That Sci Fi Rigamarole – Robots Root 170707

I’m starting over with Rick and Morty and going ep by ep. One night in, and my brainstem smells like death. I love it!

Somewhere, in space, this could all be happening RIGHT NOW. It’s Robot’s Root!

  • Nighthawk and Bushmaster are new characters from the comics to be included in Luke Cage S02. Expect updates from their comics-canon versions, no doubt.
  • Not that I saw Wolfcop… but here’s a trailer for Another Wolfcop… which includes 100% footage for Wolfcop. Plus liquor donuts.
  • Happytime Murders has been given a tentative release date, which is awesome. Can’t wait for this.
  • According to this, Ragnarok directly sets up Infinity War… here’s my theory, which they alluded to here and elsewhere, so it’s not a particularly unique approach: Thanos is courting Hela.
  • Leave it to Jeremy Renner to eff up both of his arms in stunt work for Infinity War. Makes me quite curious. Too many severe thumbs up?
  • New Warriors for Freeform, Marvel’s first proper comedy series, has already been cast, and I’m pleasantly surprised that Squirrel Girl will be played by a personal favorite of mine, Vanessa Vayntrub. Very cool.
  • Evidence that Han Solo continues to film, and that people are going to be divided over the young Han Solo they’ll be getting.
  • This hypothetical, in an interview with Chris Nolan, has been of course taken out of context and spun into hyperbole… but yes, thank you, I WOULD like a Nolan Bond film or three.
  • These dilapidated, post-apocalyptic images based on games and animation from the last several decades are phenomenal.
  • Do you need skull dice? I haz some skull dice for you, real nice!

That’s all for now. Don’t give your dog advanced cognitive skills. That’s what I’ve learned from Rick & Morty.

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