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You Have 3 Seconds to Comply: Robots Root 11 April 2018


Dig this new Mondo poster: ROBOCOP by Josan Gonzalez

Meanwhile, in space, all of this is happening right now!

  • Taika Waititi confirmed that he’s not adapting the Akira film, but rather going after the voluminous book series. I find that interesting. There’s so much more THERE there, and also gives him more to do than just a remake.
  • Speaking of ambitious, Apple is adapting the I, Robot series of works from Isaac Asimov.
  • Woody Harrelson may or may not be playing Carnage in the Venom film. I say DO IT.
  • Transformers cartoon opening credits, shot with the toys in stop-motion WINNNNNNS.
  • The Deadwood film production just got a tax credit. This gives them a timetable, which is a good thing.
  • Christina Hodson has been named as the new Batgirl writer. This is also a good thing.
  • Boss Level sounds really neat or really terrible.
  • If you want to know secret stuff that isn’t surprising stuff, regarding Iron Spidey in Avengers: Infinity War, read on. In other Marvel news, I think this poster shot shows that Evangeline Lily should have been a Marvel heroine years and years ago. She looks really motivated.
  • Eric Bana is set to star in the first season of Dirty John, some sort of anthology-based true crime show on Bravo that isn’t True Detective on HBO, and inexplicably features a character name as the title, which begs questions about it’s anthology nature.
  • This is pissing all the right people off: Westworld creators said they’d let Reddit superfans in on the active development of S02, which starts later this month… they announced a few days ago that their plan was to circumvent the huge hunt for answers and easter eggs and spoilers by actually giving the subreddit access to a video that explains the S02 plot, so they can opt-in if desired, as long as they keep it to themselves and don’t leak it to mainstream press. Then last night they released a video, which ended up being an elaborate Rick-Roll… LITERALLY… I love it. Speaking of, you know I’m down with S02’s Shogunworld.
  • The Shazam costume may or may not be objectively bad… but I liked Zachari Levi’s comments about the intrinsic insecurity of pre-haters.
  • I was totally into it, until I realized the pilot’s legs are fake and its just a stilt construct. I mean, not JUST, but you know.
  • Moviepass users (aka Deeply Dapper) rejoice: AMC theaters were just unlocked. That’s pretty huge.
  • The BBC is launching a big budget early 20s adaptation of War of the Worlds. I’m 300% on board…
  • I initially dismissed Bosslogic’s manip of Krasinski and Blunt as Reed and Sue of the FF as being too current, given the obsession with their current film… but looking at it more closely, I’d be down with all of these casting ideas. I still think Richards needs to be older, greying and aloof… but even more than that, they need to be a believable couple… and this pair have proven they can be, on screen…
  • More featurette film stuff from Isle of Dogs, this time about the real on-set canine crew….
  • Finally, trailer roundup:
    • The Meg, which I always assumed would be terrible, actually amused me. So much reminding me of Jaws 3 in 3D… but also Deep Blue Sea, which I actually never saw. I do love 4th wall characters like Rainn Wilson’s one here, just saying it like it is.
    • Similarly, I dismissed Upgrade when the teaser came out awhile back as being a B-movie… but it does have some interesting elements in it. Logan Marshall-Green affects an unusual stance when the AI is doing the fighting for him, almost a hangjawed expression and slouched neck against a rigid posture, but he was Shocker #1 in Homecoming and soldier X in Prometheus, so let’s give it a shot.
    • Terminal appears to be based on a pitch like: “Imagine Atomic Blonde but with Margot Robbie and made to look like Lock Stock plus we’ll include one of those actors even, for authenticity“… but I’m still on board.

Make Mine McQuarrie: Robots Root 22 Dec 2017

This lovely fan film features the original Mcquarrie designs for Star Wars, and it’s glorious. I love it. I have some of these figures from a series that was released some years back.

Meanwhile, an accidentally delayed Robot’s Root! The scheduling module on the site failed… sorry for the radio silence…

  • Surprising precisely no one, Simon Stålenhag’s Electric State has been optioned, to be adapted/written by the crew from the Russos’ Cap films and helmed by the director of IT. This is all very good. I slavishly adore that book. I don’t even own it, thanks to a shipping mishap. But I will.
  • The new Hawk and Dove designs are OK I guess. Seem pretty consistent with the look of the earlier Robin designed that we saw. I’m nonplussed by the image distortion and filtering in this pic that makes Minka Kelly look like she has a hairy chin, but to be fair, I’m nonplussed by any iteration of a superhero Minka Kelly that covers up this much of her beautiful complexion. Too bad about that wig.
  • Donnie Yen’s Chasing the Dragon was already out when I was in Indonesia last month. It looked really good. I go back in January, and may catch it there, then. Because. Donnie Yen. Wide collars.
  • Of course, the news of the week was that the Disney yard sale collection of Fox’s film properties went through. ‘RAG AN’ BONNNNNE!’ “We can use em!” Sorry. Anyway, everyone’s fixated on X-Men and FF coming to the MCU, but hey, look at all the other properties… Family Guy? Simpsons? Serenity? And what about the fate of streaming services like Hulu, as Disney prepares their own streaming service… it’s an exciting and sobering time for fans and creators alike.
  • I don’t remember if I said it in the podcast, but I certainly have yelled it into abandoned alleys as I staggered around the city… they should have given reincarnated Superman a full beard. That would have solved everything.
  • Ronald D Moore, who revitalized BSG before famously having no plan to resolve the series after the writer’s strike, has been hired to do a space race series for Apple. He also looks different, but hey, so say we all.
  • Brubaker’s Kill or be Killed has been greenlit, to be helmed by the director of John Wick. That’s a good fit!
  • Punisher S02 is greenlit. That may have seemed like a foregone conclusion a year ago, but with all the controversy this year, it’s welcome news. I really enjoyed the bulk of the series.
  • Woody Harrelson has joined the Venom film production. In my book, that generally improves a thing.
  • Two new noir projects are in development by Guillermo del Toro’s production company, one of which being a carnival thriller. Stoked!
  • You’ve seen this by now, but this is the Harry Potter chapter written by predictive type. It’s amazing.
  • You may be able to hear my children squee from here.

Oh Ahm Not Gonna Kill Ya – This Just Happened 170124

Ayers now admits he wishes he made the Joker the main villain in SS. I only bring this up because well YEAH. link!


– You’ve seen the pics of Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and Pierce Brosnan hamming it up, which led to rampant speculation that Brosnan is the Cable casting. Here’s a Bosslogic manip to test it out. I’m actually not opposed to this idea. I think if you set aside all the 90’s muscle and bravado, Cable needs to be gritty, humorless, and a boss. Works. link!

– Call of Cthulhu for PS4 en rte! link!

– Here’s a black-costume Superman for you, based on a supposed set sneak. It’s the second time we’ve seen something alluding to our looking blatantly like the Superman suit in black, and it obviously happened in the comics. I’m fine with it. It’s Kryptonian. Maybe the color bleeds out when the wearer is sucking up solar power from it on a cellular level? Huh? Send me my check! link!

– Inhumans IMAX, from the director that brought you… Scorpion King 3… uh. link!

– You may have been successfully trolled by the first sneak trailer info for Santa Clarita, as I was. Trust me, go back and watch the proper trailer now. It looks GOOD. Well played, marketing company! link!

– Woody Harrison claims with an affirmative declaration that his character in Han Solo is Garris Shrike. However, aside from that being EU canon, it doesn’t sound like something requiring thinking about, and DOES sound like Harrelson, rather, thinking about what to do without running afoul of his NDA… so, lying seems pretty viable. link!

– Logan is supposedly not directly in continuity. Which is, what, even, these days, I don’t even. link!

Also; that comic she snatched? Commissioned for the film drawn by Dan Pagosian. Nice that they actually went with a known creator rather than the usual Hollywood angle of paying the art department to create what the comics guys would do better, faster, and with more dignity. Even if it is The Adventures of Rogue Falling. link!

Oh! I never shared the trailer that launched the other day! SO GOOD

– New Arthur trailer, now with giant boss level monsters. link!

And now, bonus bits:


Still one of my favorite posters in recent memory

A much better Bosslogic manip than his first one. Inspiring…

Finally, a great cover by Dave Johnson

Chief of Ninja Group


This Just Happened: Arrested Development S05 and Other Things


AD Season 5 is 99.99999% a Go! Or it’s not. But I think it is.

Meanwhile, these happened:

– The Coen Brothers are venturing into TV, or at least a TV/film hybrid. I’m on board, and they haven’t even revealed anything about the subject matter. `link!

– On the one hand, I’m disappointed that the Lucas Museum’s final home is LA; SF REALLY BLEW IT ON THIS ONE. On the other hand, still accessible. link!

– Woody Harrelson is now officially on board Han Solo. What an interesting cast this is shaping up to be! I do wonder if he will be rotoscoped… link!

– Peter Dinklage circling the next two Avengers films? First: YES. Second: who? Puck? voice work for another character? I’m curious. link!

– I’m not sure there’s much HERE here, but supposedly the new X-Men TV Series in development will dovetail with the MCU. Which MCU: the fox X-Men stuff or the Marvel stuff? Doesn’t really work either way, but presumably will be like Agents of SHIELD and make references in one direction and then run with whatever. They are neck deep in a Jacosta/LMD storyline and just referenced Dr Strange in a subtle way. link!

– The OAV of Ghost in the Shell will have a theatrical release prior to the new film. Good call! link!

– James Gunn has a sweet Moon Knight film concept he says… but no time to do it. #GODDAMNCHARLIE link!

– BRB gotta build one for my bike real quick: link! ADIOS!


Excellent X-23 cosplay by Thormary


Excellent WW piece by Lucas Wernick

Perfect synopsis of the Punisher in Netflix MU…

Big birthday this week

Finally, she’s gorgeous enough I can almost except the irrational sculpted bosom armor.

And now, back to my V-K test…

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multiPost 002 – 9 Jan 2017


Well, this concept art proves that Ryan Gosling as Doctor Strange would have been the wrong choice. Sometimes I felt like Benedict Cumberbatch felt a little too egotistically knowing as Stephen Strange, and not passive enough (meaning that my read of the character from the comics has always been that he has one foot in the other dimensions, one here, and was very formal and polite in his responses to people; the movie version is RDJR lite) but as much as I love watching Gosling, and I DO, the brows don’t have it. I WOULD love him as another character though.


– Eagle-eyed fans believe that this shot from Jyn Erso’s flashbacks suggest she was in Padme’s apartment on Coruscant. I think it was just a re-use of a matte painting FFS. In the post Lostian world, not every thing is a thing. link!

– Spider-Man suit upgrades formally detailed here! I hope they don’t go overboard.

– I don’t know what to make of this photo. Cyborg looks like a Michael Bay Transformer cluttered mess, Flash looks bendy, Bats looks massive and WW frail. It’s just a screenshot. link!

– Look! Actress had orange hair once, references old animated property, internets go WILD! link!

– Oddly, there was more rejiggering than usual on DC’s Powerless. It’s now Better Off Ted apparently. link!

– I’m so down with MUTE I can’t even. link!

– Jeremy Renner wants a Black Widow/ Hawkeye film, because of course he does. But we all do. The team ups are what make the Marvel films so great, and these two are a good fit for a spin-off film, thematically. I’d be on board. Also, paychecks! link!

– Behold the plushy Beholder! link!

– I waited a few days on this one, to see if it would be debunked, but nothing yet: Woody Harrelson as Han Solo’s mentor? link!

That’s all for today! As a reminder, the current TRDL Art Jam is The Wolverine [X-23] and the latest podcast for Robot-Kraken, the first for 2017, is now available!

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