Robot-Kraken Episode 048 – Late-October 2018 “Mimic Bears and Awkward Stares“

Robot-Kraken Episode 048 – Late- October 2018 “Mimic Bears and Awkward Stares“

Your regular host Thom ‘Third Rail Design Lab’ Chiaramonte is joined by guest host Blake ‘Begin Again’ Simmons to review and discuss Annihilation, as well as current entertainment news of the day.

ROBOT KRAKEN is a MONTHLY podcast by two indie artists, Kristopher McClanahan of Deeply Dapper and Thom Chiaramonte of the Third Rail Design Lab. We get together and talk about comics, movies, working the table at comic cons, life in this nerdy wonderland, and whatever mumblings from the deep we come across. You can find out more about us, contact us or follow along our journey at

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And Lo, the Details!~

Sucking the Monkey: What we consumed during the thing…

  • Blake: Lime LeCroix and Butterfield Station Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Thom: Kraken Rum and Coke (flat, unacceptable)

Red Sky Roundup: News of the moment – for more detail, see Robot’s Root on!

  • Predator and the predator thereon
  • Captain Marvel Trailer
  • Bond 25
  • Taika Waititi and Bryce Dallas Howard onboard The Mandalorian

Robot Review: Annihilation

And yes, the score was Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow, not Johann Johansson. But still, I was close.

Planned Plundering:

  • Blake: Glass, Daredevil S03, Expanse
  • Thom: Blade Runner/ Blade Runner 2049 double-feature, Iron Fist S02, Preacher


Rum-Fueled Recommendations:

  • Blake: Hereditary, Tropic Thunder Director’s Cut
  • Thom: Mission Impossible, Iron Fist S02


Please enjoy, hell yes!

Also, you may imagine to yourself that we are applying ‘Born Again’ to Blake… you may even hallucinate and think he did it to himself. I promise you… it’s you, not us. It never happened.

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