Robot-Kraken Ep 068 “Host Pearls and Cybergirls” now Available!

Robot-Kraken Podcast Episode 068: “Host Pearls and Cyber-Girls”

Your intrepid hosts this episode, Thom ‘Third Rail’ Chiaramonte and Blake ‘Begin Again’ Simmons,  talk entertainment news, and the second of our four-part series on Westworld Season 03, featuring Episodes 03 and 04.

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Segments and Notes:

Sucking the Monkey:

  • Blake- Unruly Rose
  • Thom- “The Cucumoegain”: Cucumber Ketel One and Ginger Ale

Red Sky Roundup:

  • S04 Westworld announced this week, which changes the way we see the rest of this season…

Robot Reviews: 

Westworld S03 E03 and E04

  • E03 – The Absence of Field
  • E04- The Mother of Exiles

Rum-Fueled Recommendations:

  • Blake- Devs, Legion S03, Ozark 
  • Thom- Devs, Altered Carbon

Planned Plundering:

  • Blake- Extraction
  • Thom- American Gods, GotS 2045, Beasties Documentary

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