Review: The Monster Squad

RETRO ROUS REVIEW: Originally posted HERE
For the month of October, we’re going to be revisiting some classic and not so classic genre films as well as trying to catch up on all of the new stuff – lots of monsters, gore, suspense and horror coming our way! Instead of writing a full review of each, We’ll post five things we learned while watching the movies. 

Number seven – a childhood classic from the eighties…that would never have been made today without parental outrage.

5 Things I learned while watching….


1- Wolfman does indeed have nards, and a silver bullet is the way to go.

2- When finding oneself under attack by monsters, wait until they are within a few feet shoot three times, then attack with the billy club!
3-  Dracula may not be the most refined demolitions expert, but he does love blowing shit up.
4- The late eighties were a pervy time – creepy pedophiles, voyeurism, little girl virgins, all sorts of inappropriate innuendo, blackmail, mummies lurking in small children’s closets…
5- No one cares if the black cop partner gets blown to smithereens by dracula.

Kristopher McClanahan

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