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Cackling in 3 Frames Per Second – Robots Root 30 June 2018

Now you too can have a laughing Prince Adam figure of your very own. Memetic!

I’m done with my Spring conventions, and now in Washington on a short vacation with the younglings. Here’s a blast of interesting somethings over the last few weeks!

  • Wonder Woman + George Orwell? You decide!
  • Everyone’s talking about that Black Manta helmet, but I’m all about Orm’s sweet hairstyle.
  • Apologists and recontextualists aside, these comments nauseated me.
  • If nothing else, Red Notice sure has an eye-catching cast.
  • You too can build an Alexa-enabled L3-37. But… should you?
  • Preacher 3 is only a week away!
  • Incredibles 2 was a hoot… and the weekend box office sure seems to indicate people realized it. It does look decidedly familiar… by design.
  • Here’s a great video of Andy Serkis discussing mocap’s evolution
  • Here’s an interesting article positing that Shazam should be the path to the future of the DCEU.
  • As someone who works in a small, pressure-cooker environment without HR and with unconventional, lets say, communication from time to time, I’ve been following the discussion on workplace abuse in Hollywood (a mechanism for talking about it not in Hollywood, of course. ie. the real world)… the sexual abuse and sexual politics are very obviously evil, but the verbal abuse has been something that creators in the entertainment industry have been forgiven for (as long as they are ‘successful’ and ‘auteurs’, my emphasis… on the one hand, some people need to be more prepared and clear about the hostile environments they are getting into, and on the other hand, people should be respectful, or there should be consequences. Interesting debate.
  • Everyone’s laughing about how they isolated Iron Fist knowingly. I just loved that they included Colleen Wing!


More to come!


At Least They Have a Spare – 14 Dec 2016


“At least they have a spare.”
“Bespin, a planet made of matte paintings…”
Oh, it’s good.

Meanwhile, in space:

– So, Ayers is returning for a Gotham Sirens film, PLUS apparently we have an SS sequel and a Deadshot film on the books. And by books, I mean they wrote it down on a Steno pad somewhere and then circled the words and underlined them furiously. link!

– My favorite wrong thing ever for today: Tsum Tsum Star Wars plushies WITHIN A DISEMBOWELED Tauntaun. link!

– Dunkirk full trailer is out. I’ve tired of war movies, because deaths, but Nolan, so. link!

– Despicable Me 3 trailer is out, only notable here because I have to watch these with my kids 33 times, and frankly I thought the original DM was pretty good, design wise. link!

– Patrick Wilson has been cast as the Ocean Master. THE OCEAN MASTER! See, this is the problem I have with solo films around characters defined by their powers, and set in the environment in which they are the center of the design universe. Flash with a bunch of speedster characters, Arrow with a bunch of archers, etc. An undersea Atlantean movie with goofy Aquaman villains could be tiresome quickly. link!

– The OA is the next secret Netflix show to appear out of nowhere. It’s really astounding they’ve been able to pull off this secret production stuff. So far, anyway. link!

– Powerless (NBC) is now set in an insurance company owned by Wayne Enterprises, which is a heavy-handed way to pull this into the DCU or DCCU or whatever it ends up aligning to… Wayne doesn’t have to own EVERYTHING. link!


– Paolo Del Toro’s ‘Strange Wooden Boxes’ are pretty awesome. WANT THE BAT for no reason. link!

That’s all for now! Back to work polishing your Death Trooper armor.

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