These ARE The Villains You’re Looking For – Robots Root 2 Nov 2018

Ewan McGregor as the Black Mask? How is this even? I’m quite on board. I assume we’ll see plenty of the villain without the mask on. I’ve never ready contemporary books with the character, so I wasn’t sure about him having a civilian identiyy, but I’s uper down. I’ve only ever drawn him with the mask.

Meanwhile, for science:

  • I love this project 3,333 times. AI artifact-persons inserted into landscapes. It speaks to me.
  • While there’s been precisely zero info out there about the quality of his script for WW 1984, David Callaham has been tapped to write an undefined Marvel film. The interesting part is that Patty Jenkins selected him, so that adds to the hope that it’s for one of the upcoming female-led projects at the House of M
  • Best Star Destroyer based Halloween costume involving a bike ever. Lung was on board immediately.
  • This dove-tailed nicely with my practice at shows of applying non-trademark diluted names to cosplayers and sometimes my own work… cheeky!
  • HELL YES: 1938 LA for a new Penny Dreadful series!
  • Leo DiCaprio in a Time Machine film from the production team of It? I’m IN! I LOVE old-timey Leo.
  • This Lego Bond AM is amazing. Look at those functional details!
  • Here’s a pic from Jessica Chastain’s sort-of-Bourne film, Eve. I’m in.
  • I love these particular Vans x NASA but I must be frugal.
  • Here’s a look at the What We Do in the Shadows expanded TV series. I’m intrigued, and I originally thought it was a fool’s errand.


And lastly, I leave you with Brie Larson handing out candy as Samus Aran… holy moley.


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