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Cheesesteak Cheese Sauce Gumming up My Bricks – Root 5 June 2018


  • BRICSBURGH. That’s inspired.
  • I was expecting to dislike the VANS X MARVEL collaboration, because I was a Vision kid, basically, so how could we not have the synchronicity of Vision Visions?! But anyway, the Black Panther ones are cool, and I’ve seen the Captain Marvel hi tops (apparently for women but you could size them up if you are not one) and those are probably my favorites, with the star symbol wrapping around the heel.
  • It’s astonishing how good a Transformers movie looks when stripped down and non-Bay’d. Lots of wonder here. Also, Starscream (or whichever) steals it for me.
  • This new Jurassic World poster is some of the worst Photoshop Disaster material in recent memory. That Stegasaurus with flailing legs and an expression like it sat on a spear is killing me. Also that mutated goat dino or whatever at 2:00. I mean, wait, maybe this is the best poster ever.
  • This is designed for the smaller GoPro Sessions model, but at $1.09 for the car chassis itself, it’s a no-brainer. I’M ON IT. And by on it, I mean I’m taking an existing car from the bin, pulling the body, and mounting my own Go Pro 4 onto it, as this one is designed for the Session (discontinued) and looks, and I care about neither. Still on it.
  • I’m stoked about the Wreck-it Ralph sequel, especially the Disney Princess situation. I can’t help but wish that disastrous Emoji movie hadn’t come along and burned through these concepts like a really rough trade shitty pr0n to this film’s high budget ladyerotica. If that makes sense.
  • I’m very interested in Widows, from the cast to the director. And of course, the subject matter… in three years we’re going to see Disney/Marvel production artists trying desperately to come up with a sufficiently interesting logotype for the Widow movie of course…
  • This is old, but I still go back to it. We’re a BB-9E household (BB-H8) so the kids love this video. I personally adore pissy robots.
  • This is a GREAT concept for a Boba Fett film. Legacy, not the man. Especially given how lackluster the man actually was. Focusing on the armor passing from guy to guy with different roles is a neat nod to the fact that all any of us of the ESB generation really care about is how the figure looked, anyway.
  • Great treatise on what makes a good action movie. It’s heavy on the DCU criticism, but the points are sound.

Apropos of nothing, I spotted this really bad CGI WW face in that video. Makes the mustache-removal look great!


Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces:

  • Before Expanse was saved by Amazon, someone sent up a model of the Roci into the upper atmosphere. I MEAN.



  • This remains my favorite Mondo poster EBAHHHHH. The skull, guise.



  • On the Robot-Kraken Podcast I referenced the quote that Wakanda looked like Jet Magazine from the 90s (Honest Trailers) … evidence!



  • When writing the TRDL character origins, i do a lot of research. I stumbled across this very interesting Aztec deity. My new neck tattoo!



It Doesnt Look Like Anything To Me – Robots Root 28 February 2018

So, Joss Whedon is out on the Batgirl project… and like Justice League, the reasons stated vs. the reasons behind the reasons, are cause for some speculation. What I find MORE intriguing, however, is the flood of capable, interesting female writers and directors doing open offers to make this project what it actually wants to be… and how DC/WB is  tone-deaf about it. The image above is mine, by the way. Thank you, thank you. Whedon’s original non-script was apparently to be based on a story from the late 60s, the quintessential pre-spine-shattering Batgirl… I would be interested in something a little more like the current comics, frankly.

[Image available as a sweet print by yours truly here.]

Meanwhile, in space:

  • I’m super into Anon, a new film from the director of Gattaca. I love the post-Soviet style and overlays of data. Amanda Seyfried is also killer (so to speak) as a brunette. This could be terrible. But I choose to believe.


  • Polar, an adaptation from a comic from Dark Horse, has been greenlit for Netflix. Spoiler alert: it appears to be the same plot as John Wick 3 will likely be, just with Mads Mikkelsen.
  • Francis Lawrence continues to talk up development on a BSG feature film nodding to both TV series (or both major ones) but going in a more ‘current’ direction… which I take to mean instead of apeing New Hope, it’ll ape whatever’s popular next year. HAR!
  • I appreciated how low-rez R2-D2’s Leia hologram was in Last Jedi, and it did appear to be the original one from New Hope, but I had no idea it was actually rendered more degraded for a 30 years later vibe. I thought it was just the old tech-in-star wars effect from the original film plus the meta old-tech-in modern-film disconnect… kind of meta meta.
  • I see a lot of great cosplays at the shows I do, but man, throw a pro photographer or two at them, and it’s even more impressive
  • Latest in video game interest from the guy who buys them but has no time to play them… Burnout Remastered is coming. LOOOOVE them Burnout games.
  • Which is better: bouquets of donuts, or Pennywise style donut delivery? Why choose!
  • Some interesting interview material about Duncan Jones’ Mute, and how it morphed into a sci-fi film from its original noir underpinnings. I wish it was getting better reviews, but I’m still hot to see it.
  • I admit, I’m surprised: test screenings for Aquaman have rated very well, apparently featuring accomplished action sequences. Of course, almost all of these bug supers films have tested well early on because of the demographic for the pre-screening crowd. Justice League and BVS both tested extremely well, as did Age of Ultron.
  • Expanse S03 trailer is finally up, showing little, but readers have a good sense of the story. It’s a doozy.
  • Never enough Yondu
  • this was disturbing. Not surprising, but great to hear he was able to get help in that critical window, which is not common.
  • Did I talk about Outsider already? If so, disregard or nod in affirmation. If not, it’s a Netflix project involving Jared Leto playing a pilot in the 50s trapped in Japan and entering a Yakuza phase. For fun and profit! Looks amazing, to me.
  • Gemma Chan has been cast in the Captain Marvel film as the Kree spy Minn-Erva (hopefully with a name change somewhere down the line because COME ON)
  • First look at Shazam/Captain Marvel’s costume here. Looks very golden age.
  • Not too often that reshoots involve inserting an entirely new character
  • A heavily unsubstantiated rumor is that Winder Woman 2’s villain will be the Cheetah, played by… Emma Stone. Take that as you will. Where are the photomanips?!
  • The trailer for Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer finally launched. Looks great of course… I admit I wish they weren’t using real app companies… Emoji ruined that forever.
  • Terry Goodkind is a dick.


Bonus: this video game to brief comic adaptation of Peggy Carter as Captain America reminds me of something…


Not the same, but close! And a good seller for me at shows, too…available here, since apparently today I’m just hawkin’ wares…


ITS A ROBOT BUT ALSO A KRAKEN – Robots Root 29 Mar 2017

Welcome to today’s edition of Robot’s Root, where we touch on some current scuttlebutt that we probably won’t hit on much in the podcast itself…



Meanwhile, in space, these may be happening right now:


– Adi Shankar is rumored to be in consideration for the director’s chair for the Big Venom Film That Will Save Sony Srsly – though I have some doubts. He is a producer, but hey, he made a Venom fan film or something, so. Anyway, there’s that. I bring it up mostly because it dovetails nicely with odd news items coming out last night, mostly on Twitter, that Sony expects to pull Spidey out of the MCU after the Homecoming sequel, having been fatted up on the back of the Marvel juggernaut (well not the Juggernaut, can’t play with that toy just yet) and now able to stand on his own… which would suggest they still don’t understand why marvel films work and Sony films struggle. It’s not the characters. Link and Link


– Pixar have inexplicably named the Wreck-It Ralph sequel: Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. Because Wrecks the Internet, while making more sense in this context, isn’t as much a direct nod to the terrible memery we’ve lived through. I do like that they made a symbol suggesting an update to a mobile app , with the red circle. But it should have just been the number two and SCENE. Meh!


– I know a few player haters who would dig on this Method Man voice pack for COD. I mean, I don’t play enough to have or use such a thing but hey, step by step…


– Look, I can’t say that I’m particularly optimistic about Valerian. But here’s the new trailerIt looks like what George Lucas THOUGHT he was accomplishing with the prequels. But it also looks like what Luc Besson thought he was doing with Fifth Element. Le sigh


– Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio has joined the Punisher series. That’s only interesting, I guess, if you either liked her from Law and Order or Abyss or shudder Robin Hood, or if you are amused everytime two L&O actors join future projects together, as I am (D’Onofrio…)


– Paul Greengrass will apparently direct Ness, an adaptation of the true crime graphic novel Torso, one of Brian Michael Bendis’ early works, notable not only for the genre fusion (talky noir) but for him doing the art as well…


– Claus-Marc Hahn built a massive animated version of  the Red Keep using Lego and Mindstorms. See this is what I’ve always said about this awesome intro: they should have made it practical FX FFS.


– I was looking forward to less derivative material in The Last Jedi… I can accept Force Awakens as a homage or a ring or a retread, depending on your POV, but Rogue One showed that they can use McQuarrie as a springboard and design vehicles that look ‘Star Wars’ ish without just directly cloning and tweaking the previous stuffs. Not that I don’t love AT-ATs, especially Rogue One’s cargo variants… but here, supposedly for SWVIII they just doubled them in size and gave them klugey heads. We’ll see if this is legit. Pray not.


Finally… WOCHOWT!

Another Candy Coated Heart of Darkness Awaits – 160630

News of my day: Wreck-It Ralph 2 was announced last night… with Ralph entering the interwebs, which should be super fun, because the entirety of silicon valley is due for a clubbing, baby seal style. … 1782891642

Meanwhile, THIS:

ITEM: Jeff Goldlum reads from the ID4 Kids Activity Book. … y-for-kids


ITEM: Once again, Sam Jackson cannot let go. And it kills me that he still doesn’t realize that we can all tell that, of all the otherwise decent actors driven into cardboard cutouts by the Lucas team’s direction or lack thereof, his performance feels especially grating because you can tell he THOUGHT he was some serious talent in that role. … orge-lucas


ITEM: Vinnie Jones has joined Kingsman 2. In other news, I want to see Kingsman 2. … den-circle


ITEM: A valid reason for a home 3D printer has been unveiled. … 1782823984


ITEM: So apparently, beyond his teasing recently about wanting to direct a Batgirl film, which no one is taking seriously, auteur Nicolas Winding Refn has indicated that he was in early discussions to do a WW film years ago, but insisted on Christina Hendricks, which the studio balked at, and so it went. I’d have been interested in that! … -hendricks

I mean, it’s no dancing Gadot situation, but still.


ITEM: Disney employee declares Han Solo script the best of the franchise, because of course they did. Doesn’t mean it isn’t though. … 1782823716


ITEM: That one time they showed the Sausage Party trailer in front of Finding Dory. Surprised this happened: precisely zero people. … 1782819184


ITEM: OK, I’ll bite. This baiting article posits that Monopoly is the worst game ever: unfun, boring, time-consumptive by design. I counter that it is super fun, interesting, and makes time fly. My only complaint is easing children into it means a variable attention span that ultimately results in my younger flipping the board, just when it’s getting good. Also, we have ‘peculiar market forces and banking activities’ at our house, to make the full edition of the game more palatable for younglings, which beats the kid-oriented editions, which are so simplified so as to be of little challenge. Also, I have the Marvel Comics edition, which is the best ever. Though I’m tempted by some of the other genre editions. … enaissance


Thus, darkness falls and we must return to the underground bunkers, for I hear the infinite skull-crushes of metal doom approaching.

Chief of Ninja Group