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No Good to Me Dead – Robots Root 25 May 2018

Mangold… on board Boba Fett?!? I mean, look: I’m part of the generation of fans that irrationally LOVES Boba Fett, but not part of the generation of fans that loves all those clone business. But if they took the right approach, this could be a pretty innovative piece of the extended SW saga. I want a heist and hunt film, come on!

Meanwhile, these items:

  • Regina King leads a new cast for the Watchmen series on HBO, and while the interwebs seem upset that they aren’t just retelling the same story as the film (and book) I’m looking forward to a story set post-Manhattan in the same continuity. Optimism alert!
  • One of my favorite touches in Deadpool 2 was the inclusion of queer characters where it wasn’t a thing. It wasn’t NOT a thing, either. It was about as controversial as Negasonic moving from one hawt haircut to another, as it should be. More on that when we release the Robot-Kraken Podcast, but look, none of it matters, as far as the haters go, and it REALLY matters, as representation for others, so I’m down.
  • Matt Groening’s Disenchantment. What do you think?
  • Predator = Iron Man 3 + Dark Knight
  • The music is a departure, but everything else is spot on. Preacher S03!
  • Nothing is confirmed until its confirmed, but supposedly non-Batman may be joining previous-Batman in Spidey 2
  • Thanks Comcast. Thanks again. And for SPORTS.
  • One half of this John Wick 3 news is acceptable.
  • OK no joke: the finale of Six Feet Under’s final moments still haunts me. It just wrecked me. Somehow the Simpsons parody STILL has an effect.

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Make Mine McQuarrie: Robots Root 22 Dec 2017

This lovely fan film features the original Mcquarrie designs for Star Wars, and it’s glorious. I love it. I have some of these figures from a series that was released some years back.

Meanwhile, an accidentally delayed Robot’s Root! The scheduling module on the site failed… sorry for the radio silence…

  • Surprising precisely no one, Simon Stålenhag’s Electric State has been optioned, to be adapted/written by the crew from the Russos’ Cap films and helmed by the director of IT. This is all very good. I slavishly adore that book. I don’t even own it, thanks to a shipping mishap. But I will.
  • The new Hawk and Dove designs are OK I guess. Seem pretty consistent with the look of the earlier Robin designed that we saw. I’m nonplussed by the image distortion and filtering in this pic that makes Minka Kelly look like she has a hairy chin, but to be fair, I’m nonplussed by any iteration of a superhero Minka Kelly that covers up this much of her beautiful complexion. Too bad about that wig.
  • Donnie Yen’s Chasing the Dragon was already out when I was in Indonesia last month. It looked really good. I go back in January, and may catch it there, then. Because. Donnie Yen. Wide collars.
  • Of course, the news of the week was that the Disney yard sale collection of Fox’s film properties went through. ‘RAG AN’ BONNNNNE!’ “We can use em!” Sorry. Anyway, everyone’s fixated on X-Men and FF coming to the MCU, but hey, look at all the other properties… Family Guy? Simpsons? Serenity? And what about the fate of streaming services like Hulu, as Disney prepares their own streaming service… it’s an exciting and sobering time for fans and creators alike.
  • I don’t remember if I said it in the podcast, but I certainly have yelled it into abandoned alleys as I staggered around the city… they should have given reincarnated Superman a full beard. That would have solved everything.
  • Ronald D Moore, who revitalized BSG before famously having no plan to resolve the series after the writer’s strike, has been hired to do a space race series for Apple. He also looks different, but hey, so say we all.
  • Brubaker’s Kill or be Killed has been greenlit, to be helmed by the director of John Wick. That’s a good fit!
  • Punisher S02 is greenlit. That may have seemed like a foregone conclusion a year ago, but with all the controversy this year, it’s welcome news. I really enjoyed the bulk of the series.
  • Woody Harrelson has joined the Venom film production. In my book, that generally improves a thing.
  • Two new noir projects are in development by Guillermo del Toro’s production company, one of which being a carnival thriller. Stoked!
  • You’ve seen this by now, but this is the Harry Potter chapter written by predictive type. It’s amazing.
  • You may be able to hear my children squee from here.

Bat Vehicle Appreciation and other things 17 Feb 2016

Still thinking about the latest Batman Movie Masquerading as a Superman Movie… I really like the Bat vehicles. I mean, they can’t hold a candle to the Nolanverse stuff, but for this world and what he’s doing with it, I’m digging it. The diving board action of the Bat plane… and the way these gull wing doors swoop open and give that familiar bat motif… but with cannons…

Anyway, other things happened:

1. Tim Miller moments mount: With all the Deadpool heat, a lot of film fans are seeing Miller like an unknown that came out of nowhere. I was aware of his FX background but didn’t have much of a sense of what he had done. Today, we’ve got some cool stuff floating around that broadens that background a bit.

Remember this? The 6 minute mini-movie introducing the DC Universe game? I loved it so much when it came out, and rewatching it today, I’m very focused on how he uses scale and handicam style focus to make you feel like you are part of the action (especially with the giant)…

And speaking of those same tricks (including a giant) here’s a series of three animated shorts commissioned by Marvel prior to launching the MCU Phase 1, as a means of increasing awareness about Iron Man as a character. Too much! Love it… and how trippy is it that it seems to foreshadow a lot of the first Avengers film? … tim-miller


2. Here’s the first proper pic from Guardians of the Galaxy 2… or promo image… or what have you. Stoked to see lil’ Groot there. And Saldana’s wicked cyberheels…


3. I remain optimistic about the new Ghostbusters… but Mayhem looks…OK (we saw him in the Lego stuff last week)… but Rowan? I mean… … s-revealed


4. Lung sent me this amazing short, Cthupid, by Giovanni Braggio. I’ve watched it thrice. The only thing better than her taking photos is the sound FX in general…


5. Look, if money weren’t an issue, I’d happily drop cash for an electric resto of an old air-cooled Type II… … obus-video


6. Read about this one right before we started recording last night, and we talked about it briefly…
it’s a very future is now moment. I’m not sure if pop culture ate itself or whatever, but I’m fascinated. … sf21025998


7. A great think piece from Cracked* on how Us Vs. Them psychology explains a lot about how seemingly rational people get caught up in seemingly irrational causes and beliefs. … id-things/

*and how nuts is it that Cracked is now consistently thought-provoking?!


Finally, I leave you with Funko Golden Girls, because reasons.

8. … -treatment

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