Robot-Kraken Episode 86 Now Available – In for Nonsense!

Your intrepid hosts this episode, Wrong Rocket and Narrative Mic talk Black Widow and Shang-Chi

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Robot Kraken Ep 86 Now Available: In for Nonsense

Segments and Notes:

Thom: A delicious coffee

Mike: Coke

They’ll Use Your Bones For Tools Or Will They

Today’s Perceived Surface Threat: Cybernetically Enhanced KillOtters

Robot Review:

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Black Widow

Planned Plundering:

  • Thom: Leviathan Falls, Squid Games, ST S04
  • Mike: Some Place Far Away From Here, One More Multiverse, Prequel Novelization to Guardians of the Galaxy Game

Rum-Fueled Recommendations:

  • Thom: Foundation, Reservation Dogs
  • Mike: Fear Street, Southern Bastards, Bob’s Burgers
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