Robot Kraken Ep 82 Now Available – A Clone Again, Naturally

Your intrepid hosts this episode, Wrong Rocket and Deeply Dapper talk news and entertainment on the eve of a new year!

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Robot Kraken Ep 82 Now Available: A Clone Again, Naturally

Segments and Notes:

Part One: Thom and Mike!

Sucking the Monkey:

  • Mike: Victoria Cerveca – Trejo beer
  • Thom: Unexplained Pinot Noir

[Formerly] Red Sky Roundup: (Now: They’ll Use Your Bones For Tools Or Will They)

A NEW THING. This is the conceit: we are trapped in our bunkers. It’s a whateverPocalypse. Is the news exciting enough for us to open the hatch to investigate? Yes or no?

  • Marvel:
    • Ryan Coogler developing Black Panther/Wakanda series for Disney+
    • Randall Park and Kat Dennings may be getting the X-Files treatment
    • Keannu as Kraven? I smell nonsense
    • Holland denies all the casting rumors on S3
    • Batroc is back!
    • Danny Elfman scores Dr Strange 2
    • MODOK launches May 21; Facon and Winter Soldier March 19, Loki June 11
    • Spider-Man: No Way Home doesn’t bode well…
    • Captain Marvel 2 will address Rambeau vs. Danvers; villain is Zawe Ashton
    • Black Widow could be VOD or theatrical or both they’ll decide the night before; Updated: July 9?
    • Guy Pearce/ Gweneth Paltrow interested to return?
    • Kingsley Ben-Adir cast as villain in Secret Invasion
    • Moon Knight and She-Hulk start production; here’s Oscar Issac training and more training:
    • Echo series greenlit for Disney+
    • Here’s What Was Cut From ‘WandaVision,’ Which Made A Few Things Confusing – Forbes

A Star War!

Part Two- Thom and Kris!

Robot Review:

The Bad Batch! Episode 01 – Aftermath

Bonus: Fantasy Casting:

Dave Bautista should play ____ in a DC Film?

  • Thom: Vandal Savage
  • Mike: Kilowog

Planned Plundering:

Rum-Fueled Recommendations:

  • Mike- Simpson, Sturgill – Sound and Fury
  • Thom- Watch Joe Manganiello talk D&D for 20 Minutes; For All Mankind, Clone Wars Tartofsky (!?)
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