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Kellys Got My Number – Robots Root 16 January 2018

Look, I haven’t seen ANY of the Ash vs. Evil Dead series, but this photo of a character called Kelly, played by Dana DeLorenzo, sold me.

Meanwhile, some Robot’s Root… as we prepare to prepare for Heroes and Villains Fanfest / Walker Stalker Con…

  • Surprising precisely no one, Krypton looks like garbage.
  • More Altered Carbon, this time a full trailer. I did not expect the man out of time situation.
  • Another day, another Director defection from Gambit. This, just as Fox released the schedule for the upcoming supers films in active development. It’s still pretty strange that Fox is putting Deadpool 2 within two weeks of Han Solo. Even if the negotiations for final contract on the merger/sale are going to take years, you’d think they’d already be moving these projects a bit farther apart…
  • Natalie Portman just hopped onto Pale Blue Dot, replacing Reese Witherspoon who remains producer. I love ‘affected-astronaut’ stories. They sort of remind me of the ‘haunted sailor’ thing from the 1700s-1800s…
  • Duncan Jones’ Mute hits Netflix next month, along with Altered Carbon. I’m never leaving the house. Except for when I leave the house.
  • It’s early yet, so I’ll be convinced when it’s officially greenlit, but the Black Widow film has been assigned a screenwriter, which is 100% more than they’ve done on this project so far. And, while I would prefer an espionage film similar in tone to Winter Soldier, it sounds like it might be a Lady Liberators situation.
  • I watched the entire thing with Maisie Williams on the show, and it was delightful.
  • They Were Never Here looks AAAAAMAZING
  • I missed the window on this, but be advised:
  • A Shane Black Avengers (60s version?) YES PLEASE.
  • More optimistic talk about the Deadwood film… which I’ll totally accept as fact at this point, because I NEED it.
  • I sold a few prints of Superman: Red Son this weekend, probably a little bit driven by this news
  • Ridley Scott’s The Terror series on AMC feels tailor-made for me. 1800s arctic naval suspense thriller with monster stalkery? YES.
  • These are amazing: Desktop dumpsters, sized for magazines and thereabouts. Ready for your graffiti skills. Or skillz, if you are young (or too old)… and while we’re at it, I also need a Vestaboard, THANKS.

We’re recovering from Heroes and Villains Fanfest/ Walker Stalker Con, but more to follow, including a show roundup…

Imagine Black Widow Playsets with No Widow Figures 16 Aug 02

Joss Whedon (sort of) wants to do a Black Widow film. The question is: good or bad idea? Based on the two Avengers films, maybe not good. But given that those both existed in an era of executive interference that by all intents and purposes seems dramatically changed, based on the Russo material, maybe given some room to maneuver, he could produce something interesting. All I want is Widow plus say Hawkeye or one other, in a tight espionage film. Frankly, just more of Winter Soldier, really. Anyway, just hypothetical, but it certainly IS damn time. … 1784222804


ITEM: Based on Feige’s comments, it appears the Eye of Agamotto may be the Time gem. … c-universe


ITEM: Willem Dafoe will voice Shinigami in the Death Note film adaptation. Great news!
But wait, what? … -shinigami

Oh, this:
Death Note, via wiki:

Here’s the scene from the 2007 Japanese series that I used to see screencapped here and there and it would freak me the living FUCK out.


ITEM: Look, after his run on Preacher, I would watch ANYTHING with Jackie Earl Haley, who has become one of my favorite character actors. I mean, when he was using his Texan accent on Preacher I didn’t want him to stop talking. The accent, the mannerisms, everything. … the-terror


ITEM: So yeah, pretty obviously the new ST ship design is pulled from the old McQuarrie design work. However, I always felt this wasn’t good stuff. Not just because of what we are used to from ST design language that followed, but because of the harsh geometry of the designs. I do like asteroid bases though. … 1976-1977/


ITEM: Apparently Elden Henson will be in Defenders. Because how could he not be. Anyway, slow news day. … -defenders


ITEM: How the story of Maurice DeJean’s seduction during the Cold War hasn’t been made into a movie, I cannot even. … ll-go.html


ITEM: law enforcement has contracted with a company to 3d print the fingerprints of a user in order to attempt to unlock their phone. Granted, the way Touch ID works makes this unlikely to succeed (you dont’ do it within 72 hours and it will require password again)… but if that isn’t [scary] cyberpunk, what is?

Oh, well, THIS, I suppose. She allured in Ex Machina… here she is one step further…

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