Robot-Kraken Podcast Ep. 72 ‘Toss a Coin For Your Toleyou’

Your intrepid hosts this episode, Thom ‘Third Rail’ Chiaramonte and ‘Narrative Mic’ Rowe, talk Red Sky Roundup news, and dive into the wonderful world of Witcher!

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Segments and Notes:

Sucking the Monkey:

  • Mike- Coppola Claret
  • Thom- Espresso, Grapefruit Juice, not simultaneously

Red Sky Roundup:

  • Marvel
    • New Gods Fantasy Casting
      • Big barda: Mike,  Gina Careno; Thom Missy Pyle
      • Scott Free: Mike:  Thom: Paul Rudd, Charlie Day
      • Orion: Mike. Chris Pine   Thom: James Mardsen
      • Metatron: Alan Richman CGI, Thom: Bill Irwin
      • Darkseid: Mike: Keith David, Thom: Albert Finney
  • New Iron Man comics
  • DC
  • Star Wars
    • Will Thrawn join the Disney+ SW world? Casting Call: Mikkelson or Jones
    • Jon Boyega at the BLM protests is the Rebel Leader we needed.
  • Various and Sundry:

Robot Review:

  • Witcher Season 1

Planned Plundering:

  • Mike- Low (Rick Remender), Rivers of London
  • Thom- Mute, Galaxy Quest Documentary, Free Fire, Perry Mason, Maneater

Rum-Fueled Recommendations:

  • Mike- Young Marvel, Fallout 76, Dendara
  • Thom- Space Force, American Gods S02

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