Review: The Misenchanted Sword by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Legends Of Ethshar, Book One

By Lawrence Watt-Evans
1985, 228pgs, fantasy, Paperback


Re: Valder, a scout trapped behind enemy lines, stumbles across an old hermit living in the marshlands. The hermit, annoyed by his unexpected arrival, enchants his sword to get him safely back home. But the sword, though magical and valuable now, has a bit of a catch attached as well…

Outstanding: This book is a delight. There are a lot of original ideas, all taking place in a beautifully realized fantasy world with dragons, magicians, battle, castles, etc. The main character is very likeable and realistic and the misenchanted sword itself is totally clever. A great read.

Unacceptable: Nothing really.

Summary: Confession – this was one of the first “Adult” books I read in my youth, picking it up on a librarian’s recommendation when I was in second or third grade, so I may have an unusually high amount of love for this book, but I’ve given copies to many people over the years and they too fall in love. Watt-Evans has created a great world starting with this novel and it may be one of the best light fantasy novels around. Period.

by Salty Kris
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