Ep 22 – The July Root – Nerdy News Update!


Episode 22! An all news and discussion episode! Thom and Kris talk about art techniques and what’s on the slab in The Shipyard, cover nerdy news and talk about what they’re looking forward to with the future months to come in geeky entertainment!

1 min – Intro/Construction woes
6 min – The Shipyard
16 min – The Root!
17 min – Spiderman
22? min – Ghost In The Shell
25 min – Fury Road B&W
28 min – Suicide Squad
34 min – Dark Tower
36 min – Refn’s Wonder Woman
39 min – Tomb Raider Release Date
40 min – Planned Plundering

You can also catch our previous episodes via direct download or iTunes. For example, Episode 20 involved the GoT Battle of the Bastards, and Episode 21 was the GoT finale roundup…
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