by Donald Glover? That sounds JUST fine.
  • Also, a new Judge Dredd cartoon is in the works. If nothing else, click through for a glimpse at the promo poster. The graphics look detailed, though I don’t know if that translates to the show itself.
  • My favorite desktop screen source ever for today: interfaces in science fiction
  • Son of Zorn, we hardly knew ye. I guess that’s why it was cancelled. But I INTENDED to.
  • I didn’t watch the interview, so this may be contextually skewed or a flippant humorous response, but boy did Diane Lane fuel the MCU fans…but wait! That’s not what she meant! Or something! HA.
  • The Irishman was greenlit for $100M… with a legendary cast… for NETFLIX.

And with that, I leave you to resume your touching of alien snakes.

Three Mix Tapes Are the Proper Quantity of Mix Tapes – 21 April 2017

Well, good news if you are a Guardians fan… James Gunn is writing and directing the third film. That’s the longest contiguous production in Marvel’s history. I love it.

Robot’s Root, 21 April 2017:

  • ‘Those people who said this was as good as Empire must really be into file formats’ cue Saw throwing stink eye at his thumb drive. Pretty Honest. THEIR WEAKNESS TO STICKS.
  • Great study on ‘What Makes Always Sunny Still Funny’… I mean, YEAH, but I never really thought about how well defined the family lives of the characters were in forming their individual character traits.
  • Earthling Cinema explains The Arrival, I movie I loved, but not as much as this explanation of it.
  • Ian McShane threw HBO under the bus, saying they already have a Deadwood shooting script. GOD DAMN IOT!
  • If you enjoy Game of Thrones, and if you enjoy generating fan theories about WTF, then you may enjoy this Fan Theory Generator. I tried it out. Legit:

Petyr Baelish is secretly dead

Who wants Sansa dead? Cersei, who believes that she had a part in Joffrey’s murder. Who has been spending a lot of time with Sansa lately? Petyr Baelish. It’s possible that Cersei has sent a Faceless Man after Sansa, and this Faceless Man has killed Petyr and taken his face. He fed Sansa to the Boltons because he was dead certain (spot the pun!) that she wouldn’t survive them. She did, so now he’s hatched Plan B of being right next to her in Winterfell so that he can finally eliminate her.

  • No gusto, but I’m not the target market for a teen soap Cloak and Dagger show.
  • Best quote about why it’s better Jeff Goldblum isn’t in blueface in Thor: Ragnatole:
Goldblum has transcended acting to that place where he’s invited to films to basically be himself. Making him blue, while comics accurate, would have just put an artificial barrier between us and what is surely going to be an epic performance.
  • From Lung: The Kraken Piescraper. YUSSSS
  • You may not be the target market, but as someone who routinely plays Hans Zimmer soundtracks nearly every day, I’m disappointed to find out he actually brought the orchestra to SF when I wasn’t looking. Previously when the tour was announced it was only select cities. Anyway, I’d have definitely sprung for it. Check out the Inception performance at Coachella, otherwise known as the Burning Man for Rich Hollywood Types Who Dont Realize The Organizer Funds Anti LGBT Organization and Is Linked to the Kochs.
  • 10 more X-Files will be X-Filing away in the near future. Let’s hope they’re the good kind.
  • A rejiggered Passengers that may solve some plot points. Did I post this? Anyway I liked the film anyway. But here.
  • Much is being made of Joss Whedon saying he’s obsessed with Barbara Gordon’s ‘damage’ that led her to becoming so hardcore as Batgirl, which I think is a misnomer. He was saying it in the context of: what drives a young woman without a tragic past to enter this life, in the absence of the default everyone’s-a-superhero comics world? Not damage so much as drive. But since Gordon is linked to Killing Joke (which, at least temporarily, ENDED her Batgirl role) it immediately means everyone assumes Whedon will make Gordon a survivor of something. On the other hand, one of the best things about the Batgirl Year One series several years ago was that it effectively showed Barbara setting out as Batgirl because she wanted the thrill and the freedom. It was FUN. I’d love to see that on film.
  • The pedigree for Captain marvel is getting interesting. One writer from GoG, one from Inside Out, and co-indie directors from Mississippi Grind.
  • Mireille Enos, Greg Kinnear and Steve Buscemi have joined ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’ which adds some heft to the anthology series…

  • Lastly, I leave you with this. See you in the bunker.

Because M-16s – Robots Root 11 April 2017

Here’s Kurse using M-16s for no reason, straight out of Williamson’s Thor run… wow!

Listen, if this is a TEASER trailer, I don’t want to see any trailer trailers. I’m already sold on this film just on the pedigree of the director, the Thor roomate shorts, and the punchline in this above. And that’s saying something, as the Kirby-meets-80s-Galleria-Mall aesthetic is not my personal favorite.


Meanwhile, Robot’s Root:

  • Much knee-jerk hullabaloo has been made of Disney’s patent filings for a soft interactive robot. Westworld! They cry. However, this is basically an R/C airbag concept, so not only would I suggest we consider Baymax from Big Hero 6, which was the best thing ever, but in fact that’s the first intended application of this design: a Baymax toy. So. I’m on board!
  • Terminator is done. NO ITS NOT he says. It’s sleeping.
  • Lung teased me with the Robot Soldier toy coming out, and how, as tenuous landed gentry, we have no disposable income for such things. To hell with that, I’ve seen heist films (and none of their endings) what could go wrong.
  • According to two reference links I cannot access in Indonesia, apparently Captain Marvel will be the ‘most powerful character in the MCU’ which I certainly hope is hyperbole. I mean, I’m hot to see Brie Larson kick ass as much as the next nerd, but let’s settle down.
  • I haven’t been following ANY content-related stuff related to GitS, though I’ve certainly read about the disastrous box office, and the general criticisms. I reserve judgment for when Lung and I see it later this month. In the meantime: hilarious rework of the trailer mixed with review blips (the BAD ones)…
  • King Conan appears to be DOA. I’m disappointed. It was the best, most rational use of older Schwartzenegger (sp) in any of these films he’s doing. Aged, broken down Conan. COME ON. It would have been awesome. Oh well oh well oh well.
  • Listen, I may be the only long-time follower of the Weekly Planet podcast, but I mentioned earlier that Mr. Sunday Movies (James Clement) finally revealed himself as part of the Movember fundraiser/ podcasting network lunch event a few weeks ago. The video is up now, in addition to the early photos. The 360 camera footage is pretty amazing, BTW. I need to look into these devices. I’ve never seen a pan-style wide angle video shot and released on youtube before. It’s worth checking out for that if nothing else. I knew all that VRML work I did in 1996 would pay off… sort of…
  • Josh Boone’s New Mutants film has entered pre-production. Anyone over 40 will probably be thrilled.

Its Hot and Wet – Also, Spider-Man 08 Dec 2016


Coming to you from a storm in Honolulu… here’s the new Spidey trailer which you have surely watched 33 times. I’m quite satisfied.

Meanwhile, THIS:

– The incredibly nuanced soundtrack for Westworld is now available for free streamed from Spotify. link!

– More misc. stuff on Ghost in the Shell. I forgot to mention, I thought it was pretty savvy that they used those little scrambled clips from the film we’ve seen before, but interrupting movie theatre bumpers, during Doctor Strange… like, ‘get your popcorn and coke over th—‘ and then it blurs into geishabots… link!

And speaking of Doctor Strange (review and podcast forthcoming) it is killing it in a way I didn’t expect at all, with all the no-punching and much-talking and even-more-drug… even against a Disney film. i mean a Disney Princess film. link!

– The next X-Men movie is apparently starting production on the Dark Phoenix saga… which won’t be a saga, but a highly compressed film… which I’m actually all for because I quite liked Jean and Scott in the most recent semi-hot mess. link! and PS… I was not a fan of James Marsters as Cyclops back then, being all rigid and blank, but on Westworld he’s really great. I can’t help but imagine him playing Scott Summers in a more nuanced role, perhaps something like what happened in the comics over the last few years… the red suit and the global takeovers and the Phoenix business and the basic villainy.

– Great article on one of my favorite Marvel characters in recent years: the Latina, gay, teen Captain America Chavez. link!

Bonus, my last illustration of her:


– If you’re willing to pay for the extra content in the insidious/Darth Sidious system Sony has set up for DLC, you can play Jyn Erso in Rogue One… link!

– Nerd alert: check out the original edition of D&D… I’m always fascinated by those early days unwittingly kicking off an entire industry that was highly formative in my youth. link!

– If you liked Dexter, and you plan to pre-like Iron Fist (as I do) then you’ll find Inhumans in capable hands. link!

– If you know your George Miller Justice League that wasn’t history, you know Armie Hammer was almost in the red undies. Signs might suggest he’s heading for green ones next… link!

– Finally, I had SUCH low expectations, but Legion on FOX looks REALLY GOOD. link!

Now, the eternal sleep. Until morning. Or more TRDL work, not sure yet!

Chief of Ninja Group


That Must be So Embarrassing! – 5 Dec 2016

– So the GoG2 teaser trailer was the talk of the weekend on the interwebs. I watched it the first few times in difficult listening conditions so it’s only been today that I’ve seen it in full screen with audio. Yeah, it’s pretty glorious. And while the Grootisms are indeed awesome, the takeaway that has me laughing each time I watch is Drax, laughing about Mantis’ ‘inner secrets’ power, gleefully chanting ‘DO ME!’


– The other big trailer as of last night was The Mummy. This seemed so dodgy on paper. But I really like Tom Cruise movies and from what I’m seeing here, despite how derivative it looks, it still looks FUN. So I’m supportive. Optimism, I drink it like water and it sustains me. Unless it doesn’t. link!
Plus, bonus stuffs: link!

– Check out the new Netflix documentary on Floyd Norman, the first african-american animator at Disney. It’s a hills and valleys thing, and pretty interesting. I mean, I think it is. I just read the thing, I havent seen the doc yet. But let’s assume so. link!

– I’m not even embarrassed about wanting that snow gear parka: link!

– It’s promo material for the Thai market… so it may not be 100% but it’s close enough to know ME NO LIKEY. But whatever. My general sense is: if they make Thor into a galactic gladiator buddy road trip comedy, it can’t get any worse than the second film tonally. link!

– Spectral is a Netflix film starring James Badge Dale (?) of one time 24 fame. It was made for cinematic release and then sold to Netflix instead. Normally I’d say: not a good sign, right. But Netflix has been spending money hand over fist to buy premium content so you never know. The FX look film-grade at least. Personally, I thought they couldn’t possible make ‘unstoppable/faceless/innumerable alien attack waves’ any more boring or futile… but hey, look, GHOST ALIENS. link!

– Aquaman has a release date. Which is something, but not really. The only reason I bring it up is that it reminded me of something I keep forgetting to mention in the podcast: I get how Snyder and Wan are going for this mysterious badass thing, but thematically shouldn’t he be facing TOWARDS the camera with a giant wave behind him? link!

Thats all for today. Have fun holding your breath for two weeks! ROGUEONEROGUEONEROGUEONE

Chief of Ninja Group


Tax Collection I Can Get Behind – 28 Nov 2016

What’s this? Tom Hiddleston potentially joining his High Rise director for an adaptation of Hard Boiled? I’m in just to see them ATTEMPT this. This visual style in and of itself seems impossible to translate to film. And don’t reference Matrix and Pacific Rim. Those are tame designs in comparison. Geoff Darrow is an odd duck and totally awesome by the way as evidenced by my brief conversation with him at Rose City Comic Con. Just giving no shits. I loved it.
(full size here)

Meanwhile, a hail of bullets:

– Pacific Rim has started production. No massive kaijus spotted. What they aren’t real? HOW DARE YOU.

-They are remaking Highlander because 2016.

-Angela Basset has been cast as T’Challa’s mother in the Black Panther film. So surreal. I’ve wanted her for Storm since the days of our earliest fantasy castings. Hey, at least she’s getting a cool supers part.

-Dig this, SW fans: “Portions of the lost Michel Parbot “Making of The Empire Strikes Back” documentary. It’s never been commercially released. There was broadcast of the show once on French TV. Used here with permission from the wonderful (Take a visit for more treasures).”

– And here, the best pool art ever, from @tenhundred: “This David Bowie swimming pool mural was one of the craziest murals I have ever done.”

– And here, the world’s longest samurai sword. BEGS for anime style theft and attempted use.

– Great review of SS as a horror film, sent to me awhile back by one lung:

– Wes Anderson made _____________ see it doesn’t even matter what it is. Just watch:

– Mad Sheila might be the best worst chinese blockbuster knockoff ever for today:

That is all for today. Return to your Jaeger training immediately. Those asymmetrical limb functions for no reason won’t asymmetrically work by themselves!

Chief of Ninja Group