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Robot Kraken Ep 79 Now Available: Disney Drops and WB Flops

Your intrepid hosts this episode, Wrong Rocket and Deeply Dapper talk news and entertainment on the eve of a new year!

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Robot Kraken Ep 79 Now Available: Disney Drops and WB Flops

Segments and Notes:

Sucking the Monkey:

  • Kris- Dr. Pepper and Kraken Rum
  • Thom- The Saarlac [Gin, Tonic, Lemon served in a Boba Fett helmet]

Red Sky Roundup:

As we started last episode, we are giving each item a rating. Like it? Red Tentacle [R] ! Hate it? Black Octopus [B] !  Grey Kraken [G] for ambivalence. Three IS the magic number. Listen to the show to see how we landed…

  • Star Wars:
    • Upcoming doc on the SW Holiday Special
    • SW Editing saved the film
    • Ahsoka and New Republic spinoffs
    • Andor, Obi Wan, Vader plans
    • New Bad Batch trailer
    • Mando, Acolytes, Visions, Droids and more
    • Patty Jenkins’ Squadrons
    • Taika Waititi is up to SOMETHING?

Planned Plundering:

  • Kris- High Score, John LeCarre
  • Thom- For All Mankind, Raised by Wolves, Barely Lethal

Rum-Fueled Recommendations:

  • Kris- Cyberpunk 2077
  • Thom- Expanse!
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Ah Said No Peekin – Robots Root 30 May 2017

Last night we completed another session of the Robot-Kraken Podcast recordings for inclusion in the June episode. Special guests! Special liquors! Hot messes!

In the meantime, however, this is Robot’s Root for 30 May 2017:

  • I was talking with One Lung this morning (or typing) about films we’re looking forward to, beyond all the obvious marquee stuff coming out, and that led me back to trailers. So here, have some, for science:  Trailer 1: Baby Driver
  • Trailer 2: Logan Lucky. “ah said no PEEKIN!”
  • Trailer 3: Hitman’s Bodyguard
  • BONUS: Shimmer Lake on Netflix. IN!
  • This supposed brief on the new Silver and Black disaster-in-waiting Sony is cooking up for their Spider-Man Universe Without Marvel or Spider-Man or Something sounds sketchy. Like fanfic stuff.
  • Surprising precisely no one, SW VIII has been postponed while they violently rewrite the entire thing.
  • First look at Lockjaw from Inhumans: yep, giant bulldog. Missing the signature tuning fork and collar though, which is weird. So many weird choices on this project. I still haven’t recovered from the wig.
  • A little less than a month to go and we’ll have new Preacher. YASS.
  • In another (rather odd) example of studios remaking instead of building anew, Amazon just bought a series based on the film Hannah which (I haven’t seen, actually) I hear is based on every other young teen orphan assassin trope. Not that I don’t want to see the film. But I’d rather see original content greenlit.
  • The thicken plots… possibly… now they are admitting Joss Whedon has been quietly working on JL for awhile. This could be a sign that they knew and were planning to transition Snyder stepping down on a schedule, OR that he was already on board for script/shooting corrections. I do think it’s no coincidence that he was randomly announced as the writer/director of Batgirl this spring…
  • I’m half-way through the current glorious season of Silicon Valley, and I can’t conceive of the next season moving forward without TJ Miller. Dammit.
  • Really odd one here: Rosario Dawson is supposedly being courted for the role of Dr. Ceclia Reyes in the New Mutants film. It feels… fan speculationish… given that she’s already in the Marvel Universe (one of them) as a nurse… but hey, +1 always works for me.

And with that, I’m off to see if I can scrape some of this rum off of the inside of my cranial cavity…